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Hey everyone! Back at the first Denver Comic Con I met a super nice artist by the name of Jon Hughes. We hit it off and became buddies and a little while back he asked if I wanted to collaborate with him on a piece. He gave me a the line art to and I ended up painting it and what you see is the final :) Hope you enjoy! And by the ways, if you haven't checked Jon out yet, why don't you go take a peek at his work! [link]
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This is certainly one of my favourite Thanos pieces. 
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"The challenge, THEM. Is to court, DEATH".
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thanos loves death
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This is awesome!
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:jawdrop::wow::omg: :eyepopping: "Dude, Duuuuuuuuuude, DUDE!!!!!" :eyepopping: :omg::wow::jawdrop:
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awesome~~~~thanos is so metal now~~~
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Wow! great collaboration looking at the result!  :) (Smile)
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Really AWESOME!!!
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Excellent work, this is really cool!
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Sweet looking. Thumbs up. :thumbsup:
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