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Superman: White Series



Well here's the next piece in my white series (that's what I decided to call it...I know where do I come up with such unique titles lol): Superman!!!

This was a challenging piece first and foremost because I wanted to really capture Superman. I wanted him to be iconic in his pose, but also have a look that wasn't too intimidating (he is the all-American boyscout after all). Then it's a matter of capturing his face, and since this is my first time painting him it was a real challenge. I'm also attempting to approach my paintings in a slightly different manner, mainly keeping them a little looser with my brush strokes.

Also, you'll notice that while I decided to stick with his traditional outfit, I did do a couple of minor additions (see if you can find them :). Otherwise I was mainly drawing from influences such as Christopher Reeve's Superman and the Superman of the late 90's animated series and the Justice League animated series of the early 2000's.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I really captured what I wanted fully but we're never really where we want to be in our art. That's why we're constantly chasing that goal of perfection, even though we never really can touch it :)

I'll post a link to an animated GIF of my process tomorrow. For now enjoy!
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He's very super.