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[CM] The fattening of Rin Kagamine

This file, like Rin, is pretty big so I hope dA didn't mess it up...

Commission for :iconvern101: thank you very much for commissioning me!
Rin suddenly and magically gains weight, much to her embarrasement~ RIP her shorts.
This progess was somewhat interesting, since instead of being a traditional sequence the only things that change are her arms and a few details, did it as an experiment to see how it'd work out! Of course I had a lot of fun doing it uvu It took a bit longer than expected since, well, all the new fat on each part had to be colored for scratch, which was a lot but worth!
I hope you like it! Comments are really appreciated~

-Character drawn is above the age of 18-
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S-C-BW's avatar
Good BBW~
Very cute Rin!
mewtwo9's avatar
You drew best fatty again, you are the hero this world needs :love:
PinkForsythia's avatar
Hero is too much of a title lol But I will always try to do it again and again! >:3c
vicgots's avatar
A big and cute sequence, just like her uvu
PinkForsythia's avatar
That is indeed correct (?) Thank you c':
fnafandmore001's avatar
The 3rd one is me now
BTW, Noice
pataveirio's avatar
At last she have a bigger chest now :P 
PinkForsythia's avatar
She wasn't lacking any before~
DANYANTTO's avatar
AY Pinky, you make the cutest fattening Rins~
PinkForsythia's avatar
Vo-ca-loid, Oooh, it is my destiny (?)
Pokémon lyrics in english weren't as cool as I thought never mind that part uvu;
Thank you Dany~
DANYANTTO's avatar
rin just wannted to be very wide, the widest ever was ~

no prob pinky, keep up the good fats !
PlasmaCrowcodile's avatar
All three phases are Cute^3.
Phase 1 = Cute.
Phase 2 = Cute.
Cute times Cute is Cute^2.
Phase 3 = Cute.
Cute^2 time Cute = Cute^3.
PinkForsythia's avatar
In conclusion we can confirm that overall it's QT3.14 (?)
PlasmaCrowcodile's avatar
That's another way to put it! ;P
CelestialDelba's avatar
You always draw Rin so well, so she might as well be your Avatar!! Hearts In Colour  
PinkForsythia's avatar
Ahh thank you very much <3! I actually use one of my fav drawings of her for Discord c:
Sophiebutt's avatar
PinkForsythia's avatar
soulcrystal's avatar
Nice little sequence.
PinkForsythia's avatar
"Little" >:3c
Thank youu~
Kitshock's avatar
Thigh rolls, hmmmmm!!!!!!
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