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Here's my very first attempt at painting full backgound!!!
(have been relying on stockbrush or other lame stuffs)

:iconshiii-kun: forced me to name her Minttu. Finnish word for mint.

i was frustated at painting the bg (still cant do it well) so i resorted to underhanded trick called "make it shiny".

i actually planned to draw the bottom of the river just to show that it's shallow but i failed and replaced it with another lame shiny reflection.

the left side was too empty, actually drew a weird plant there but since it looked weird i removed it and replaced it with a lame shiny bird.

the best part of this piece? of course it's the bunny pantsu and the legendary sacred item "Angry Bunny Cap".

result : I failed at drawing BG.

wasted around 6-7 hours on this (OMG)

I did this with only SAI
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i saw your wip alos and it looks like it tund out great!!!