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Lusii- Moving On
I gaze down at the small infant in my curled frame, horns lightly curled, much like my own large ram horns. The grub refuses to sit still, burgundy body continuosly wriggling and inching this way and that as they try to escape my white embrace. I try to shoosh it with a soft blare, but when its eyes, wide and bright, look up at mine, I lower my head.
She was never like this.
My dearest troll, Aradia, had always lain still when I'd urged her to sleep. She did as told, smiling and happy as ever. This one had been nothing but a rebellious little brat since I'd brought him home from the Brooding Caverns.
I sigh as he finally manages to crawl free of me; little black legs working quickly as he waddles off again.
My wings are wrinkled, my nose peircing pulled and my poor legs nearly buckling beneath the weight of the obese wriggler on my back. He's been clinging to it non-stop, which, while it is familiar -causing small spurts of nostalgia from my last grub- is also painfully annoying.
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Headshots open!
Hey people of DeviantArt! I’m doing headshots for $3 until February first, but after that they become $5, so get them now!
(There’s something I really want and I need some money for it, please help me out)
Needs: To stay healthy it was be properly dead and cleaned. If ignored for too long it will enter the first stage of corruption
Corruption Stage 1: Mold will grow inside it. It isn’t to late to save it
Corruption Stage 2: The fish inside will start to die. It isn’t too late yet
Corruption Stage 3: All fish inside are dead and rotting, and scum will be all over the glass. It is too late
Wandering: It will abandon you. It’s fish tank will crack and break. It will look for somebody else to care for it
Death: If left in it’s depressed wandering state for too long, it will die
Fixed: If you find one in a wandering stage, you can clean it and file down the broken glass to help it. What you must do next is buy it toy fish to keep it happy.
How to get: purchasing a $2 myo slot from me!
Co owner:
8-bit Pinkapet!
I made my oc as an 8-bit picture! I do one dollar commissions for this!
Do you guys have any adopt advice? I could really use some



Artist | Digital Art
United States
I do Adopts, maybe commissions, and I'm Pinkapet on Amino. I take PayPal as payment for art. I'm a brony, a homestuck, and a slime rancher fan!


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