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Was it worth it? :iconpinkatron2000:Pinkatron2000 14 3
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Bar Talk
He had all the humor of a dead turtle, so naturally, the entire bar was filled with laughter. "And then, and then, my reflection just said, 'I've had it up to here,' and walked out on me." A wave of growls, howls, hoots, and cackles erupted from the patrons surrounding his stool. "So that's why they think we all don't have reflections."
"It's all your fault, man. I've been dealing with that stereotype for centuries because of you." His friend laughed.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry." He chuckled.
"'Ey, you know what's a better story?" The bartender asked. "Ask Tony where everyone got the idea that Zombies eat brains!"
Tony groaned. "Oh lord! One college prank gone wrong and suddenly a whole species is considered to be crazy for cranium meat!" He shook his head, nearly detaching it. "Anyway. So it all started during the Annual Potions Convention, and we had all had maybe more than a few too many when..." 
:iconsarcasticcupcake5:SarcasticCupcake5 6 4
FFM 2016 3: They Swallow the Men
At last, the Day of Dispatch.
The women — Tiffany, Alice, Iris, Sapphire, and Maya — held hands before the transparent wave enslaved them. They were carried away with each tremor of the turning earth.
They lay down and gazed above forever. Their sisters, Azure and Celeste, gazed below, shedding tears for them to swallow.
:iconilyilaice:ilyilaice 3 17
3: Down To The River
Down to the river with the peepers singin, barefoot over the col col earth an evry breath hangin in the air. Daddy goes first, with a candle light, an Jonas right afer, dressed all in white like the Lords angel. Mama dint like that Daddy wanted to take me, but Daddy tol her aint never too young to do Gods business. So me an Daddy an Jonas got up with the larks, an walk down to the river on the secret path with the grasses swish-swishin as we go by.
            The sun paints fire on the water as it creeps through the trees, an a frog plops in the river. Some of my friends are there, with their Daddies and brothers dressed in white, all a us feelin cowed by the importance of it, an pleased as peaches to be askt along with the grownups. The air is sweet with honeysuckle an fresh, clear water. Cold water.
            Jones walks into the water up to his waist with the other first
:iconangeljunkie:angeljunkie 3 6
SW: Exceptional Jedi: The Dream of a Lost One
The camaraderie between the Jedi generals and commanders and their clone troops became undeniable as the Clone Wars progressed. Victory after victory, scrapped clanker after the previous clanker which was turned into scrap metal, saved lives after saved lives, they grew close to each other. The clones knew they could count on the Jedi to lead them through battles the best they could, and the Jedi knew they could count on the clone troopers to do their best in the battle. They watched each other's backs.
They were all to each other, from one point of view, vode, meaning brothers and sisters in Mandalorian. And while not many Jedi saw it that way, those who did agreed to that; there was no way to deny it. And to the clones, the brotherhood between each other was what they had always known.
This camaraderie, one of the greatest things in the whole universe, was what made clones turning against the Jedi in Order 66 extremely detrimental to those parts of parties who lived to tell ab
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 1 2
About the Talortai
    Traveling through the galaxy one has to see more than one strange planet, that’s for sure. But there are some that exceed any strange phenomena and even the craziest expectations. And some of them are not even known and are still waiting to be discovered.
    But the planet we are about to talk about is bit different. There is no unusual natural phenomena, no unique unknown substance to be mined nor any astonishingly advanced civilization. This isolated mysterious world lies in the wild space not so far beyond the Varada sector. Two moons orbiting a fourth planet, a world called Talor by its inhabitants.
    From space, it looks like a boring uncivilized planed of such the galaxy is full of. More observant onlooker might notice many strange dark red lines cutting through the otherwise dark green surface. What none of them would realize, however, is the shape of its orbit. The ellipse, on which the planet is moving around its star, is thinner than
:icondaritha42:daritha42 2 0
FFM Day 2 Don't Forget Your Glasses
FFM Day 2 - Don't Forget Your Glasses
As soon as Maja stepped into the kitchen she took a deep breath and felt the soft, glorious touch of inspiration — there was a bake sale on for the local school and Maja was determined to bring best damn cake anyone had ever tasted. The kitchen was cool and welcoming, the early summer sun streaming in through the open windows, bringing with it bird song and the promise of delicious food to come. Maja grabbed the book from the self and flicked through to find a new recipe she hadn’t tried before,
“Devil’s Call?” Maja queried for a moment to herself before shrugging, it wasn’t the weirdest name for a cake she’d heard so she proper the book up again the back of the counter and gathered together the usual suspects — eggs, flour, butter and sugar. She deposited them on the side before fetching her favourite apron, a Christmas gift from her wife — with a little image of a cutesey Deadpool, covered
:icondirectionoftime:DirectionOfTime 4 2
FFM Day 1 Clear Skies
FFM Day 1 - Clear Skies
Technician Ewin watched as the last aircraft took off with a great roar of its engines. It soared up into the intense blue of the sky, the further away it got, the more graceful its smooth turns and trajectory looked; Angus wondered, absently, if pilots dreamed of being clouds as children. He certainly had, his dreams may have been high enough but his skills weren’t to match. He pulled off his hard hat, ear defence and hi-vis vest as he walked slowly down the now devoid runway, little more than dull, grey tarmac with unnaturally crisp, straight lines painted upon them.
He wished he could say that he hated his job, but he really didn’t, it was wonderful to be a part of such an important outpost, to ensure the aircraft took off on time and in proper working order… he just wished that there wasn’t something else out there that he long for so. Something else within his heart that he hadn’t failed so badly.
As beautiful and clear a
:icondirectionoftime:DirectionOfTime 1 4
FFM Day 3: Shelter Me
Rob had had a tough week. Work had gotten crazy busy, and on top of that, there were rumors of layoffs coming, with Rob being just new enough for his head to be on the block. Shame, that, he'd just begun to hit his stride there, and his supervisor had told him outright that he was going to be up for a promotion in a couple months. Nothing to be done for it, just bad luck.
Of course, Rob should've known better than to mention it to his family. If only he'd spent less time playing around and more time focusing on work, maybe they wouldn't fire him. As if they didn't know what 'layoffs' were. But he knew the incoming job loss was just how they'd decided to frame their latest attack on his hobby. Time heals all wounds, but that doesn't mean much if the blades are still as sharp as ever.
Rob was a musician. When he was sixteen, his parents, of all people, got him a guitar, and he'd done what all teenagers do in that situation: Started a rock band with some of his friends. It was a fun coupl
:iconb4k4-san:b4k4-san 1 3
Old Times, New Faces
“Any chance that you have your stuff in the trunk?” Gina asked.
Thomas turned to look her in the eye, knowing what she was really asking. The moment stretched a little too long and he changed the subject. “Any idea what he wants this time?” he asked.
Gina pursed her lips and looked back at the gathering crowd. When she answered, her voice was more enunciated, professional.
“I couldn’t say. All I know is he hasn’t changed a bit. He always liked to keep us in the dark, so here we are.”
Thomas shook his head. “Typical.”
He went back to scanning the auditorium and considered making a break for the bar. Things had changed in eight years. People he had known had changed. Here, an armour panel to hide a paunch, there a cybernetic brace for an arm and receding hairlines more or less everywhere. Then there were the legacies. He didn’t recognise most of them but he knew the colour schemes they wore as well as anyone. He thought th
:iconweaponised:Weaponised 3 2
FFM 2016 - Day 1 - Codename: Firebird
"Do you even know why you're doing this?"
The pungent scent of refuse and decay burned the inside of Ivan's nose.  Rush City went down the drain decades ago when it was taken over by the Combat Zone Autocratic Regime, or CZAR, for short.  The man in charge, who called himself Koshi, ruled the city with an iron fist, dosing any sparks of rebellion he could get his men to.  One rebel group that was particularly a nuisance to CZAR called themselves the Rite of Spring.  They were far from some fanatic religious group; in fact, they had their hands in taking down such groups.  But now, they were after the same thing CZAR--more specifically, Koshi--was after: a large black box, the contents of which were called "Firebird."  Ivan knew the kind of person Koshi was, so he didn't bother asking what "Firebird" was supposed to be, settling with the assumption that it was some kind of weapon.  It wasn't that didn't like CZAR: he just knew better than the rebels th
:iconthe-livewriter:The-Livewriter 1 2
FFM 2016 - Day 2 - A Dance with Death
I had a dream once that I was visited by the Angel of Death.  It took the form of a man in a black suit, one that would be worn at a funeral.  It had brought a group of departed souls with it to play music for us.  I asked it why and it said that it wished to dance with me.  It was a surprise that such a being would wish to dance with a mere mortal such as myself, but I agreed.  It cued the musicians to start and the dance began.
The dance started slow, but quickly became a moderately-paced waltz.  The Angel would pick me up and spin us around and twirl me under its arm.  The dead musicians kept the pace from getting too slow and I was lead through the motions.  At one point, the music slowed a bit, and then sped back up again.  With all of the spinning and twirling to the tune, I was surprised that I didn't become dizzy.  Even more surprising was how Death could dance so well.  Near the end of the dance, the music became loud, but
:iconthe-livewriter:The-Livewriter 1 1
FFM 2016 - Day 3 - This Guy I (Regrettably) Know
This guy I know: He had all the humor of a dead turtle, but I still dated him.  I saw him throw away his dreams, and I still married him.  He went away for a time, an I still let him care for our baby.  My parents saw right through his lies, and my sister soon saw them, too.  But regardless of my own misgivings for him, I still let him stay.
I only saw his true colors when he walked away.  I learned of his true plan when he tried to take our infant away.  And now, I wait.  I wait for the day he is finally taken out of the picture.  The day when my parents, my sister, and I see him get what's coming to him.
Then, he will know that it's over.
:iconthe-livewriter:The-Livewriter 1 2
The Corellian Princess Chapter 2
Slowly, very slowly she began to regain her consciousness, the world around her got louder and brighter.
Juana did not dare to open her eyes yet, her well-trained mind was, although in a hazy condition, attentive enough to not show that she was awake to who ever brought her to this place.
And, noticing two voices discussing a few meters away from her, she was convinced to know, who it was.
The male voice, she knew all too well. It was Crusser.
The other one was the voice of a woman, clear and soft. And worried.
„You… you really got her? But you did not hurt her? Did you…?“
Crusser spoke soothingly but determined when he answered.
„Of course not. Your servants have been very cautious, Lorna. I assure you, she is well. Here. I will leave for now. She shouldn´t see me at first. I don´t think she will be happy to see me, her enemie.“
He stressed this last word, and made a little pause, seemingly to let his conversational partner figure out the
:iconjuanasunfall:JuanaSunfall 3 12
The paladin walked into the item shop. Like many others, the items were overpriced, and they would buy anything, but only at an extremely low price. But the odd thing about this one, was that it was run by a little girl and a fairy. An unlikely set of people to own and run an item shop, but they made it work.
He was someone the owners would often contract to run dungeon for them, but that didn't stop the little girl from begging him to buy the ham sandwich for 6000 gold pieces (it was a goshdarn sandwich, for goodness sakes) because she had to keep a roof over her head. And anytime he tried to sell anything for more than a measly 100 gold, the fairy would glare at him. And angry fairies were bad. They might be tiny and adorable most of the time, but he had his share of accidentally infuriating fairies who would then chase him out of town wielding weapons that they shouldn't be able to even carry.
Today, he saw that this shop was selling lots and lots of swords, and very high quality on
:icongracethewriterartist:Gracethewriterartist 1 4
New Person, Old Friend
Years passed since the last time Lousia saw her once-closest friend Janet, who was now sitting in front of her. A decade had changed the two of them greatly. Lousia, who would once spend hours upon hours just trying to make sure each letter in a written report was perfect, now would simply let each word be its own character and roam free. Janet had become a perfectionist, a far cry from the laidback freestyle poet she was back in high school. Seeing each other was like looking into a mirror reflecting their past selves.
They talked at length about what had happened to each of them over the years, but the subject soon grew weary as each soon ran out of new things to tell. Even on their favorite subject, writing, the two of them got bored of quickly, because of a pair of now hard set beliefs that opposed each other and were not willing to give.
Interests they once shared, now  separated by different tastes. Inside jokes once chuckled about, now fell flat with little noise. Petty squ
:icongracethewriterartist:Gracethewriterartist 1 2
    The homeless, she’d learned, were not really welcome anywhere. Grocery stores, restaurants, parks, even public bathrooms. All of these were on the not welcome list. She hadn’t thought much about it before, but now it encompassed her whole life. There wasn’t one waking moment where she wasn’t made to feel like getting cancer had been some great crime against humanity. She didn’t choose it. She didn’t want it. Now it was gone, but the debt, the loss, those were still with her.
    She eyed the trail of ants like one eyes a growling dog behind a fence. Ants weren’t the worst, true, but they were bad. They bit and ripped into their victims. She’d once seen a group of ants on a nature program rip apart a live caterpillar and cart off its body to their underground lair. A feast for their queen. Her therapist made her watch that video to get her used to bugs. Back when she had therapy. Back when could
:icontealya:Tealya 3 13



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Nott Myself Today
I hurt myself today
to see if I still feel

Nott, the Brave, a Criticalrole seasion 2 fanart. Rendered in DAZ Stuidio IRAY. 

The original image size is 1854 x 3000 pixels in size

Things I used I can Remember off the Top of My Head:
Base Models: Genesis 8
Goblin Nott: HFS Ultimate Shapes - Goblin Morph
Nott Goblin Nott: HFS Ultimate Shapes mix of Dwarf and Goblin for a sorta halfling
Goblin hair: Micah Hair
Halfling hair: Sienna Hair
Iray Light Probe/HDRI: Dimension Theory iRadiance
Goblin clothing set:Woodland Rogue Outfit, colors and shaders changed to leather and cotton
Goblin cloak: Medieval Cloak from MFD bundle
Goblin teeth: EJ teeth collection
Halfling clothing set: Peasant Dress Gen 8

Photoshop effects & Brushes:
Bubbles.abr by ABDUZEEDO here:
Free Ocean stock by: @Queen-Sheba , here:…
Arcane Circles II brushes by redheadstock  here:…
Sparkle brushes by: I literally cannot remember I've had the brushes for over 5 years. There's just two brushes sized 38px and 29px with a glow. If these are yours please let me know so I can credit. 

Hue/Saturation adjustment
Color Balance
Color fill for some lowered visibility in water
Curves to darken shadows
Top of ocean waves from stock copy pastad, rotated, then masked to remove edges
Hand drawn hair wispies 
Water reflection, copy pastad top of Non Gobling Nott, masked to remove edges, added displacement, distortion, motion blur and overylay setting for layer
Create colored red ball with Elliptical marquee, fill with red, apply Gaussian blur, play with layer, lower opacity
Magical smoke effect created by using lasso tool for shape, filter>apply clouds with layer same as sparkles set to color dodge and outer glow
508 deviations
Dead People Tea
A render of one of my favorite (let's be real, they're all my favorite) Critical Role characters, 'Dueces Clay. Kit bash of various resources, originally done in Oct 2018 so I cannot remember all that I used to list them here. I'm sorry. 
For all my fellow newbs, beginners, or those coming back to #dazstudio  after years and going, "WHAT BUTTON DO?" 

I present to you my limited, also beginner knowledge and collected favorite #tutorials on the absolute starting point for #lighting in #DAZ, enjoy! Hope it helps. 


2.) Tip: using 3 lights in any scene is often a key element in DAZ and photography :…

3.) More on 3 point lighting:…

4.) Using HDRI’s can also help. I often use an HDRI *and* lights in a scene (depending on how bright the hdri is.) HRDI’s called “diffuse HDRI’s” are also amazing for creating soft, yet clear light with very little noise.

example 1: NO lights, just the HRDI, rendered in less than 10 minutes…

Free diffuse HDRI’s a)…
Free diffuse HDRI’s b)…

HOW to use HDRI’s and dome:…

5.) Some super reflective surfaces can cause noise. I tried a render with a single spot light, a reflective floor and reflective cloak. Artifacts and noise galore. Sometimes changing or lowering how “shiny” a surface is can help.

6.) Beginners guide to DAZ lighting video:…

a) Basic lighting in DAZ:…
  • Listening to: the hamster churn
  • Reading: tutorials
  • Watching: tutorials
  • Playing: Daz
  • Eating: Daz
  • Drinking: my newbie tears thanks to DAZ


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