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Chapter 1 - Hippie America
WARNING: Excessive drug use, (slight) sexual content, and (small) usage of bad language.
   One day, England was searching around America's home, feeling a bit anxious, but having a good idea in mind. He finally found America's room, and opened the door. He was immediately greeted by a terrible smell, almost addictive, and noticed that the room was dark.
   "Hey, America, I was wondering if—" England stopped, coughing, choking on the fumes. "Ugh, what is this horrible smell?!"
   America, lying slumped against the wall, curled up, looked up at England, wearing bellbottoms that were fashionable at the time, as well as a tie-dye shirt with brown vest. On his head, he wore an American flag bandana, but it couldn't cover his blonde curl. He had a sleepy look in his eyes, and held a joint in his hands. He blew out some smoke, giggling a bit, and raised an eyebrow lazily.
   "Hey, what's up, Iggy?
:iconinvadertarren13:InvaderTarren13 5 6
Hetalia King's Game PG 19 by GravityOctopus Hetalia King's Game PG 19 :icongravityoctopus:GravityOctopus 142 37 Hetalia Dress Up Game by KawaiiPandah Hetalia Dress Up Game :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 21,290 6,488
Fragile, This Side Up: Ch.2
After having taken the box off of the top of the crate, it now sat on a chair beside me while I flipped through the manual, giggling at the contents. "Heheh… Magical~." I snorted. "Ok, let's get started." I nodded to Zephyr, a serious look on my face. I hummed to myself, quietly, tapping the manual against my leg mindlessly.
Now the question was, 'how should I wake Iggy up without making a mess?' I was pretty sure that I didn't have anything to make hamburgers with, let alone anything Spanish or French, so options one and four were out. And I knew for a fact that there weren't any alcohol bottles in the house. So that took out option three, leaving two and five.
Taking the safer bet of the two, I went over to the desktop computer in the adjoining living room and logged into the ever trusty YouTube, I searched and played "Saving Grace" and walked back over to the big wooden box. Soon enough, there was content humming flowing from the box. I smiled lightly, thanking the gods that I
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United Kingdom
About my iScribble RP Board:

Hello! Some people may know me as Iceland from iScribble!
:iconpinkflora12: aka :iconaskatlantis:(And I am co-owner of :iconaskcitytalia-se:) as Iceland or Dover (My OC)- My username was triangle12 but is now starice12
Here are the others from the RP group and their iS usernames!:
:iconoddballsleuth: aka :iconbeatles-crazy::iconicannolongersee::iconsuicidal-italian::icondat-awesome-prussian::iconthisangelcantcook::iconrobot-romano::iconaskfemmochiromano::iconi-show-you-fantasy::iconmad-british-man-8d::iconthetomatopolice::iconrafaelcarriedovargas::iconmini-awesome::icontomato-lover-lovi::iconaskfildog: [Woah! They have a load of accounts!] as FemChibiPrussia or 2P England- Username: BeatlesCrazy [Prussia was the creator of the RP board... I still remember our first RP even though it was over a year ago~]
:iconkath602: aka :iconkath603: as Chibi Scot- Username: ScotIand
:iconduckychan97: as Austria [We miss you Austria!]- Username: Vonducky
:iconthat-finnish-kid: aka :iconaskfillyaland: as Aland- Username: SuomiRokkia
:iconwolfumbreon: as Chibi West / Norway- Username: HazelNutt (formerly leopardwolf)
:iconokkefac: aka :iconaskgronland: as Denmark- Username: Okkefac
:iconblackdiamond13: as another Denmark, China, Spain, Romano... And once Hong Kong!- Username: ramenninja
:icondanali-chan: as 2P Fem Canada or 2P Norway
:iconmikkiyoken: as America- Username: Ringomaimai
:iconeverlastingblossom: as Phili- Username: ladykagome51

More AWESOME people!:
:iconredrock141: as Canada, America or Romano- Username: Fuzzkitty141
:iconpikaiscool: as Germany- Username: pikaiscool
:icontwerkland: (:iconxxnalaxx:) as Austria and loads of others!- Old username: Leafclover -- New username: JolieTheBoss
:iconstrawberryoverlord: aka :iconask-thearctic: as The Arctic- Username: doomsong13
:iconpuertoricocoffee: as Liechtenstein- Username: VocaloidKira
:iconkittyayome: aka :iconask-london-1p-2p: as London- Username: GermanGirl66
:icondeerpaw11: as Honduras- Username: deerpaw1
:iconmutantworks: as Canako- Username: CorynnH12
:iconlove4theworld: as China- Username: Magical456
:iconadolphi5: as Demon England- Username: Adolphis
:iconwolfgirl1997: as Berlin- Username: firenation
:iconjapanzii: aka :iconneontehcat::iconaskponynunavut: :iconaskponyinternet: :iconaskponymac: :iconask-johncat: :iconaskeridanmutt: :iconlicking-bees: :iconaskponygermany: as Russia- Username: Japanzii
:iconkoi-pai: as America- Username: england101
:iconitaudia: as Germania- Username: Itaudia
:iconzv33: as Sweden- Username: Cademium
:iconbornup: as China- Username: Tranquiled
:iconluckythejam: aka :iconpersistentkitty: as Norway (Orange)- Username: Wuu2 (formerly KaylieTJ)
:iconspixxen: aka :iconglowy-colors-lova-8d: as Unicorn England or Sealand- Username: Kurai-Akuma
:iconishadowstari: as Fem Canada or Finland- Username: Russia230
:iconpetits-bisous: as France- Username: xRoxasTwinx
:iconig3h: as Finland, Austria and The Philippines- Username: NekoStar
:iconartistictsuki: as Austria (RoderichEld)- Username: Tsuki16
:iconhylian-of-dreamz: as Italy- Username: GrisiaSun
:iconraschelm: as Neko Prussia- Username: PrussianT
:iconsydsir: as Sweden- Username: Syd-
:iconspartaneous: or :iconx-chr15-ludw1g: as Denmark, Netherlands or a variety of Greek gods- Old username: FireIchigo -- New username: X1ON
:iconchubbieh: aka :iconask-amerisheep: as Sheep America- Username: FluffyTobi
:iconxloveisourweapon: as Gilbert- Username: wolflover002
:iconxholl: aka :iconask-vimto: as Flandre- Username: xHoll
:iconsuklaakastike: as Chibi Finland- Username: ChibiFinland
:iconnulasweetcat: as iggy- Username: NulaFlorian
:iconrevereia: as The Netherlands- Username: s33r
:iconaskromanopony::iconaskponykay::icongeritafandom: as Romano- Username: AskRomano
:iconmikagayoishi: is a tomato- Username: MikagaYoishi
:iconmistressmawile: is ManAlfred- Username: TsundreLovi
:iconfluttbutt: aka :iconasknorgay: as Norway- Username: Fluttbutt
:iconraveassassin: as Canada- Username: Abraxos
:icondiamond-in-therough: as Norway- Username: NorgePotato


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