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Destiel poetry

soooo, this happened. And I'm actually kinda proud :iconiloveitplz: 
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O my gosh! This is so beautiful read backwards... so incredible!! 😃
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OH. MY. GOD. IT SENDS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT MESSAGE DEPENDING ON HOW YOU READ IT!!!! Also, no matter how you read it, it's beautiful. I love it.
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asdfghj thank you so much!! :heart: 
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Finally I read it backwards properly and then sat and teared up silently. It's so BEAUTIFUL.
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At first I was ANGST but then you fixed it
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That's a rare thing I do sometimes :heart: 
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I read it backwards I'm confused now
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dont read the words backwards, but the sentences 
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That's what I did it sorda made since but some didn't which made it confusing
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it's kinda hard to let everything make sense, cus they have to make sense both ways, sorry if some of the sentences are confusing :heart: english is not my first language either :3 
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me: oh my god this is so saddd 
me: *begins to make inhumane noises that grow louder and louder*

friends: god damnit she's reading that shit again. get the shock blanket!!!!
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ateujhewts so it means you shared this with your friends, thank you :heart: 

there there *hands you a tissue* 
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Awww thanks friend
*blows ugly sobs into tissue*
You got a tumblr or just this, new person friend?
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I'm PinkBucky on tumblr as well! Find me there! 
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Ok totally! Im Superpotterlock415
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i just fell in love with this
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omg thank you :heart: 
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*sobs* my heart can't take this much feelsLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
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oh no! //hugs you   

there there 
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That is both sweet and amazing and whatever else I was thinking of.
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