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Hi readers! Subscribe every month for 8 x pages of comics (plus 8 x pages of older comics) for $1~
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~ News! ~
I've been uploading content for my $5+ Patreons as promised :> Here are samples of what you see when I release publicly. (Note the lack of catpicspam! :) )…
The Patreon support helps keep Biomecha afloat in tiny format, it helps contribute towards print costs, never-before-seen upload time and future new content investment.

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Biomecha Chapter 1 in Book 1 is now complete!

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Thanks for your support!

If you are a fan of 2D animation, please consider funding this campaign! I have contributed because I'm itching to animate in 2D again (the last time I did so involved expensive equipment only available at university...) If this campaign goes through there could be so much new, fun stuff to be discovered by you, created entirely by homegrown creators!…

"Let’s revive hand drawn animation! Let’s get the fun and ease back into 2D! You, and the animation community, can now make this awesome dream tool happen!"

Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

So, like - what is Patreon? Basically, it re-ignites the historical role of supporter + artist; the idea of “being a patron” - by making a small monthly Paypal donation to the artist, you’re completely helping by supporting the creator, helping them out so they can create work those friends and readers enjoy - a total investment :) That money helps me towards print and maintenance costs along that path.

I’ve never done an online pledge account, Kickstarter funder or anything like this. I’m really interested in the service that Patreon offers. As a contributor you can support me as a comic artist/illustrator even with a monthly $1 (approx. 60p) - it’s not a massive donation, so to me it totally feels better than the pressure for both sides to contribute/provide immediately for that lump sum, like Kickstarter - though of course I would not complain if anyone wanted to go for the bigger sums and cancel after a while! Patreon offers this; donations are taken at the end of each month so after it has left your account via PayPal, you can cancel. 

Biomecha an intermittently-published comic by myself (Laura Watton-Davies). It combines science fiction with romantic comedy/tragedy. Launched in 1995, it was one of the earliest British comics to be inspired by Japanese comics. It is a project that maintains it’s presence close to my heart and is worked on whenever I get chance. I work on all types of projects to earn income to ensure bills are paid, which of course takes time away from my comic-making goal, so the Patreon buffer would absolutely help improve that focus. The support from Patreon would mean more edits can be made faster, ensuring the books could come out quicker. Your support would mean the project could ramp up the Biomecha Project completion process like nothing ever before!

This is a story of mine which has taken a while to unfold and I know it needs to end. It must end! And like most self-published pieces, it would not be possible without fellow readers, artists, friends. Thank you for your patience while I roll with these new ways of tech-progression which enables my stories to get out there.

Thank you for reading ^_^

Infoblast! Here are some links to my wurkz~

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~~ Where to get my stuff from me in person! ~~

CamCon :: Cambridge :: 30th August 2014

The Lakes Comic Art Festival :: Cumbria :: 18th-20th October 2014

True Believers :: Cheltenham Racecourse :: 7th February 2015

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Thanks for reading :D
Heads up! I'm available for comic workshops in schools & libraries around the UK. If you want manga specialism, drop me a line! 
Website link = [Click "Workshops, Events & Feedback"]
I can modify the classes however required, too. I can do any schedule from an hour to a few days! Just get your library or school to get in touch with me if you wish to attend a class and we can work something out (point them to the link above)! :)
Feel fee to share! Many thanks :D
Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been booking myself up for selling my work at comic events around the UK. These are the events I will be at ::…

Hope to see you there!
A quick note to watchers and people I've spoken to online or IRL recently :) 

I hope you have been having a good December with time to reflect. It's been another crazy year but I am settled more now. My health has been all right and a few more things than usual have fallen into place for me. You can't plan much in life, so what you do plan is all the more nicer when it works out - and what you receive unexpectedly is a super-happy bonus!

I've got my short term plans sorted and my long term ones are nestled in the pipeline too. Thanks again for all the wonderful support I have received as a creative this year, luv yuu! See you in 2014 and have a very Merry Christmas!
Machester Japanese Culture Festival 2013 :: ♥

Just found out I am located on Table A17! If you're visiting Doki Doki Festival, please visit to say hello :D

Micro-interview with me via Camaloon! Have you read it yet? :)… 

Don't forget to vote for your favourite iPhone skin design! Don't have an iPhone? Christmas will sneak up on you, the skin you win can be a surprise prezzie for someone you know!
I have populated my slightly neglected Etsy with many new things! Comics, bottle opener keyrings, purses, paintings and prints~

:: Browse here! ::…

Please share this post as it would be a great help, I would be super grateful for an internet bump~

Many thanks as always for your support! ILU! <3
I am running down my current comic stock! I will be reprinting Biomecha Book 1 and making Biomecha Book 2 fresh from issues 5,6,7 and 8, hopefully for the end of the year. 

It's a way away now, but I bet the time will fly by FAST. I'd better schedule myself...

2013 events I am selling work at;
## DokiDoki Festival [Manchester] :: [Sat 9th November 2013]
## Thought Bubble Festival [Leeds] :: [Sat & Sun 23rd-24th November 2013]

I also have "parallel-universe" style all-inclusive mini stories ("Squishy-chan's Adventure" and "Team Player") that are 1.

Biomecha book 1 plus issues 5, 6, 7 and 8 are still available online for 10 for all! (End of print run sale!)
Etsy ::

Thanks for reading ^_^
As per a previous entry, I will be attending these events to help sell off my past years' stock of stuff, to help fund a print run of a final issue of Biomecha. <3 Post these dates in your diary!

#    Thought Bubble Leeds - 17th November…
#    Cambridge Made-It Market - 24th November…
#    Man on the Moon Alt Craft Fayre - Sun 16th December
2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LF // Free entry.
Stalls + Last Gang Emporium + Jezebelles + Pinkapple Jam + Rockin Arrangements
Art, crafts, cards, gifts, vintage hand-made stocking-fillers, cakes and refreshments.

An event of note ::
#    Wastelands' AMFE, Burton-On-Trent - 8th December [[cancelled my attendance, due to being away Q_Q]]
Biomecha OC/comic update! Expo soon!!!

Squishy-chan :: I'll be selling A4 & A3 prints of this stupid Squishy-chan poster at MCM London Expo this weekend, =… .

Biomecha itself :: The entire comic's ending clocks in at 150+ pages (!), but it HAS been thumbnailed and has NOT been forgotten.

At Expo I'll be sharing with Chloe on table B8 in the Comics Village! See you there (and introduce yourself!) :)

Onwards! :) Thanks for your support!!
I saw this on another journal and though it was pretty useful ^_^

---------- Commishy status -------------

Requests: Due to time with work and commissions, I don't really have the time to do requests. Apologies!

Collaborations: You can ask, but similar to the above, likely no time :c

Colouring your art/your lines: Sorry, another no - it takes a bit too much time :c.

You colour my lines: if you see lineart, be my guest. If you post on DA, link back to the original lineart and credit (please!)

Art trades: Ask, depending on time ^_^

Commissions: Totes closed because of personal project priority.

Comic Pitches: Paid commissions considered, but currently I am focusing on completing my personal long-running comic.

Have a Question? Ask and I will most likely respond, but please use the "search" option on DA, Google, Tumblr etc. Saves you waiting on an answer ;)

Sooooo busy!! I do appreciate everyone all visits my page and even leave a message or watch me, you are too kind!

Thanks for reading ^_^
As wibbled about to my mates, I booked myself up for some events this year! Basically to help sell off my past years' stock of stuff, to help fund a print run of a final issue of Biomecha. <3

Post these dates in your diary!

    Birmingham Zine Fest - 13th October…
    MCM London Expo - 26th-28th October…
    Thought Bubble Leeds - 17th November…
    Cambridge Made-It Market - 24th November…
    Wastelands' AMFE, Burton-On-Trent - 8th December.

Gosh, busy busy. O_o

I'll also be at The Will Adams Festival in Kent… Sat 15th September, drawing caricatures until my arm drops off ^_^
I am happy to announce I will be attending Amecon this year! <3 I have never attended the convention on the Keele campus, I am very curious ~

Also, lucky! I also managed to get a place in the Artist's Alley! I will be bringing along some minicomics, prints, charms, bookmarks and sale items.

Please pop by and say hi! I will be hanging out with :iconwyldflowa: also <3
If you are available near the Milton Keynes area in the UK this Thursday, pop by to MKomix.

Thursday July 19th, 6pm-9pm, and totes FREE!

Poster illo by the lovely Jade Sarson!
Heads up! All my comics are available from my Etsy shop here~
:: ::

This month I will also be uploading some print packs too ^_^

Thanks for looking!
I am going to Japan Paris Expo! Woo!!

I am sharing a table with

You will also see at the event

Over the 4 days, I am mainly taking my art prints to sell, but am making badges, charms and bookmarks to take too. I'll take self-contained works such as the Biomecha minicomics and Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami.

I hope to sell a lot to sell out of my older stock and to concentrate on newer products, and to raise printing funds for the end of Biomecha! ^_^

If you are in Paris over the weekend of July 5th-8th, please pop by Hall 6, Table C030-C032 & say hello! ^^