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This task was perfect for a gal like Mary. The scene was dark, silent, and clear; it was a place a dark type like her could hide in. A strange sense of coolness rested upon the land which she loved The sound of a pin drop had the same volume as a conversation between friend, so the voices of people talking had the same volume as a raging bullhorn. They could easily be found and they were promptly dealt with. 

When a pair of rowdy Staravias came close the Sneasal snuck up behind them and knocked them out. She dragged the unconscious on the ground and threw them to the pile of defeated minions she defeated before hand. This really was too easy for her. She should have brought Finn here to look after instead of listening to Robin's advice and leave her partner to a bunch of strangers. But it's too late for that now, sadly. Mary sat down on the ground to rest her legs after standing for 3 hours straight, but a sudden noise swiftly brought her back up again. One pair of foot step came closer to the building. It stopped at a fair distance away from the Sneasel and a obscured figure replaced the sound. Mary huffed in annoyance.

"May you please step away from this structure?" Mary asked formally, "If not, what happened to you is your fault and your fault alone." The person did not budge. Instead, he just laughed, surprising Mary. Instinctively, Mary stepped back and for some unknown reason, her heart stared to pound faster. The laugh sounded somewhat...familiar....! Sweat formed on the back of her neck.

"Never knew I'll meet you like this buttercup." He commented and the Sneasel froze. He couldn't be  No No NO NO It's not him! It couldn't be! Please not HIM!

"K-K-Kiru..." She managed to mumble praying to Arceus it was not the guy she just spoke of, but her prayers were not answered. The figure stepped forward, and to her horror, it was a Gallade. A scar stretched over a red, drop-shaped mark on his right eye. Mary forced herself to swallow, but she was not able to stop herself from trembling. The Gallade looked at Mary with a confused face and pointed at her.

"Hm? What's with the change in personality? You were so cocky just a minute ago." The Gallade said knowing he was the cause of Mary's actions. When he didn't receive a reply Kiru chuckled and pointed to his left ear.

"How's your ear holding up sweetie?~" He asked nonchalantly. Mary's severed ear instantly throbbed with pain. She held it close to her chest and snarled at the Gallade like a cornered wild beast.

"What the hell do you want?!" She screamed uneasily. The Gallade raised his arms in mock defense, the grin still present on his face.

"Nothing~," He sang, "I was just paid generously by a certain Meinfoo to rekt a certain suite. Hmmmmmm oh wait! Don't tell me, are you the guard?" Mary didn't answer that question as well, but her facial expressions said everything.

"Oh you are!" He said happily, "You're playing the role of a hero now? Doesn't suit a Dark type like you. Then again, the role of a villain doesn't fit a knight as myself." The Gallade calmly dodged a shadow ball that Mary threw in desperation.

"Attacking while your opponent is talking: 18 points, using a type effective move 19 points, speed: 12 points, sound: 9 points, damage dealt to your opponent: 0 points. In total you got 58 out of 100 points! Tsk, tsk, such a let down. You really need to do better Mar-" This time a shadow claw was aimed toward his head, but that was dodged as well. The Gallade grabbed Mary's arm and lifted it in the air. 

"Hey hey! Watch the claws. They can hurt somebody." He advised pointing at her hand. Another lack of response nor was there any signs of resistance, but a face of fear and hatred was present on her face. Kiru's laughter faltered and his smile dropped. He used the side of his free arm to lift Mary's head up and their eyes made contact.  

"You know, I really hate it when you're like this," He whispered as his arms began to glow a dirty green. He pushed the blade closer to Mary's neck until a small trickle of blood flowed from her neck.

"Should I add a third scar here? Fury cutter may be effective, but it won't kill just you yet." He wondered out loud. He leaned in closer to get a closer look of the Sneasel's face as he waited for an answer. Mary spat in Kiru's wounded eye.

"Fuck off and go to hell." She growled. Like the Gallade, Mary had a free arm and aimed a Shadow claw right at his torso. Kiru's grin returned on his face. He released Mary's right arm to dodge her left arm that just grazed him on his stomach. Once she was free Mary jumped back and both mons were back to their original positions. Kiru snickered as he wiped the spit off his eye.

"I see you still have some fight in you! Hah... When you struggle, I just want to just cut you up~" The Gallade stepped forward with a dangerous killing intent oozing out of him.  Mary scurried back when Kiru stepped forward. Once she felt a wall pressed upon her back she went into a defensive posture.

"I really want to kill you right now,.... but I'm in a good mood today. Besides, my client did not pay that well." Kiru raised his arms high in the air to show he had nothing that can harm, but Mary didn't dare to relax just yet. Her glare was still on the Gallade and despite her previous actions, she was still in fear. All of her strength were place in her legs to keep them standing. Her body had no signs of relaxing. Her mind flickered through the memories of Kiru and the fear he brought upon her. Mary's mouth became dry and to keep her lips from quivering she bit down on them hard. Kiru chuckled with a light shrug. He turned 180 degrees to the right and walked away.

"I'll leave you alone.... for now." He hollered as he disappeared back into the darkness. Mary slumped to the ground still trembling from her encounter with him. Why did she have to meet him again. Why did Arceus have to bring this fate on her?! Kiru...he was toying with her. In that one moment when she carried like a ragdoll, he could have beheaded her right there. He could have killed her. He could have done anything to her, but no, he set her free just because "he was in a good mood". What kind of a fucked up thought did he had in head that time? Why did she had to see him again?! Why couldn't she do anything?! 

"Fuck.... Fuck me!" She could only say due to the lack of energy in her voice. She drew her knees close to chest and huddled them close, trembling like a young kid who saw a monster. 

It was another set of footprints that woke Mary up. She cracked her eyes open and shut them immediately when she was met with a bright light, but she opened her eyes a minute later.

"Morning Mary." Robin chirped, "You had a long night huh?" Dark shadows bore themselves under Mary's eyes, but she didn't care for any of that. She rubbed her eyes and growled under her breath as Robin makes his evaluation. 

"There was no disturbance in the room last night which means you completed the task," He congratulated Mary, "Here's a Swindler's Coin for the trouble. It lets you use the move Sn-" Mary slapped the coin out of Robin's hand before he could finish his sentence.

"Fuck this." Mary muttered and left the scene without saying another word. She wandered around the Cactus fields endlessly. It took Finn's cry to snap her out of her thought and realize she was at the quote on quote 'Great Cactus Cookout'. She looked at the source of the voice and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was Finn. 

" actually listened," She mumbled. The Sneasel quickly sat down and rested her head on her claws. She really needed some rest right now.

"Uhh MaMa! I have so many things to tell you like the ^$@#&% ^ )!@$& !(# ) *@* ^$% #$ !@#! @#(& !@$*^ !@*$ & @#$ )#*$ ^&$ ^*@#$& % #^*" Finn's words were static and the crowd was white noise - noise that made her ears bleed and made her body sore.

"MaM@. %#W *&(#$* #^% @&# $$&^# @#(&! @$* ^#*$-"

"Finn, can you just shut up for once?" Mary ordered. Static ceased, but the white noise remained. She felt their eyes staring at her. They must have been peeved and she was not in the mood to argue with anyone. She was tired. She needed time to think......about what? ... She didn't care anymore. Mary grabbed something that felt like a drink and chugged it down. The alcohol burned her throat, but the pain was not enough to forget Kiru's.

"I'm sorry for ruining your moods," She wiped her mouth, "I shall leave." She hid the wound on her neck with her shawl and left the site. Finn could be heard behind her, but she didn't want to ruin his fun as well.And she needed time...alone.


"...You can stay here." Mary said and ran.

"...I'm sorry Finn..." She muttered as she left him at the cookout. Maybe she could enter the fog and left this town. Should she try it? Knowing that Arceus will fuck her over again? Should she cowardly run away...again?
Mary did the Hunter's task in this arc.
And found her nightmares come true

Brief appearance by Robin created by :iconchillysundance:
Finn's end:
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