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Alexander Rybak

I watched the eurovision song contest yesterday and here is the winner :boogie:

Alexander Rybak, I really like his song ^^ Great that he won !
Congratulations to Norway :wave:
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This is seriously the most beautiful thing I've seen all day. Great job!!
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aww thank you very very much !!
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yeah fairtale was great i am really happy he won last year! great great work
PinkBunnyLilli's avatar
ye I was happy too ... thank you :D
joshuatilpinrocks's avatar
yeah! and your welcome!
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woooooow how amazing, I remember this interview! did you draw that,,,with the computer???
hugs from Norwy =*
PinkBunnyLilli's avatar
ye I saw the interview on youtube ... but I did not understand what they were talking about >.<
steppythegirl's avatar
were there no translations avible? :)
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thank you very much :D for the lama too <3
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Naww, I loved this interview :D
He goes 'shh' and then pulls that face :love:
ahaha :giggle:
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Hehe before I saw the full view I actually thought it was a real life photograph. Very good job!
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No problem darling. Glad we won Eurovision ((((:
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Wow, your skills are amazing :clap:
Really good, he's cute as always
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I'm from norway :) When I saw this I was just like.. *no mouth* It's just fall off! Ö Holy crap.. I.. I.. I JUST LOVE THIS !! O_O What have you do to make this? Wihich program? Pleas tell me !!! *getting sugar* *fave it*
PinkBunnyLilli's avatar
hihi thanks :D
I used photoshop and my intuos4 tablet but as you see on my previous portrais I was quiet surprised myself that it turned out nearly acceptable and I was happy too ^^
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I'm still in heaven, just as you know O_O And I just steal it >8D My bad site just take over me right now (A) *drool*
PinkBunnyLilli's avatar
aaah o.o you steal it ??? how mean >.<
Titovn's avatar
Hell yeah I stel it (H) An dyes, I'm meann >8D But I lost it! D:

I looovvveeee Alexander Rybak! He's so talented!

Uhm, did you put this onto Alexander Rybak's fan site?
Cause I was searching pics on his site, and this was on there! =]

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