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I am going to be immigrating to America in a year or two (depends on how long the process takes), so I was watching the election with glued eyes to my computer screen.

I read and read about both candidates that had the most chance of winning, and I absolutely hated McCain's views. He was AGAINST abortion, wishing it to be illegal, and he was AGAINST stem cell research - something that could progress the medical field in so many ways. He also is against gay marriage, and against gay adoption which pissed me off to no end.

I did not want to be moving to a country where a president wanted to take a lot of liberal rights away from people he 'just didn't like according to his Christian religion'.

Then I read about Obama, and the first thing I cared about, was if he was pro-choice, and he was. I screamed for joy. He also had a lot of views that I agreed with (even if he isn't for gay marriage, he still believes in equal rights ..).

I'm glad he won, Obama will do the country some good, after Bush just tore the country down with his bigoted Christian views. I like the Christian view Obama has - he doesn't get it involved into his politics, which is EXACTLY why I like him so much. Religion shouldn't be involved in politics, so keep it out of the debates people.

I will gladly move to America now without fear or my rights being taken away. Hopefully gay marriage will also be legal int he coming years.
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This is a very intelligent and true way of viewing America. :D
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November 8, 2008