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Random Favourites

Hide and Seek
Richie sighed as Fiona ran around the house screaming at the top of her little lungs. Babysitting a child who refused to take a nap was not fun. Okay if she wouldn't take her nap, then maybe she would settle if he played a game with her.
"You want to play a board game?"
"You mean I don't have to take my nap?" the four year old asked him suspiciously.
"Nope. Now, go get a game."
Ten rounds of hi ho cherry-o later saw him raising the white flag. "Okay kiddo you beat me. You win. Hey, how about we play hide and seek?"
"Go put the game back."
When she came back he knelt to her level. "Here are the rules. You cannot under any circumstances leave the house to hide. You have to hide in here."
"I'll be it first. Go hide."
Richie counted to twenty out loud to give the girl extra time to hide, then he started to go look for her. He looked under the ktichen and coffee tables, under the end tables, and under all of the beds and behind the drapes. He checked the closets and behind th
:icontelempathicangel:telempathicangel 1 5
A Simple Misunderstanding
“So there I was, just walking down the woods, minding my own business, when the bitch jumped out of nowhere and attacked me. It was completely unprovoked, I swear.”
“Thankfully, I just happened to have some weapons on hand. Did you know holy water doesn’t work on werewolves?”
“Yeah, well, this one was. Total murderous psycho. I mean, sure, I might’ve given her kid… puppy… whatever… a dirty look, but that’s no reason to kill somebody!”
“I guess you would be, huh? Lemme guess, you’re neither good nor evil either?”
“You know, you’re not what I expected.”
“Heh, true. Hey, just out of idle curiosity, are violent deaths trickier than some old geezer on his deathbed? I mean, we w
:iconjzlobo:JZLobo 8 14
% Citizen Club
It was never supposed to be a landmark case.
It was supposed to be simple: CandyAppleRed bay be an android specifically designed for sexual service, but her paperwork consistently reported she was over 50% human, and therefore still fell in the “human rights” designation of the law. Therefore: CandyAppleRed should not be subjected to torture, ritual brutality, sexual violence, or nonconsensual conduct without representation or justice in court.
It was supposed to be simple.
But it wasn’t, because part of that 48.2% of herself that was not “natural human” was the higher functioning of her brain. There would need to be more specialists brought in to determine if her brain was truly and completely greater than 50% human or greater than 50% synthetic. Other people would argue if higher functioning was the bigger portion, or if brain mass was the bigger portion of percent in determining true humanality of a brain or if she was just an extra-fleshy sexbot.
But t
:iconelainerose:ElaineRose 1 3
I Didn't Do It
Flash Fiction Month, Day Three
trigger warning: blood
My eyes darted around the room for the police.  Today was not going to be my day, nor would tomorrow or next week, at this rate.  I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything.  They were after me because I was framed.  I was framed.  This hotel lobby seemed safe and I needed to catch my breath.  Why did they insist on chasing me?  Maybe I'd be more willing if--no.  I didn't do it, I'm telling you.  I would never.
I sat in a chair and pretended to be a guest.  Maybe no one would ask questions and I could sneak out the back.  Yes.  Yes, yes, sneaking out and running off would be good.  You can't reason with the police when there's blood on your shirt.  And hands.  And jeans.  Act like a guest, genius.  It doesn't take much effort.  I didn't do it.  I didn't even go there, I'm a guest on a holiday and I didn'
:iconthehopeneverdies:TheHopeNeverDies 3 5
Hands of the Untouchables
I am unseen among the masses. A whisper in the wind of society. No one notices the lowly peasant while there are much prettier things to admire in the crowds of the rich.
Me 'ands are me preferred tool of trade. No one notices me 'ands as they gently slide into their rich satin-lined pockets and take a few francs that they could obviously spare. Their francs that they leisurely lay around in pockets and purses. I distract them with me fast talk and tale tales but never 'ave I ever stole. Stealing is not somethin' me mum would approve of so I don't. I have more of a borrow without askin' or returnin' policy. Yeah I'm not one for stealin' but if I were ya I would check yer pockets next time ya go on the street.
:iconbookworm1212:Bookworm1212 2 2
Summer Romance
The fireworks boomed overhead and silhouetted her frame against the jet black night. I should have been staring at them, mesmerized by their majesty, but the light show could not even compare.
Her emerald dress flowed in the breeze, wrapping around her slender legs as it blew. One arm grasped the mahogany bannister of her roofdeck, the other a glass of what I could only imagine was wine. I wondered what the vintage was and whether or not her face flushed, turned rosy and warm from the drink.
The wind picked up as the show reached its crescendo, and her fine, auburn hair was whipped back, revealing the radiant, beauty of her face. My jaw dropped. Even from across the alley, it was clear she was perfection.
And then she saw me.
Her eyes burned into my soul and I felt myself begin to sweat. Her pouting lips began to part, and she whispered right to me, "I want you." I was transfixed. She had me. My entire body shuddered. I'd never fallen in love before.
And just like that, it was over. Th
:icondarthmat:Darthmat 1 3
It Wasn't Me - FFM 2014 Day 3
It wasn't me. I swear to God it wasn't me.
I didn't touch her. I would never touch her. I only fought it off.
I woke up one night and she wasn't there. In her place was this... monster. I couldn't recognize it at all. What was this thing? What had it done with her? I had to do something about it.
It was sleeping. It didn't notice me. It was my chance to attack.
I grabbed it, shook as hard as I could, screaming, "Where the hell is my wife!" It couldn't respond. It didn't respond. It wouldn't tell me where she was, so I kept on shaking it harder and harder. It made noises, strangled screams, but they didn't make any sense, the cries of an animal I wasn't able to understand.
Finally, it stopped. The noises ceased. The monster in my bed stopped moving. But my wife, she wasn't anywhere to be seen. Where'd she go?
I called the police, said, "My wife is missing! Help me, please!" They came, and I told them everything I could, plead them to help.
But when they looked at the monster, the
:iconcjpolodo:cjpolodo 1 4
Flash Fiction: Top Chicky
"Squaaak!  Hey everyone!  Look at that," Jo pointed with her beak.  "What do you think it is?"
No one answered her and everyone, especially the younger chickens, stayed well clear of Jo.  No one cared what it was, so long as it had Jo's attention and she wasn't pecking on them.  She was the meanest chicken in the coop, Top Chicky.
Her light auburn feathers were beginning to show her age and they ruffled up in a gust of wind.  It set the feathers on her brow askew so it looked like she was scowling deeply.  She cocked her head, eyeballing the younger chickens, sizing them up and deciding which she'd put on the spot.  "YOU," she cackled loudly in the direction of the young white named Austra.  "I asked you what you think that is.  I expect an answer."
Austra had reddish spots where there should be black, like she was dying her feathers each night but not quite getting it right.  She swore she didn't, but no one believed her.  "I
:iconjaymethunt:jaymethunt 1 4
FFM 3: Rocco
“So you admit what you did was wrong?”  Satan has that scowl that he only gets when he’s being extra funny.  He plays tough, but it's only because he cares so much.
Non.  I admit zat ze whole thing, it is wrong.  And zose kids, zey should be pun-eeshed.
“Oh, and now you’re French.  Great.  Look, this shit isn’t funny anymore, Rocco.  I know it was you.  And that’s not even a good French.”  I don’t know why he calls me by my last name, but I can only assume it’s because it sounds tougher than Moe.  My boss is always looking out for me.
“Sill voose plate, Satan--"
Stan.  Look, this is the third time this week.  You see the sign up there?”  He points over the hood of our epic luxury chariot at the sign on the side of the building.  “What does that sign say, Rocco?”
“Satan MacMurphy, Private
:icondistortified:distortified 13 16
Red Hands
I woke up in a bathtub filled with a pool of my own vomit. My vision was extremely blurry, but from what I could tell, I think that I was in a bathroom that I didn’t recognize in a house that I had no recollection of. And my head hurt like hell.
I shakily stood up grabbing onto the side of the tub for assistance. The world was spinning around me. Crap. It’s happening, again. The walls were exploding with color. It looks like a paint war happened in here. I looked down at my shirt. It was splattered with red. My hands were red too. What the hell happened?! I couldn’t remember a thing from last night. All I knew is that I was in an extremely colorful bathroom – like what you’d see on LSD –, I was soaked in a red substance, and I smelled like vomit and alcohol.
I wiped the sweat off of my brow. Why the heck was I so sweaty? I remember drinking last night, but it wasn’t that much... was it? I looked in the
:iconfierydownpour479:FieryDownpour479 5 4
The stays on her dress bite into her skin uncomfortably, and she wonders how she is going to get through the evening.
The princess Lucina, some hours before, had been given in marriage to a certain Ser Yarne of the Taguel race, the son of the warrior-queen Panne of the south. He is handsome, strong, brave--
Her shoes pinch her toes and it makes her hiss. She wishes she were wearing her boots. She appreciates finery and fashion as much as the next girl, but she would much rather be gliding across the floor in supple leathers, silent, instead of stiffly click-clacking about the edges. She puts her hand to her hip and feels the outline of her hidden blade. It is a small comfort.
Severa is not, surprisingly, at the princess's side. It is a small wonder, but understandable, when viewed the right way. She is still a knight, despite her skirts, still a guard. She is looking out for any suspicious persons, intently scanning the hall for those who might take advantage of the festivities to--
:iconthefelldragon:TheFellDragon 3 2
Milly could see that Kali was stupid. Instead of plants lining her windowsills, she had toy cars. All of them were red. There were 17. Kali's bedroom walls were red. Her bed was covered in the attempt to be the same color as the walls but was off by two shades. And there sat Kali on that bed. Small, with freckles like Charlie's, and messy blonde hair.
She looked past Milly at the door behind her and Charlie. That blank stare was beginning to give Milly an uncomfortable feeling in her chest. So she looked at something easier, like Charlie's left shoe.
“Kali, this is my friend from school, Milly” he said to his sister in a voice meant for a child half her age. He sat on the bed beside her and gave her a candy from his pocket. “Milly, this is my sister, Kali.”
He looked at Milly expectantly with his uneven smile. Without looking at her, Milly said a quiet “hello” and expected nothing in return. Her head was as empty as the attempts to make her feel norm
:iconmouse-angel:Mouse-Angel 2 4
To See the Reindeer
On Tuesday morning—Mandy, Charlie, and me—we went with Angel to go see the reindeer.  Angel said that he knew a guy who would take us there.  He said that we had to leave right away if we wanted to get there on time.
Tuesday was Mandy’s birthday, and we hadn’t even gotten to the cake yet.  Mandy wanted a strawberry cake filled with strawberry jelly and a covered with pink frosting with little strawberry pieces on top.  She wanted her name to be written in thick red gel over the whole cake; she didn’t even care if there was no room to put “Happy Birthday” on it.  Charlie and I, we saw Mom and Daddy sneak the cake in through the back door when we were supposed to be taking a nap.  I don’t think they saw us, but I told Charlie that we should keep it a secret from Mandy because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise.
We knew exactly what Mom was doing when she said she heard a noise in the garage and left to g
:iconindependentsoul97:IndependentSoul97 1 7
Pretty Pretty Princess
    Today is a big day. Put on your best dress. The cloth is so fine, all soft and smooth and a little cold because expensive clothes are like that. What necklace will you wear? Those teardrop ruby earrings set off your eyes beautifully. But brush your hair first. Wouldn’t do to have those pretty earings snag in your long, lustrous hair.
    Sit down at the vanity. Use long, slow strokes. Make it shine. Your father the king will be so proud to have a lovely jewel like you with by his side.
    There’s a sound in the closet. Go and check. Oh. It’s just that stupid serving boy. He thought he could take all this from you. But no, you were clever and saw through his deception. Now he’s in your closet where he can’t do any more harm.
    Look at him. Stupid little boy with the long, silky hair and puffy breasts. Who does he think he’s kidding? All whimpering and squirming. But he looks uncomfortable. Maybe you shoul
:icontobaeus:Tobaeus 3 15
FFM Day 1 Mist
“Dad, what’s that symbol mean?”
“Which symbol, Kayle?”
“That one, behind the meat shop.” He points at Liam's shop on the corner.
“That's the symbol of Leila, the Shadow Queen.” I pick him up and rest him on my shoulders as we continue to walk home.
“And the symbols around it dad? What do they mean?” He fidgets on my shoulders to turn towards the graffiti.
“Her 12 assassins.” I turn around to point at the image. “Starting from the top the names are: Shade, Ghost, Mist, Cloud, Nox, Void, Poison, Eclipse, Grave, Acerbus, Kurai, and Mortem.”
“So if she had assassins, dad, was she a bad guy?” He quietly taps and hums his favorite piano song on my head. “She sounds like a bad guy.”
“You could say that.” We turn down the upcoming road and spot Lily hanging clothes outside. “She worked for the Empire a long time ago. It was because of her work that led to the rise
:iconpurplesan:Purplesan 2 2
A babysitter! Am I asking for too much?
It all began when the usual babysitter announced she won a holiday in Barcelona, therefore won't be able to work, beginning tomorrow. I don't grudge her some fun, but it left me with the impossible mission of finding a new one. Let me tell you: finding the right babysitter for an intelligent zombie who has an obsession for gingersnaps is NOT easy.
Since I had no time to spare, going through the classic method of thoroughly interviewing each candidate was not an option. Desperate times call for desperate methods, they say; therefore, I stopped by Pinkatron2000 on my way home. (You must be thinking I really lost my mind, as everyone knows that's where the Pink Plague has begun; but what would you have me do? Seriously, I had no other choice.)
Anyway, inside the park, right in front of the chocolate waterfall, I hang a huge add and waited. I asked for the usual things: One-year-old cat, declawed, good with kids, free to good home, blah blah, the usual. To impress the urgency without sound
:iconninquetari:ninquetari 1 10



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

For all my fellow newbs, beginners, or those coming back to #dazstudio  after years and going, "WHAT BUTTON DO?" 

I present to you my limited, also beginner knowledge and collected favorite #tutorials on the absolute starting point for #lighting in #DAZ, enjoy! Hope it helps. 


2.) Tip: using 3 lights in any scene is often a key element in DAZ and photography :…

3.) More on 3 point lighting:…

4.) Using HDRI’s can also help. I often use an HDRI *and* lights in a scene (depending on how bright the hdri is.) HRDI’s called “diffuse HDRI’s” are also amazing for creating soft, yet clear light with very little noise.

example 1: NO lights, just the HRDI, rendered in less than 10 minutes…

Free diffuse HDRI’s a)…
Free diffuse HDRI’s b)…

HOW to use HDRI’s and dome:…

5.) Some super reflective surfaces can cause noise. I tried a render with a single spot light, a reflective floor and reflective cloak. Artifacts and noise galore. Sometimes changing or lowering how “shiny” a surface is can help.

6.) Beginners guide to DAZ lighting video:…

a) Basic lighting in DAZ:…
  • Listening to: the hamster churn
  • Reading: tutorials
  • Watching: tutorials
  • Playing: Daz
  • Eating: Daz
  • Drinking: my newbie tears thanks to DAZ


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