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A Swift Moo
(Taylor Swift into Cow)
The evening was fast approaching in California. The streets of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood were starting to fill up with fans and media companies all preparing for the night of the Vanity Fair Awards.
“Come on Karlie, we need to find…” began a slender female as she played with her dark brown locks.
“A necklace fitted for a queen.” sighed Karlie, “Why do we run around for her Lily?”
“Because we’re Taylor’s high-class model friends and we support her.” Lily smiled.
“I understand that but surely she could have come out to get her own necklace?” Karlie quizzed.
“No silly.” chuckled Lily, “She has to prepare herself for the awards show tonight.”
Karlie rolled her eyes, unlike Lily she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.
“Excuse me, ladies. I couldn’t help overhearing that you were looking for a necklace for the delightful MIss Swift.
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I have just noticed that I’ve hit the 50 watchers mark! So thanks to all 50 of you!! In the next month of so I’m going to put more effort into writing regular stories and artwork to. Sadly I just haven’t had the time to write my Easter themed Transformation story which is annoying, as the moment has pasted it will definitely be up next year. Next up on this channel will be a cat transformation story.
Easter is coming and I have a special Easter rabbit transformation story soon to be uploaded. Then I promise I’ll cool it on rabbit stories! 🐰🐇🐣
Does anyone here have any idea what an ‘OC’ is? Am I right by thinking it’s an open canvas?

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Stepping out of the dingy toilet area into the bright and colourful lights of the clubs main felt truly exhilarating to Alana. Gone were
all the onlookers all watching Adam’s every move and every word that he spoke. Now that he is Alana nobody has really given she a second glance apart from a young looking badger who wolf-whistled at both Brittany and Alana when they strutted out. The instant complement albeit rather vulgar gave Alana a real rush of blood that she really couldn’t explain.  The girls were still in the sitting booth area with only a low glass wall separating them from the grand dance floor beside them. The dancing animals looked like Watership down on acid. A culture club record came on and the dance floor erupted with even more noise and more elaborate dance moves from the animals below them. A chameleon that was dancing with an anteater went especially crazy to this track. His dance moves were so fast and frantic it looked like he was floating above the floor. The vibe of the dance floor was so infectious that Brittany took Alana by the paw to break her out of yet another trance and span her around half a dozen times. Alana felt electric and wanted nothing more but to get onto the dance floor and dance into the small hours of the morning. But at the same time, she still felt a tiny bit uneasy about her new self and could really do with something to relax her. The tonsil tennis with Brittany certainly helped earlier but that was really something that was a spur of the moment thing and it would be a little more public now. Not only that but Brittany seemed a little unfocused as if she was looking out for someone.

Brittany eventually snapped out of whatever she was thinking about and turned to Alana and shouted something in her ear. With the loud thumping beats Alana found it difficult to hear. “I’m just going to find my waste of space boyfriend. We’ll catch up later. Enjoy” And with a kiss on the check Brittany stepped down the steps onto the dance floor and was engulfed into a thick crowd of dancing animals.
Suddenly Alana felt very alone and lost in this crazy place although the music did still make her want to dance with everybody else. She
could defiantly use a very sniff drink for some extra Dutch courage.

She was about to make her way back to the bar when she bumped into two familiar faces whose jaws were on the floor. It was Ben the tortoise and Lizzie the Raccoon who she met at the bar with Viv earlier in the evening. Lizzie’s eyes were on strokes with her mouth wide open. She went up to the bunny before her and slowly and pulled a floppy ear off one Alana’s breasts. “A-Adam…?” The bunny let out a nervous laugh and blushed; feeling totally embarrassed about being recognized. “Errm its Alana now” replied the bunny wishing the ground would swallow her up. “There’s so fluffy,” Lizzie said stroking the fur on Alana’s ears. “So it’s true it’s really you,” Ben piped up standing beside his girlfriend who looked as equally shocked. Alana nodded. Ben gasped loudly, “As far as we know you’re the first mix up. Bon Bon is absolutely furious.” Ben said to Alana. The bunny looked equally as shocked “You mean Bon Bon’s ...?" Lizzie and Ben nodded in unison. Lizzie couldn’t take her eyes off of Alana “you’re beautiful,” she said staring at her in owe. “Isn’t he I mean she?” Lizzie said elbowing Ben in his torso. The nudge was so hard it almost winded Ben so much so it made him cough. “Yes” he blurted out “you're a real
looker,” the tortoise said very reluctantly. All these complements made Alana blush uncontrollably and made her feel like she wanted to get out of the limelight.  Alana turned to Lizzie “do you mind if I grab a drink at the bar?” she asked. “Of course,” said Lizzie giving the bunny a hug, “you need time to get used to things! You don’t want Ben and I cramping your style.” Alana smiled weakly “thanks,” she said hugging Lizzie and little tighter “Catch you guys later.”

Alana took a sigh of relief once she was out of eyesight from Lizzie and Ben. She really liked those guys but the idea of them knowing her
as Adam and now being Alana was all a bit too much. Now that she was away from the prying eyes that once knew her real self she felt
unbelievable confidant. Alana now fully let all her new female hormones take control of her mind, body and soul. Without knowing she seductively walked back through booth area taking extra care not to trip over the giraffe’s extended leg like before. She didn't realise it yet but there was definitely a feminine sway in her walk now.  The eyes of every nearby man almost burst out of their head. She walked past an howler money, Billy goat and a bison with muscles the size of a fridge. As she passed by, she watched steam blast out their ears while she pretty much tripped over there tongues. All this male attention made Alana feel unstoppable. The bar was in sight and looked significantly less busy than when Alana was last there. She stopped for a second as yet another familiar face was in front of her. It was Viv the beautiful vixen she'd met earlier in the evening. She was having a massive argument with husband Leo who Alana had already seen far too much of already tonight.  She did her best to hind behind a convenient place tree that acted as the main entrance to the dance floor. It looked to be a rather heated argument Alana could only guess what it was about. The next thing that Alana knew was seeing Leo cowering in pain and making a swift exit with his tail quite literally between his legs after Viv slapped him incredibly hard.

After making perfectly sure Leo had defiantly gone Alana carefully walked up to an upset looking Viv. She put a comforting paw on Viv’s shoulder “are you ok?” she asked watching the vixen shade a tear. Viv jumped little and then gasped in shock looking over her shoulder to
see a stunning white rabbit standing beside her.  Viv gave Alana the look of ‘hey, don’t I know you?’ The vixen took a second or two to
examine the bunny before her. “If it’s ok with you I’d rather not talk about,” Viv said wiping the tears from her eyes. From her brief encounters with Leo this evening Alana had a pretty good idea of what the argument was about. Viv looked at Alana in owe “Wow Adam, you’ve turned out surprisingly well for man” the vixen said starting to play with one of the bunny’s ears. 'Why does everyone keep doing that?' Alana thought to herself.  She then looked at Alana sternly” you know I’ve never seen Bon Bon that angry in all my years of knowing her” Viv said still taking in Alana’s quite incredible new form. “It’s Alana now,” the bunny said in rather a confident tone of voice “where is Bon Bon I’d like to apologise for the mix-up.” Viv looked at Alana sternly “hun, you’re the last person Bon Bon wants to see tonight. And anyway she’s laying low in the stock room riding the night out with a bottle of grey goose praying she won’t remember anything in the morning.” Alana was shocked about how bad Bon Bon was taking it; she made a mental note to steer clear of her for the foreseeable future. “Alana ey?” said Viv remembering just how confidently her bunny friend spoke. “I’ve never met a man take something like this so well before”

Alana blushed sweetly “It’s still sinking in for me” the bunny quickly looking down herself. “Look you look stunning,” Viv said
tickling one of Alana’s ears. “I got to head for home now, I’ve to smooth things over with Leo I don’t want to have a war in front of our children. But get out there and enjoy yourself, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The Vixen hugged Alana goodbye and as she went to walk away she turned back around. “I hope to see you down, here again, Adam,” she said with a wink. “Oh and don’t worry I’ll try and talk Madam Bon Bon round if she ever calms down,” she said with a chuckle. Alana watched her walk towards the changing rooms; she really was one of most beautiful women she’d ever seen. Once again Alana felt a little alone and uneasy.  A roar of noise erupted from the dance floor as the orangutan DJ who had been playing some great tracks swopped places with a very interesting yet beautiful female zebra. She was obviously a real crowd pleaser as opening her set with a classic Gorillaz track went down a storm. Alana was, however, a little disappointed that she missed not being on the dance floor for the orangutan’s set.  She walked to the bar fully intending to get onto the dance floor immediately.

Ordering before her Alana saw the two slutty hedgehogs that rudely interrupted her and Brittany earlier standing with two other girls a
blue’ish wolf and an orange fox. The four of them were ordering martinis and although Alana’s brain was filling up with female
thoughts she desperately needed something a little more masculine and a lot stronger.  Eventually, the loud gaggle of girls wandered off to the booth area. Andy the crocodile served Alana and he seemed to be taken back by her beauty. He did nothing to hind his feelings, which was a little off-putting. “And what can I do for such a fine specimen like you,” Andy asked with red love hearts in his eyes.  Alana didn’t really know to do with this male attention from such a masculine person. “Can I get a Ballantine’s whiskey sour on the rocks with tequila chaser, please?” Andy winked at Alana and started to mix the cocktail seductively in front of the bunny. Alana was feeling slightly uncomfortable but she had to admit that the crocodile had class. “There’ve on me,” he said as he placed the drinks in front of Alana. She smiled her rosy cheeks at him and in a rather un-ladylike manner Alana necked both drinks down and winced at the strength of the alcohol. “You're my kind of women,” Andy said impressed with how Alana was able to handle her drink. Then her new female sort of took control of her as she cutely curtseyed then held out her paw for Andy to kiss. Of course, Andy obliged but standing on the other side of the bar all Andy could do was to watch Alana sway away to the steps of the dance floor. Mary-Anne had to roll up his tongue, which was pretty much on the floor, and slap him around the head “you know we don’t do that to our costumes!” said shouted.

Alana was about to walk down the steps onto the dance floor when a rather dishy kangaroo waiter wearing a tuxedo came up to her and
offered her glass of champagne. Alana was feeling a little giddy from the whisky sour and the chaser but how could she possibly refuse this handsome man.  She took a glass and smiled at the kangaroo and once again gulped it down in one. ‘Much better’ she said to herself. As she put the empty glass down on a ledge that ran alongside the glass wall that surrounded the dance floor she caught her new reflection. It
had been a while since she last saw it and it still took her by surprise. She ran a paw across her muzzle then made sure that all the
fur on her ears was in place and looked fabulous for the dance floor. She took a deep breath and confidently walked down. Alana had a great big smile on her face when she finally made it onto the dance floor. It was jam-packed full of animals dancing the night away. Nearest to her was silver pony making a long series of pirouettes with a deer. Just as Alana got her bearings the zebra DJ put on the Bloodhound Gang to which the crowd went quite literally wild. So much so a big musically moose with absolutely gigantic antlers accidentally barged right into Alana. “Sorry little lady I didn’t see you,” He said still dancing away. Alana simply stuck her nose up at him and huffed while walking away.  As she made way to a different part of the club she got sucked into a trance while watching a purple wolf dancing perfectly with skunk with every move they seemed to mirror each other. Alana matched their movements and in no time at all the wolf and skunk incorporated her in their merry dance. Alana was totally lost in the moment and didn’t give a single thought to the real person she was above ground.

The track changed, as did the tempo and it wasn’t particularly to Alana’s taste so she cutely curtseyed before leaving the wonderful
skunk and wolf’s merry jig. She ventured deeper down the dance floor she was still amazed at the beauty of the creatures dancing before
her. Deeper into the club she went she found little tributes and small alcoves where plenty of animals took full advantage of in order of
some good quality alone time. She found a less busy bit floor and leaned against a tree and looked up. Alana was in total bliss and
entranced with the divine beauty above her. She was able to clear her mind from the happy hardcore that the kangaroo was now pumping out the speakers and get lost in the lights and sound of the canopy. Two scarlet macaws flow over her as she watched the millions of fairy lights twinkling amongst the huge disco balls that were hanging in the treetops. She couldn’t believe that this place was real or the
completely different person that she had become. But she had to admit that she was rather enjoying her new self it was all rather thrilling. Alana was lost in her own thoughts when she suddenly felt a strong paw on her shoulder. She turned her hand back in a bit of a panic. Standing behind her was a masculine black panther who was absolutely ripped. He stood staring at her with hungry eyes and a menacing smile that showed off his sharp teeth.

“Well, well, well,” said the panther smoothly. “Finally we’re alone, I’ve been watching you for a while.” Alana felt very nervous about the
handsome stranger and took a step back. Panther stepped towards her and took her by the paw “I haven’t seen you down here before where have you been hiding?” Alana tried to wriggle her paw out of his grip but just hung on tighter. She took a few moments to think up a convincing lie to answer the panther. “I-I don’t get much time to come down here much. My job takes up a lot of time and on top of everything else it just difficult” stutter the bunny in a fairly unconvincing way. The panther cowered “Good lord, where are my manners” he said in an apologetic way. “My name is Brandon and it’s an honour to meet such beauty like you.” He said with a bow. ‘I bet he charms all the girls’ Alana thought to herself. Something was building up inside her that she really wished it didn’t and there wasn’t much that she could do to stop these new feelings. She blushed hard and tried her best not to look in his eyes. “I’m Alana,” she said blushing even more and once again she held out her paw for yet another man to kiss. “Enchanté,” Brandon said delicately kiss her paw then rising up to meet her at eye level where they shared a moment that could have lead to a kiss. “Shall we?” Brandon said linking arms with Alana. “There’s a quiet table for two besides that palm tree,” he said pointing in the distance.

The pair had to traverse around a grey goose throwing some series shapes with red squirrel and King Charles spaniel. Alana tried to join
the group as they danced to the techno beats the Zebra was playing. But Brandon wasn’t going to take no for an answer. As they got closer
to the table resting beside the dance floor Alana prepared herself not to let any funny business take place with Brandon. Once they got
there Brandon pulled out a chair for Alana and lowered her down. She had never been treated like this before and she had no idea how to
react to his charm. He made her feel at ease and over the course of the best part of an hour the conversation flowed and Alana hated to
admit it but he was growing on her. He acted like the perfect gentleman by not talking himself too much and let Alana do most of the talking. By the end of it, the pair were getting on like a house on fire and seemed to have a lot in common. Brandon gazed into Alana's emerald green eyes as Alana couldn't help herself but stare back into his. "I would never forgive myself if I didn't" Brandon started to say as to lent in towards Alana. She felt as if she was magnetised to him, there was no escaping what was about to happen. The pair kissed passionately, Alana was totally under Brandon spell. She felt far more attracted to Brandon than she did while flirting with Andy the crocodile at the bar. She couldn't help herself but to let out some very loud and rather embarrassing moans as Brandon gripped her in more ways than one. She felt as if her whole body was aching for a man's touch but her brain, however, was screaming not to go any further. To reason unknown to herself she carried on kissing Brandon with real passion.

Finally, to her delight, Brandon pulled out of the kiss. Alana felt a mixture of relief and hint of sadness that it couldn't carry on. 'These Damn feelings!' muttered to herself. "Aaron!" Brandon exclaimed. A hunky timberwolf was the source of why the panther pulled away. Alana looked at the wolf with her big beautiful eyes as if he was her hero which you could see unnerved the wolf slightly. The looked agitated and uncomfortable. "Where's Leo?" asked Aaron the wolf, who seemed to be watching out for someone. "I've heard he's left," Brandon said wishing that Aaron would move so he could get back to Alana. The wolf looked annoyed by what Brandon said, "so have you seen the new guy yet?" Brandon shook his head. "I've heard that a few people saw him come in," the panther said getting him up in order to will him away. Once again Aaron looked annoyed "Damn it," he said slamming his paw on the table. "I was late coming tonight," he said with a sigh. "When I gave him the membership card I didn't want to stick around to chat with him but he didn't seem to be much like Wade. But we cannot be too careful around him, we can't have another Wade incident or it will be us that upstairs gets rid of. Just keep an eye out instead of getting lucky." With that, Aaron stormed off in a rage through the middle of the dance floor while knocking down a poor white stork and red panda in the process.

Alana felt extremely uneasy from what Aaron was saying about the male version of herself and had to get away from Brandon. She got up and pushed her chair in "I've got to go and meet my friend" Alana said nervously. Brandon looked upset at the bunny's sudden change of hear, "can I give you my number?" he bagged rather than asked. "Sorry," Alana said before making a swift exit. As she turned around she accidentally bumped into a pink cat who was dancing with her alligator boyfriend. "I'm so sorry," Alana said before rushing away from the scene and more importantly away from Brandon. Once she felt she was far enough away from the panther she stopped to compose herself and to breath calmly. She looked up and found herself in a completely new part of the club. In the quick getaway, she must have taken a wrong turn. Some parts of the club look exactly the same but this tributary was different from the rest. It was much calmer than the main chamber of the dance floor. Palm trees lined the walls and golden sand carpeted the floor. Orangy red lamps lit the surrounding area with a warm glow. Small alcoves seemed to branch off at every step.  A delightful beach bar was at the end of this tributary which was exactly up Alana's street. As she passed each alcove she saw a makeup room, a UV paint station selling neon glowstick, a headdress shop and stand just sold shots which seemed to have a roaring trade. Finally, Alana got all her confidence back again and strutted all the way to the beach bar. She passed an alcove that seemed to be a gaming arcade the housed every game console imaginable. She held her nose in the air and tutted as a bunch of creepy guys wolf-whistled at her. As the night progressed the zebra slowed the tempo of the music right down to a summer house mix. Speakers lined every wall so no matter where you were in the club you could feel like you were on the dance floor.

Alana got to bar and was thankful that it was quiet, she was able to take a seat a relax. The bar was run by a Fennec wearing a multi-coloured flower necklace and also fashioned a stunning flower crown too. Alana politely ordered a sex on the beach and made small talk with the fennec until her drink was prepared. She drank a good amount while sitting back taking in what had been a truly unforgettable night. She was lost in her own thoughts when somebody delicately put their paws over her eyes and kissed her neck. Alana turned around quickly worried it might be Brandon back for more. "I've missed you," said a female voice. Alana breathed a sigh of relief, standing behind her was a really quite beautiful Brittany. "Where have you been?" asked Alana. Brittany pulled an unhappy face "Sorry I have had to tell my waste of space boyfriend some fairly earth-shattering news. I'm pretty certain that will be the last of him Charlie and I will see." Alana hugged Brittany tightly "congrats I guess." struggled the bunny. Brittany took her by the paw "come on! lets hit the dance floor for the last song."Once finally on the dance floor, the girls slowly danced to MØ. The moment got the better of them and kissed much more passionately than Alana ever did with Brandon.


It's always darkest before it's dawn and it's no exception to the heart of London. Despite the odd taxi and in the far distant an oncoming female runner the strand is at total peace. The gutter that lies beneath the Lyceum Theatre started to gurgle and hiss violently. Pink and green smoke filled the air as it formed into a hippopotamus in the sky above. The hippopotamus danced and circled in the sky over an empty street. As he danced the wind picked up eventually dispersing the hippo into a shapeless shape that fell back into the gutter below. Out from the pink and green gas was golden membership card. The howling wind picked the card up and dropped down in front of the runner. Thinking nothing of it the strawberry blond girl picked the card up. It read: Dear Miss Emily Kendell you are invited to join us at Club TransMuto...


Over the next few months, Adam meets up with Brittany for a coffee frequently after work in Covent Garden. The pair were slowly growing closer together as they spent more time with each other both inside and outside the club. Adam also met up with Lizzie and Ben outside the club on a regular basis too. Viv the vixen did eventually talk Madam Bon Bon round but it did take serval weeks for her to get over that night. Adam did try out the tiger potion on his second visit down to Club TransMuto but he wasn't scared to admit he preferred his new female bunny form. Alana is now a regular visitor to the club and big interest on the newcomer Adam is now starting to cool down.
Club TransMuto (Part 3)
Adam finds a secret nightclub under the beating heart of central London. It could quite possibly be everything he was looking for.

(Disclaimer: this is a gifted story for the anonymousrainboom.deviantart.c… after giving me some great advice and help since I joined this platform. This story is his idea, not mine, so he owns the rights to the idea. I purely put my own spin on the idea.)

Also Edited by: The AnonymousRainboom 

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He opened the door and was completely speechless at what he saw in front of him. Adam didn’t know where to look next as this was like nothing he had ever seen before in his life. The little that Brittany told him earlier in the lift and the brief few seconds he saw on Wade's SnapChat could never prepare him for the actual thing. The interior was almost indescribable, the walls were covered by tree trunks and thick vine. The tree’s foliage and vine grew up to the high ceiling creating a thick jungle canopy. In amongst the thick luscious green foliage, huge silver disco balls dangled and spun reflection from what looked like billions of fairy lights that were carefully wrapped around every single bit of vine. Actual Birds of Paradise, Parrots and Macaws flew around high into the never-ending canopy above and perched on the branches.

But all of that was really a distraction from what was actually in front of him. It was what was on the huge dance floor, sitting in the endless booth's and making out in every single corner, nook and cranny. An entire club filled to the brim with human-sized, bipedal animals... Anthros.

Everything from raccoons to snow leopards, crocodiles to vultures and skunks to ponies, Adam could see pretty much every single member of the animal kingdom all in one place. At the very back of the room, he could just make out a chimpanzee in the DJ booth wearing a backwards turned flat peek, a great, big filthy golden chain and red Polaroid shades. Not only was he mixing, he was also operating a massive light display, that included white and multi-coloured strobes and everything between. With them in addition to the fairy lights contributing to the spinning disco balls the club was awash with technicolor.

Eventually, Adam finally managed to lift his jaw up from the floor. He was completely overwhelmed by what he was seeing before him. One thing he failed to see while taking in the sights and sounds of this truly remarkable club was a stunning vixen. This breathtaking vixen was staring right at Adam while sizing him up. She was covered in thick rusty red fur with a massively fluffy tail that was resting on the floor. She wore a white fur hat and had a cunning smile on her face as she approached Adam.  She held out a black-furred paw with a pearl bracelet wrapped around her wrist.  “I'm Vivien, call me Viv.” said the tall vixen, cool as ice. Adam was a little taken back from the beauty of Viv. The fluffy paw inside his hand felt incredible... The touch and being so close to this stunning anthropomorphic animal was starting to get a little too much for Adam. His heart rate rose significantly, was she really real or was it an excellent fursuit.

After clearing his throat Adam finally introduced himself. “I'm new around here.” he said nervously. “No shit!” Viv laughed in a sarcastic tone. “We've been expecting you for quite some time, Adam was it?”. Her body language made him feel like she knew something that he didn’t. Adam nervously looked around in their immediate direction, where there was a hyena with a great big bushy moustache sitting at a table with his friends beside him. He was in hysterics, playing and looking he just won a game of blackjack. He was playing against a snow goose wearing a little tiara and an otter that was fashioning a rather loud bright yellow rain hat.  Adam took a deep breath and turned back to Viv. “This is all real isn't?”. The vixen smiled. “Of course this is all real!” she said happily. She shone a weak smile as a towering black panther, as black as the night sky and his bright, lime green Frog lady friend briskly walked past, both scowling at Adam. This made him very uncomfortable. “I'm not well liked huh?” he said to Viv. “Don't take it too personally hun.” she said wrapping her big bushy tail around him and pulling him a little closer. “People are a little old fashioned around here, they would prefer that no new members came in.” She sighed heavily. “This place is special to all of us and since your membership came from a blabber I can see why some of us are a bit apprehensive.”. She ruffed up his hair with her sharp claws. “But you seem OK with me, I'm sure you'll fit in just fine given time~”. She walked Adam, who was still wrapped in her tail, over to a dark green leather sofa that sat underneath a huge tree trunk.

Spiders and monkeys ran up and down the trunk screaming at each other playfully. The sofa was in a quiet place near the entrance that had a fantastic view of all the goings-on in the club’s main chamber. As they both sat down, a rather revolting, giant, brownish black, slimy slug slithered itself past their feet, leaving behind a trail of slime. “Ew!” Adam cried out in disgust. “Who on Earth would ever want to become that?”. There was no way you could guess what gender that slug was before the transformation. “I have absolutely no idea!” replied Viv with a laugh. “We've never tracked down the true identity of that slug yet. There are some very strange people in this club, even stranger than me!” she said nudging Adam. “I don't think you're strange.” he said. “Well thank you, Adam, but we're all pretty strange around here.” she said pointing to the main chamber of the club.

Viv caught Adam's eyes get lost in a trance, he was completely under a spell. Hundreds of animals dancing, sitting, talking or smoking and getting a little too cosy with each other. Viv waved a paw across his face. “Oh, sorry..” Adam replied, focusing his eyes back to Viv. “So then Mr Rainboom. I think it’s time for you to change, don’t you? It will take a lot of eyes off of you.” Viv said as she shooed away a huge Grasshopper with a beaver wearing a straw hat and a very strange orange bow tie, who failed to hide their expressions as they tried to approach them. “Don't worry about them dear.” she said putting a paw on his knee. “So have you thought about what you'll become for your first time?”. Adam sighed heavily as he was still trying to take everything in. “I spoke to a girl called Brittany on the way down.”.

“Oh, Britt!” Viv said butting in mid-sentence. “I love that girl, I should track her down later, I think she's having real man trouble at the moment. Anyway sorry, ignore me, carry on!”. she said smiling at Adam. “W-well, she said I should change into something that was quite common so I fit in a little better. And I thought about a tiger.” That was obviously a very good idea because just sitting on the sofa he could see five tigers from his viewpoint. One female tiger dancing seductively around a pole on the dance strip, who was attracting quite the crowd. One extremely fluffy tiger in the far distance who was a little tubby, Adam couldn't make out whether it was male or female but it was giving off major Aladdin vibes. Then another who was the closest to them, but he looked the wildest with kitchen knives for teeth and evil eyes. He had a little field mouse (well, little for an anthro anyway) pinned up against a glass wall that was on the steps as he left the dance floor going towards the bar area. Who knows what that poor defenceless mouse did to the tiger but he doesn’t look in a good way. There was also an overweight tiger lady, wearing black sleeves covering her paws, who was smoking a cigarette in cigarette holder while talking to a much younger, female Border Collie. The lady looked like she could perhaps be an opera singer above ground. Finally, there was a tiger who looked visibly older than everyone around him, sitting alone at the bar drinking whisky neat.

Again, Viv had to break Adam back out of his trance by nudging him. “So?” she said, pointing to the long bar that appeared to be an absolutely huge block of deep blue ice, that was being supported by twelve old tree stumps. “Go over to see either Mary-Anne, Alice or Andy and they'll ask you what you would like to become. Then decide if you want the transformation potion in either a drink or pill. Personally, as you're a first timer I'd go for a quick shot of something to take the edge off!” Adam looked at Viv closely, he couldn't believe that he too will look something like this beautiful vixen, though hopefully something a little more masculine. He smiled at her. “I just can't believe that this actually going to happen.”. Viv chuckled a little and hugged him. “I’m sure you'll be fine and take to this like a duck to water!”. This seemed to reassure Adam and his nerves slowly melted away. “Now dear, once you get your potion, see over there?” She said pointing to an area closed off by a big white curtain, that could only be described as a dressing room you would find in a shop. “Undress in your given cubicle as your clothes don’t change with you. Once you're fully transformed, hand in your clothes and shoes to the girls at the cloakroom and slip them a quid or two." Adam's eyes look towards the bar, his mind races with all the possibilities of what could happen once he’s transformed. He gets up from his chair, Viv follows suit. “Look, Viv.” he says in a much more confident tone than when they first met. “Thanks so much for coming to talk to me and explaining everything, you've been amazing.” Viv wraps her tail around and hugs him tight. “If you need anything, you know who I am and I'll be excited to meet the new you. It’s been nice to talk to a man whose brain isn't in his boxer shorts.”

But in an instant, Adam suddenly found himself on the floor. As quick as a flash Adam was hurled out of his embrace with Viv and thrown aggressively down to the floor. It all happened so quickly, but he could feel a heavy mass on top of him and heard Viv screaming. “Leo!” She shouted. “Leo! Get off him! Leave him alone!”. When Adam opened his eyes, he found a male lion on top of him. The lion had a massive mane that made him look even bigger. With one swift movement, he wrapped one of his big, powerful paws tightly around Adam’s neck. “What the hell do you think you're doing with my wife?” the lion said with an almighty roar. Adam's face got increasingly redder and he could hardly breathe, let alone get any sort of defence out of his lips. The lion squeezed Adam’s neck a little tighter. “I'll ask again!” he snarled. “What were you doing with my wife?”. From behind Viv managed to push her husband Leo off of Adam.

Adam sat there gasping for air beside a man-sized lion, who was feeling slightly humiliated from being pushed around by his wife. Vivien carefully sat Adam up while he got his breath back. It took a good minute or so for Adam to calm himself down from what was really an unnecessary attack. Leo made yet another swift movement towards Adam, Viv stood in front of him as protection. “Stop this Leo, Adam hasn't done anything wrong.”. Leo's eyes were filled with rage. “Sweetheart” he pleaded. “How can you protect a skid mark like this? You know he’s only here because "you know who" wanted a cash buyer for Wade's membership.” The lion was angry, this was exactly what Brittany warned Adam about. Adam hated confrontation such as this and was getting worried about his personal safety. Leo pushed aside his wife, picked Adam up by the scruff of his neck and pinned him to a wall. Once again this was getting too much for Adam. He looked deeply into Adam’s eyes. “How do I know you're not another blabber?” snarled the lion. Adam tried to wriggle free. “Please let go of me!” he begged the lion. “Look, I'm not another blabber, I've seen first hand the consequence of a blabber and I've got too much to lose.” As much as he tried to stay strong, annoyingly Adam could feel himself welling up a little. He hated public confrontation as he could feel many eyes looking at the scene Leo was making. Also, the brute force that Leo put on Adam really quite hurt. Leo the lion reluctantly put down Adam with a growl. “I do not want to see you again tonight and if I see you anywhere near my wife again, let's just say I might not be able to stop myself.”. With that Leo walked down onto the dance floor and within moments he was out of sight engulfed in all the mayhem in front of their eyes.

Vivien turned to Adam and gave him a weak hug. “I'm so sorry about my dear husband. He’s action first, thought later.” Adam smiled back simply. “Don't mention it, I mean threats like that are normal when you have such a beautiful wife.” he laughed under his breath, in reality, he was still shaking with fear. “Right.” said Adam a little more confidently. “I'm gonna get a very stiff drink, care to join me?”. Viv took him by the hand. “I thought you'd never ask.” she said, walking with him towards the bar. Mid-way they were both stopped by a young couple, a tortoise and raccoon. “Wow!!” shouted the raccoon, clapping her paws. “I haven't seen many people survive a run in with Leo!” said the tortoise in a surprised voice. “If I wasn't engaged to this lump...” said the raccoon, gesturing to the tortoise. “I might have given you a kiss.” she giggled. “Adam.” said Viv. “This is Ben.”. She pointed to the green tortoise, who fashioned an almighty shell. “... and this is his fiance, Lizzie.” she said, making eye contact with the raccoon. They both shook paws with Adam. “So then Adam.” began Lizzie the raccoon, who was particularly fluffy. “Any first-time nerves?” she asked as they made their way towards the bar. Adam couldn't lie that his heart rated hadn't slowed down since he got out of the lift and Leo's attack didn't help whatsoever.

“I'm fucking terrified.” replied Adam honestly. Ben knew exactly how Adam was feeling as thought back to his first time down here. “Don't worry buddy we and many others have your back. We aren’t all like Leo and some of the other core members of this club.” Said Ben patting his scaled paw on his shoulder. That was exactly what Adam needed to hear after such an ordeal. The group of four waited in what was quite a long queue to get a drink at the bar. In front of them was another human that had arrived late. Adam had only seen a handful of humans when he first entered the club.

Vivian tapped the man on the back, he was twenty years or so older than Adam. He looked grimy with an unshaven face, eyes that looked worn out by alcohol and wore a suit that could definitely do with being upgraded. “Evening Peter!” shouted Viv over the noise of the bar and thumping music from the dance floor. The man turned around to face the group. He looked as if he was drunk already, he even stumbled and almost missed a step. “Peter...” Viv said. “This is Adam and it's his first time down here.”. The grimy looking man flashed his unwashed yellow teeth and pulled a menacing smile at Adam. “And why should I care Viv? Why can't I ever be left alone to have a peaceful night around here.” Unimpressed and annoyed Peter pushed his way past a young twenty-something fox passionately kissing his rabbit girlfriend in order to get a better position in the queue and to be left alone. “Sorry about him.” said Lizzie the raccoon. “He's not much of a socialite I’m afraid.”. Lizzie put her arm around his shoulder.

Suddenly there was rather a lot of fuss and noise as someone entered the club. It was another human, in a club like this they really stick out like a sore thumb. She was one of the most beautiful girls that Adam had ever seen. She had long flowing blonde hair that was worn down and was dressed in a stunning black dress with eight-inch heels to match. “Madam Bon Bon!” squealed Viv excitedly. “Vivie!” replied the blonde, who seemed equally excited. “I'm so fricking glad you could make it out tonight! What the hell took you?” Viv said to the blonde bombshell while hugging her so tight that her eyes were slightly popping out of her head. “Sorry hun, my babysitter was super late tonight.” Viv sighed. “Babe, I know exactly how you feel, this is my first night out down here for weeks. Leo seems to think that I am a permanent babysitter while he drinks himself into oblivion.”. Adam, Lizzie and Ben stand awkwardly making small talk between themselves while Viv and Bon Bon catch up. “You know.” Viv says to Bon Bon. “One way we can see each other is to set up a play date while Leo and Chris are down here. By the way, where is Chris, I haven't seen his hot piece of snow leopard ass around tonight!” Bon Bon laughed. “He's away in Paris on business for a few days.”. Viv raised a jealous eyebrow. “Why don’t you bring little Amy and Immy to visit me and Charlie for supper tomorrow?”. Bon Bon nodded. “It’s a date!” she said happily.

“Gosh!” said Viv loudly, realising that she had alienated Adam, Lizzie and Ben. “Where are my manners, Bon Bon, meet our new member Adam.” she said, pushing Adam closer to Bon Bon. “Well well well, our new member eh, we've been expecting you. I'm Bon Bon, or Bonnie for short. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of you!” the blonde bombshell said while shaking his hand. A sandy coloured female gecko and a very plump chicken waved Bon Bon and Viv over. They were sitting on a small table by the bar with a vodka and red bull boat with plenty of glasses. “Adam, it’s been lovely to meet you!” said Viv. “I'm looking forward to meeting the new tiger you. I'm just going over there to see my friends.”. Bon Bon kissed Viv on her furry cheek. “See you in a sec hun.”.

Adam, Bon Bon, Lizzie and Ben progressed a little further towards the front of the queue. Adam's eyes widened when he saw the bartender. A crocodile who must have been that Andy who Vivian pointed out earlier. He was spinning and juggling bottles of spirits to make a sex on the beach for a female bear. He looked like a total pro at what he did, his classic black wayfarers and laid back masculine attitude had plenty of ladies crowding around him. A very fluffy red squirrel was on the other side of the bar pouring a line of vodka shots and egging on a small nosy group of koala bears. Bon Bon and the rest of the group ended up in the middle of the bar where there was just Peter, the grumpy man Adam met a little while ago. “Peter, nice to see you.” said a black cat who was the third bartender out of the three. “A neat glass of Applejack for me tonight thanks, Mary-Anne.” said Peter in a very uninspiring tone. “Wow!” exclaimed the black cat. “Very old school and daring of you Peter!”. She poured a golden brown liquid out of a glass into a whisky tumbler. “Well have a good night.” she said, passing the glass to him. Peter left the bar area without so much as a grunt. “Bon Bon!” shouted the cat. “Annie! How are you?” the blonde shouted back. “I'm fine thanks doll, the usual for you tonight?” the cat asked already reaching for a bottle. Bon Bon nodded. “Please.” she replied.

The black cat was about to turn away and pour Bon Bon's drink when something caught her eye. “You...” she said, making eye contact with Adam. “You must be the new guy.”. Adam was starting to get a little annoyed at the amount of attention he was getting, both good and bad. But he couldn’t be angry at the cat; she was quite a beautiful creature and was right up his street. She had piercing blue eyes that really stood out from her fluffy black feline face. “Yes.” he said confidently. “I'm Adam.” he said proudly. The cat held out a paw for him to kiss. “Well, Adam... What can we do for you tonight?” she said, waving her hand out to the wall of bottles of all different types of drinks, shapes and sizes. “I-I want to be a tiger, and can I have it in a shot of tequila?”. She raised an approving eyebrow. “Well of course!” she said reaching for the potion and drink. With an eager eye Adam watched the cat pour a strange mixture in a green transparent shot glass with a club TransMuto logo on it before topping it up with tequila.

The black cat Marry-Anne held a big grin on her face as she was about to pass over Adam's first transformation drink in the green glass and Bon Bon's usual in a pink glass. She was just about to place the drinks on the bar in front of a now rather parched Adam and Bon Bon, when something almost knocked her off her feet. Over from the other side of the bar, a giant queen cobra was chasing a brown rat running for his life. The queen snake was snapping her big jaws with every sliver she made, revealing her huge sharp fangs. She knocked down Andy the crocodile, who was holding a tray full of glasses. They smashed all over him. “EYYY!” he shouted with a hint of a Jamaican accent. “You'll pay for all this mess!” he bellowed, getting back to his feet angrily. The rat fled to some kind of safety in the middle of dance floor the cobra queen pursued as quickly as she could, but seemed to lose his scent. Clumsily, Marry-Anne split a bit of the drink on the bar table as she threw rather than placed them down.

The only thing that anyone failed to notice was that in front of Adam was Bon Bon's pink glass and in front of Bon Bon was Adam's green glass. Bon Bon thanked Marry-Anne and politely waved to Adam, Lizzie and Ben as she made her way towards the transformation changing rooms. “Well then...” Adam said, looking at Lizzie and Ben who were in there own little world snogging each other faces off. The pair quickly broke it off to face him. “Here goes nothing, the next time we meet I'll look completely different.”. Ben the tortoise rose his scaled hand up, gesturing a high-5. “You'll be a-ok my friend!” he said in a very encouraging way. Adam smiled and turned his back on them to head over to the changing rooms besides the bar.


A long white curtain covered the changing rooms with yet another plump warthog standing guard. He took a disapproving look at Adam, just like the two he met when he first came down from the lift. Seeing the transformation drink in his hand the hog simply opened the curtain and snorted. “We're a bit full at the moment mate.”. Adam thanked the hog and ventured into the changing room, where he could make out about twelve cubicles in total. The noises that came out of those cubicles were really quite something. The furthest one away in particular, was incredibly loud, whoever was making frantic roars and screams seemed to be almost as loud as the music outside. Adam could see 10 sets of clothing and shoes outside the closed curtained cubicles. The two nearest to him didn’t have any items of clothing outside but the curtain was closed. Adam couldn’t wait any longer, he wanted to change and get into the middle of the club so badly. He took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide and poured the special tequila shot down his throat.

As he did, he carefully peered around the first curtain, he wasn't greeted with much warmth. There was someone inside going through their first stage of transformation, it was a man not too much older than Adam. He was visibly very angry but because of his transformation, he couldn't get the words out. This man was obviously becoming an elephant as his trunk was beginning to grow longer by the second. He threw a few punches in the air to get Adam out of his space. Adam left quickly, feeling a little startled, but not from the crazy elephant man, it was from whatever he just drank. He hadn't a clue whether it tasted revolting like rotting cabbage or sweet like watermelon and roses. One thing he did know was he felt strange, very strange. It was as if boiling hot soup was bubbling underneath his skin. He needed to get some privacy quickly. He rushed to the next cubical with a quick movement of his hand he opened the curtain to find it was already occupied by a girl who was equally as angry as the man beside her. She was sprouting white feathers all over her skin and made aggressive honking noises towards him. Adam quickly shut the curtain, feeling like he might be sick at any moment.

Two females, an ostrich and a chipmunk came out of the cloakroom to assist Adam. “You might want to wait five minutes or so we're full at the moment.” said the ostrich waddling towards him. “B-b-but I've already taken the drink!” Adam said feeling so weird and getting very agitated. The chipmunk noticed something very strange as Adam's nose started to flatten while becoming triangular and animal like. It also changed to a very feminine shade of light pink. “Quick, go to the toilets!” she shouted in a very shrill voice. “On the left-hand side follow the dance floor around where all the sitting booths are! When you reach the middle you can’t miss them!” She shouted, Adam starting to run as he felt increasingly more uncomfortable.

Adam felt tingles across his entire body. After bursting out the main curtain and almost knocking an already annoyed warthog. he had to stop. He itched his arms and stomach like a madman. Adam yet again failed to notice that his transformation was progressing as whiskers started to push out from beside his already transformed nose. He couldn't see Viv, Lizzie, Ben or Bon Bon anywhere. ‘There was no way I'm transforming in front of the whole club for my first time’ Adam thought to himself. He stopped itching, picked up his feet and fled in search of the toilets. When Adam got to the sitting booth area, he found it difficult to take his eyes off all the different variety of animals sitting down, drinking and talking. A foxhound wearing a monocle who was in deep conversation with a toad and ferret looked up with a very puzzled expression on his face. The sight of a human this deep into the club was not particularly frequent. Finally, Adam saw the green LED lights that signalled where the entrance of the toilets were. He was about to run in but instead, Adam tripped over the leg of a huge giraffe who donned a trilby and was drinking shots of flaming sambucas with a hedgehog and bald eagle. Adam fell hard to the ground, luckily his hands caught him before face-planting in front of the onlooking eyes of the animals nearby. It took him a few moments to get over the shock of the fall.

In those few moments, something very strange was happening inside his boxer shorts. Adam felt as if some kind of ball that was rapidly growing in size was trapped. The ball continued to grow bigger and bigger until his boxer shorts gave way. The ball ripped a hole in his trousers and out popped a beautiful tail that sat proudly on his rear end. But it wasn’t the tail of a tiger but instead, it was a very fluffy, plump cottontail of a bunny rabbit. Adam turned his head around to see what had just burst out of his trousers and was shocked at the sight of white, fluffy mass, so shocked in fact he reached around to feel it and gasped loudly. "Woah! B-But that isn't a-a-a-" Adam said in a very panicked way. He couldn't sit there forever as the eyes of the animals were all still upon him. “Sorry about that pal.” said the giraffe lowering his head down to Adam. “I can't take these legs anywhere!”. Adam just stared up at him, got back to his feet in a panic and once again ran towards the toilets.

A red band across the disabled toilet clearly indicated that it was in full use. ‘Damn!’ Adam thought to himself, as that was his first bet. ‘A cubicle in the gents should suffice...’ he said as he opened the door to the men's. Upon his first step inside Adam was greeted with the unpleasant stench of urine, excrement and sweat. The dim light and the sound of a dripping tap did nothing to improve the situation. ‘Good thing nothing changed in the animal kingdom.’ he whispered sarcastically as he walked into a puddle of what is really best left unsaid. Suddenly Adam stopped in his tracks and looked down at something he wished he'd never walked in on. A lion with an almighty mane was crouching down and snorting cocaine off the bare chest of a male antelope. Adam took a step back towards the door; he made a small splash in the puddle. The noise caused the lion to stop and look up, Adam had seen that lion before… It was Leo. The lion's eyes narrowed in on Adam causing him to feel terrified. He roared so loudly Adam had to wipe the saliva from his eyes as he sprinted for the door. Without thinking, Adam ran across the corridor straight into the ladies toilets, where he conveniently found a broomstick and wedged it through the door handle. He felt the door being pushed aggressively from the outside by Leo. For a few minutes, Adam had to push back with all his might to keep Leo from entering. But luckily for Adam, the lure of class A's and the antelope got the better of him and he eventually left.

Adam took a quick glance around his surroundings and the toilet seemed to be empty. It was much cleaner, fresher, friendlier and unsurprisingly girlier than the gents. Adam sat down on his tail in relief while catching his breath and hoping that his heart rate would reduce. He ‘yelped’ as his bottom hit the floor. “A TAIL!” he screamed. Adam momentarily forgot he was undergoing
a transformation. But once again that was the least of his worries as he heard a noise of an unlocking cubicle. ‘Can't a brother change in peace’ he shouted inside his head. The sound of footsteps echoed in the brightly lit room. “Hello?” a female voice called out.

Adam looked up nervously as he was fully aware that he was in the wrong toilets. “You again!” shouted a really quite beautiful grey tabby cat. “You can't keep away can you?”. She had thick grey fur with very light fine black markings coming through. Her cheeks were super puffy, which made her look adorable, and her big round hazel eyes made her instantly recognizable to Adam. “Brittany?” Adam asked in an unsure manner. The beautiful feline smiled at him and nodded. “Don't worry, we're alone.” she said as she could see Adam looking anxiously around the room. “Besides, what's wrong with your face? You look like you’ve been stung by a bee!”. Adam looked at her with a perplexed expression on his face. “I'm changing!” he said in a very lispy voice. Once he was oblivious to the changes on his face, but no more. This time it was his two front teeth that enlarged wildly and spilled out his mouth over his bottom lip. Brittany looked even more surprised as she got closer to Adam to study his face. Adam lightly pushed past her to get to the sinks and mirrors. As he stepped he noticed he felt lighter on his feet.

The ladies toilets were painted a light shade of pink, unlike the men's they were clean and tidy. It smelt like cut roses and freshly washed linen, it even had dressing table chairs by the mirrors. Adam put his hands on a sink basin, looking deeply into the mirror and was shocked at the sight of his changing face. “What the actual fuck is happening to me!” Adam gasped. Brittany also gasped loudly as Adam turned his back to her so he could look in the mirror. Perched very proudly above his rear end was a big fluffy pom-pom styled cottontail. A flat triangular nose, long whiskers, bucked teeth and a big tail raced around Brittany's mind. “I thought you said you would become a tiger to fit in and be strong just in case got yourself into any mischief, not change into a cute Bunny!” the grey cat said, walking over to Adam to fully investigate his changing features.

Adam looked over his shoulder at Brittany with a face that showed her he didn't really know what to to do about the current predicament. “How long ago did you drink the potion and why aren't you in the changing rooms?” asked Brittany trying to get to the bottom of Adam's little or big hiccup. “Maybe five minutes ago.” Adam said, itching his arms frantically. “And the changing rooms were jam-packed!” he said, feeling like was getting a temperature. Brittany could hear Adam's breathing intensify. “You should have fully changed by now.” Brittany said with a slight meow at the end. She looked seriously at Adam who was itching all over. “Look hun.” she said, leading him over to a dressing table chair. “You're fighting this aren't you?” she asked to which she got a reluctant nod. “This isn't what I asked for, plus it's been an eventful night since we last met.” Adam said trying to defend himself. Brittany had to remember that this was his first time transforming so she had to at least give him a bit of slack. “I know that it's a very opposing idea but you can't stop the transformation, you have to let go and just let it happen. It's best to clear your mind and watch the show.”.

Brittany put her claws to good use by giving Adam a light head massage. He closed his eyes and tried his hardest to clear his mind from any troubling thoughts that he might have. Adam could feel the potion racing around his entire body, tingling at his every pore. The apprehension and worries he had about the change were slowly beginning to melt away. Brittany watched as white hairs started to sprout out of his arms. Four hairs became fourteen and fourteen hairs became fifty-four as quick as a flash. “Oh and Adam.” the cat said breaking him out of his trance. “You'll need to take off your clothes. Just look what your tail has down to your trousers already.”

The tingles pulsating over Adam’s body made him shake a little and he almost lost his step as he got up from the chair to remove his clothes. “Ahem!” Adam coughed as he turned his back to Brittany. “Could I get a tiny bit of privacy.” he said as kicked off his shoes; Brittany gave him 'I've everything before look' face as she turned her back. It was lucky Adam got his shoes and socks off when he did as seconds later they would have been in ruin. His feet started to swell before his eyes and rapidly lost their human features as they got engulfed by thick white fur. They enlarged and stretched out in the huge and dare I say it dainty hind paws of a bunny. “This is so weird.” said Adam, struggling to remove his trousers and shirt as the itching sensation was getting too much for him. “Relax!” Brittany said as she put an encouraging paw on his arm. Adam took on her advice and changed his breathing to deep and slow, which definitely had the desired effect. With his mind calm and clear the transformation began to speed up a little as the strands of white hair on his arms thicken into soft, fluffy white fur. Brittany was about to leave Adam in peace and go to the mirrors, to brush her fur and make the final touches before heading out to the dance floor when something caught her eye. It wasn't the sight of his body changing into an animal but something much more curious that made her stop and stare in utter disbelief.

It was his face, suddenly it looked very rounded with an almost soft completion. His green eyes also enlarged a little, getting slightly more rounded, which suited his changing face perfectly. Adam shut his eyes as he winced in a little pain, when he opened them his eyelashes had grown longer and curled too. His hands began to suffer the same fate as his feet, as they began to get more girlish and digit like. Pink puffy paw pads swelled up and pushed out of the palms of his hands. On the backs of his hands and between the pads, thick white fur quickly sprouted and covered every bare patch. The fore paws like his feet became a little smaller and daintier than they were before. Gone were his human hands and in their place were two lovely paws that he instinctively held forward making him look quite sweet. Before Brittany's eyes, his nose changed and became slimmer, giving him a very feminine look.

“Okay, Adam.” said Brittany grabbing his paw and pushing his face to the mirror. “Who was near you when you ordered your drink?" asked the very concerned cat. Adam looked puzzled at Brittany's question. “I-I feel really weird!! I think I might be sick. Arghh!" Adam said, feeling light-headed as this transformation was really taking its toll on him. "It-it was a girl, I think she was called Bon Bon.” Adam said, putting a paw on his stomach. “I KNEW IT!” shouted Brittany as she made Adam look deeply at himself in the mirror.

“You idiot!” Brittany said playfully tapping him on the head. “Look at yourself!”. Adam got closer to the mirror, he had to admit he looked weird, all the changes that were happening made him feel like he was made out of play dough. He didn't feel like he had the energy to argue with Brittany. “You don't see it do you?” she said pointing to his face. “See what?” Adam groaned, feeling uncomfortable. “You obliviously took Bon Bon's drink. You've got her perfect Barbie doll-like nose already.”. Adam gave her a blank expression to tell her that he still wasn't following. “That drink was made with Bon Bon in mind yes?! Not for a guy. So to put it bluntly, not only are you turning into a rather delightful bunny rabbit…you're turning into a woman as well.”. Adam's face went almost as white as the fur that was sprouting all over his body.

“I'm what!” he shouted, shocked and in a very angry tone. “Look, I know this is a lot to take in..." Brittany said as Adam's face pushed out into a rather cute bunny muzzle. "This can't be happening!" Adam said, starting to panic. "I don't want to be a woman!" Adam said feeling like he might be reduced to a blubbering wreck with all these new female hormones racing through his body. Brittany couldn't help but find this slightly amusing. “Hunny! Once the potion's in your system you can't stop it. Like I said before just try to relax and go with it, besides it's only for tonight. Just think of it as an incredible insight into the fairer sex, you may even see where you’ve gone wrong!” she said, giving him a cheeky wink, then picking up her hairbrush to brush her fur. “This can't be happening!" Adam said, looking at himself in the mirror, his reflection looking back at him showed that his face had become very lapin indeed. Not only that but his facial structure had become extremely beautiful and feminine too.  His face continued to look on with shock as his ears felt itchy as fuck and also became rather sore. ‘OK Adam’ he said to himself. ‘We're just gunna have to take this like a man and go with it!’. His now very feminine face was rapidly sprouting the same thick fur that engulfed his hands, arms and feet.

His ears slowly stretched out, growing longer and longer in length and also expanding a little too. His fleshy ears soon got coated in beautifully thick, fluffy white fur, while the insides turned a cute shade of light baby pink. They continued to grow and get fluffier too until they got so long that because of the weight of the fur, they cutely flopped down over his face. At the same time, his hair receeded into his head, being replaced by even more thick white fur. Adam blushed, looking over to Brittany. “What do you think about these?” he said, holding his ears out in his paws, feeling strangely proud of them. “You know what, I think they really suit you!” Brittany said, making Adam feel very special.  Fur started to puff out on his cheeks, which was handy, as he couldn't stop blushing about all these strange feelings that were developing inside him.

As he continued to keep his mind clear and let everything happen, all the fear he once had about his transformation seemed to  completely disappear into nothingness. He did, however, feel a lot of very strange new feelings and it was almost like his brain was trying to tell him to enjoy the ride. Brittany started to apply some makeup to her face, it was her idea of giving Adam some privacy instead of just staring at him becoming her. A blanket of the thickest and purest white fur began to grow over his chest. At the same time, his chest tightened and started to develop some female curves.  “Ahh OHhh!” Adam sighed in what only could be described as pleasure. “You OK hun? Perhaps you should sit down...”. Adam could hardly get any words out and just nodded as he quite literally hopped over to the dressing chairs. The pressure was starting to build around the area of his pecks; he looked downwards to see that they had swelled up a lot. He watched as they inflated at a rapid rate into breasts that almost reached the size of two honeydews. He checked that Brittany wasn't looking and with both paws, he gave them a big squeeze and bounced them around them a little. He gasped at how firm yet sensitive they were. “Hey! I can see you ya know!” Brittany said, looking at him in the mirror while applying some mascara. “You're a woman now and that's not what we do!” she said jokingly. Adam couldn't help it but he let out a very long feminine moan. It caught both of them by surprise. “I'm so sorry." Adam said feeling very embarrassed indeed. “This is getting a bit too much...” said a very red-faced Adam. The white fur sprouted all over his new bouncy breasts and they seamlessly blended in with the rest of his curvy chest. The thick, white fur was now sprouting everywhere at such an alarming rate that it took no time at all to erase all of his human flesh.

Next to change was the biggest of all and it was something that no man ever wants to lose. The changing bunny sat back, gasping in pleasure as the transformation progressed, when something big happened. The transformation felt so good that Adam barely noticed the monumental change developing. His manhood slowly receded back inside him and changed itself into something much more fitting to his new body. His hips widened to give him the curves of a perfect female body, as his buttocks then enlarged massively while rounding into quite the bubble butt. This development changed pumped his whole body with even more female hormones, feelings and thoughts. Adam couldn't help but scream in delight and pleasure at this new development. But what came out of his lips was something he wasn't used to and it was so loud even Brittany stopped what she was doing to look back. His, now her, voice was much higher than it ever was and now fully female. “I-I'm a g-girl?!” said Adam in his new voice. Brittany smiled down at the sitting, fully transformed bunny rabbit.  “Here!" she said, taking her by the paw up to the mirror.

Even Brittany was a little shocked at Adam’s new appearance. “You know what, I just don't think Adam works for you anymore…how does Alana sound?” asked the grey cat who stood Adam in front of the mirror. Adam took one almighty deep breath and whispered “Alana...” as she stood in awe at her new reflection. “It's definitely fitting eh?" she said back to Brittany. She ran a paw over her new lapin facial features and all the way down to her tail. “I can't believe this has happened!” Alana said to Brittany. She smiled back at the bunny. “Remember that it's just for tonight so embrace it!”. So many new and unusual feelings were spreading through every atom of Alana's new body. She turned her face away from the mirror over to Brittany. “Do you mind if we hang on in here for a little while longer?”. Brittany looked up and down Alana. “Well of course! I've got to sort you out. You look as if you’ve gone through a hedge backwards."

The two girls sat back down on the dressing chairs. “Just relax...” said Brittany to Alana. “It's weird, I feel more relaxed than I ever have done before." Alana said, looking up and down her body. Brittany looked a little taken back from that comment. Alana held out her paws before her to closely examine them. “You know she'll be livid?” Brittany said, breaking Alana's train of thought. “Who?” said Alana. “Bon Bon... As far as I'm aware she’s never taken anything different other than the bunny potion. So to become a tiger and man at the same time, she'll hate it.” giggled Brittany in almost an evil way. “Well at least Leo definitely won’t recognize me like this.” said Alana confidently. Brittany raised an eyebrow. “So you’ve met the great Leo of the jungle?”. Alana snorted with laughter. “Met? He's tried to kill me twice!”. Brittany sighed and rocked on her chair. “He's not a fan of newcomers, especially ones with a penis. He's scared of someone new taking his thunder away. I guess that the reason why he's so glad that Wade's gone. Besides, I don't think you're much of a threat to him like this. But you are however very much his type!” mocked Brittany while nudging Alana. “So is Leo the owner? Besides isn't he supposed to be married?”. Brittany laughed at Alana's questions. “He wishes! His wife Viv used to be the owner but she sold it a year or so ago. Leo's never forgiven her. But she had to in order to put towards funding her children's education. That's how I know Viv, our children go to the same playgroup along with our dear Bon Bon." Brittany got up, got a bottle of champagne and two flutes off the side of the sink.

She poured herself and Alana a glass and sat back down. “You have a kid?” asked Alana surprised. “Yeah, his name is James and he's just turned five. I've just broken up with his deadbeat father this evening. You know I tried so hard to make it work for James' sake. But once a cheating, lying bastard always a cheating, lying bastard. If you see a shaggy dog on the dance floor, feel free to give him a slap from me. But enough about him, let's have some fun! You're a woman now! How many guys can say that tonight?”. Alana was really quite shocked at what Brittany had told her. She took a sip of champagne and then put it down on the floor to give Brittany a comforting hug.

Alana couldn't help herself but pat her fuzzy face, her new long ears felt incredibly soft in her paws. She even gave her breasts another jiggle to which she blushed hard. “Stop it and come over here!” said Brittany getting up and grabbing Alana to pull her up too. “I think you could do with a bit of pampering hun." Brittany said pointing at all her cosmetics around the basin of the sink.

“No way, I'm not wearing any of that muck!” said Alana trying to squirm out of Brittany’s grasp, but Brittany held Alana’s paw tight so there would be no escape from a little bit of pampering. With her free paw, Brittany reached out for her wooden paddle hairbrush and started to softly brush the fur on Alana's ears. As soon as she started to brush all of Alana's insecurities of a little pampering soon disappeared and she was beginning to really enjoy it. With great care and affection, Brittany put about a hundred rollers in the thickest areas of fur on Alana’s body while she got to work on her makeup. “See, being a girl isn't too bad is it?” Brittany said as she finished, giving him some light blue eyeshadow, starting to apply some big false eyelashes and some thick mascara. “You get to sit here and relax while I make you beautiful!”. Alana may have been far from thrilled but even she had to admit she was now warming to it. All her new feminine feelings rushing around her made her at total ease with the makeover. With a fluffy powder brush, Brittany applied a very pretty, pink shade to the apples of her cheeks, which made her look rather cute. Finally, Brittany carefully took out each of the rollers and with a blow dryer, she fluffed Alana's fur to make her look even fluffier than she already was.

Brittany looked deeply into Alana's eyes and examined all the work that she did to her new bunny friend. “So how do you feel now that you've had a little time to take this all in?” Brittany asked a very nervous looking Alana who seemed to be taken back from the question.  She sighed heavily which to the untrained ear could have been mistaken for a pleasurable moan. Alana had so many new feelings and emotions whizzing around her head, as it was all so new to her. Alana really wasn’t sure on how to feel or what to say to Brittany. “I-I'm not sure...” she said, feeling like she might well up. “T-This can't be real can it?” Alana said, looking back into the mirror while patting her new face. Brittany smiled and took Alana by the paw. The pair looked deeply into each other's eyes. “Tell me hunny…does this feel real?”

Brittany lightly pulled Alana in by her long floppy ears and kissed hrr passionately. Alana kissed back and let out a soft moan in the process. The kiss intensified and moans were coming from both of them now. Brittany even started to purr loudly. As things progressed, Brittany then pulled Alana up and sat her up on the sinks, at the same time she squidged her fluffy tail. The kiss eventually fizzled itself out and Brittany finished it off by kissing Alana on the forehead. Alana couldn't help but blush a deep shade of red that was visible through her thick white fur.  

The kiss and the sudden rush of passion seemed to now change everything for Alana, it was like she was given a new lease of life. As soon as the transformation was complete Alana knew that something had completely changed inside her, but she was too afraid to speak out until the kiss was enough to give her the courage she needed, to be honest about her new self. So reluctantly she piped up “I-I can't explain it but I feel absolutely incredible. I feel as light as a feather, as soft as velvet. I've almost completely forgotten what it was like being a man.”

This delighted Brittany in every sense of the word. “Wow!" she said excitedly to Alana. “There aren't many people in here that undergo a gender change and actually enjoy it!” Alana didn’t really know what to make of what Brittany said, she knew full well just how weird this whole situation was that she'd just gotten herself into. She was on the verge of lowering her fluffy head down in shame when Brittany put a comforting arm around her. “I think we're just about ready to take the club by storm." Brittany said, handing her another glass of champagne while at the same time pouring something extra from a hip flask she got out of her handbag on the floor. “Come on, let's get out there and paint the town pink!”. The girls necked down their glasses and slammed them down on the sink basin. The strength of the alcohol made them both wince a little. Alana turned around to face Brittany so that she could make sure that she looked perfect for her
first outing at Club TransMuto.

The girls heard a loud knocking at the door from what sounded like two very angry ladies wanting to use the facilities. Brittany bundled up her handbag and grabbed Alana's old clothes to put them in a locker. “I wondered how long we'd have alone..." Brittany said as she took the broomstick out of the door handle. Two very slutty looking hedgehogs barged their way through the door. “Bitch!” shouted one of the hedgehogs in the direction of Brittany. The hedgehog was wearing too much eyeshadow for her own good. “Charming!” Brittany shouted back as she took Alana by the paw out from the toilets into the club. “Ready?” she said to a nervous, but excited looking Alana. They were both standing in the mouth of the toilet area looking out towards the bright lights of the clubs main chamber. Alana took a deep breath and nodded to Brittany. The girls, with a spring in their step, strutted onto the dance floor.
Club TransMuto (Part Two)
Adam finds a secret nightclub under the beating heart of central London. It could quite possibly be everything he was looking for.

(Disclaimer: this is a gifted story for the anonymousrainboom.deviantart.c… after giving me some great advice and help since I joined this platform. This story is his idea, not mine, so he owns the rights to the idea. I purely put my own spin on the idea.)

Also Edited by: The AnonymousRainboom 


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