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type-TNH (Triloneuro) allosaurus by PinkAndScary type-TNH (Triloneuro) allosaurus :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 396 26 Neurotenic Carnotorus sculpt ang 3 by PinkAndScary Neurotenic Carnotorus sculpt ang 3 :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 8 0 Neurotenic Carnotorus ang 2 by PinkAndScary Neurotenic Carnotorus ang 2 :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 16 2 Neurotenic Carnotorus sculpt ang 1 by PinkAndScary Neurotenic Carnotorus sculpt ang 1 :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 22 9 Type-TNH allosaurus (sneak peak) by PinkAndScary Type-TNH allosaurus (sneak peak) :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 15 0
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The Prophecy Odyssey (PRIDE) Ch. 1 :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 2 0
I just need you to smile by PinkAndScary I just need you to smile :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 6 2
Type-TNH study Log:4 THE REAL FINALE
Subject: To update on current events involving escaped type-TNH strains.
Eight months after the experiment involving the type-TNH strain was terminated, Dr. Coat went missing leaving an UTV vehicle out near the central south side of site [REDACTED]. Dr. Coat would take a series of trips to this site up to his disappearance. Since this wasn't an official ecological site, Dr. Coat was allowed private access for exploration purposes. He was of course given an elephant rifle and a shotgun for safety reasons but he was warned of the dangers of the fauna in that area. He had never taken this hobby before the type-TNH experiment but showed no signs or reason to cause suspicion other then a limp in his leg.
Inside the UTV was a note taped to the window.
(The note reads)
If you find this, then by the most cliche way of saying this Im probably dead. I guess I should thank you for answering my requests to keep the Triloneurosites in an aquarium for study. But without a challenge then theres
:iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 4 4
Type-TNH study log:3 final
Subject: to announce termination of the experiment.
Update: we are grateful for Dr. Coat and the contributions he has made to us, however we regret to announce that his project will be terminated in the following weeks and the remaining type-TNH trilobites will be euthanized. Please read further down for further explanation.
While the Triloneurosites can survive in stagnant water, we had failed to add the fact that there were absolutely no fish, sediment or algae for them to feed on. At first it was hypothesized that they may have adapted to somehow absorb nutrients from the bottom of the pond or soil around it, but these assumptions were quickly dismissed after the latest bit of study. Several types of sea going birds have been found flying to the pond, mistaking the Triloneurosites for fish. When they entered the water they were quickly pulled under. The Triloneurosites would gather around the bird and physically subdue it as well as electrocute it. After their pray was still,
:iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 4 3
Type-TNH study log:2
Subject: To present a summary of the cataloged documents on haw the Triloneurosite have adapted in the passed six months.
After six moths, several ponds had been discovered with multiple large Triloneurosite colonies present. Originally, only five ponds where chosen for the experiment, however eight more ponds have been discovered with each containing five colonies on average. The Triloneurosites had somehow found a way out from their designated locations and migrated across the island.
When attempting to remove the Triloneurosites for testing, it was found that they stuck together and would pull back on one another like a group. After further research it was found that with the Hyperendocrin regenerative ability and Neurotenic telepathy had allowed the Triloneurosites to graph themselves together to become what seems to be a single organism, possibly even a hive mind. Further study shows that this was quite evident by haw brain signals seem to be traveling from one Triloneurosit
:iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 4 3
Type-TNH study log:1
Log 1:
subject: developing a suitable intermediary gene between the Hyperendocrin and Neurotenic strains.
Procedures: To take a manageable and highly adaptable organisms to splice with Hyperendocrin and Neurotenic genes and selectively breed to achieve successful end results. For more information on why we chose this method and haw this is accomplished read further.
The amateur bioengineer chosen for this task, who will be only be referred to as Dr. Coat, will be overseeing the experiment.
Known for its primal theme, verity and adaptability, an amalgamated trilobite gene has been chosen for the base organism for this experiment. 60% Neurotenic genes and 40% Hyperendercrin genes have been spliced into the five hundred trilobites. Approximately 80% of the added genome had been turned off and only certain groups of those genes can be turned on when the animal releases proteins and hormones when under stress. This is to allow the organisms to pic and chose genes through a series of trial a
:iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 5 2
Untitled by PinkAndScary Untitled :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 6 2 Dino style test colored by PinkAndScary Dino style test colored :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 10 3 Dino style test by PinkAndScary Dino style test :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 6 0 Squid Person! by PinkAndScary Squid Person! :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 8 0 Insectosaur triceratop by PinkAndScary Insectosaur triceratop :iconpinkandscary:PinkAndScary 5 2


Untitled by DerSketchie Untitled :icondersketchie:DerSketchie 109 7 It's late... by Shabazik It's late... :iconshabazik:Shabazik 66 12 Kim Jong Un by suzarte01 Kim Jong Un :iconsuzarte01:suzarte01 47 0 butterfly girl v2 by loish butterfly girl v2 :iconloish:loish 4,054 72 1001 Knights by loish 1001 Knights :iconloish:loish 2,751 43 Dude and Horniboii by RAPHTOR Dude and Horniboii :iconraphtor:RAPHTOR 210 7 How to draw SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to draw SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE tutorial :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 50 2 Valkyri daughter concept art by alexson1 Valkyri daughter concept art :iconalexson1:alexson1 72 1 Valkyri daughter by alexson1 Valkyri daughter :iconalexson1:alexson1 98 1 Cancer by azammii Cancer :iconazammii:azammii 323 5 Gemini by azammii Gemini :iconazammii:azammii 340 3 No.1299 by azammii No.1299 :iconazammii:azammii 267 5 362 by k-szk 362 :iconk-szk:k-szk 18 0 Spoonz by pure1water Spoonz :iconpure1water:pure1water 36 1 Nelliel Redesign by BrotherBaston Nelliel Redesign :iconbrotherbaston:BrotherBaston 49 1 Dragon Empress by BrotherBaston Dragon Empress :iconbrotherbaston:BrotherBaston 111 1


You know what's sad? When you lose pool to a blind person. Not many people can say that about themselves. My friend couldn't use a pool que so we slid the them by hand, but I still lost. Though for the record, I was close to winning. Well at least it gives me something interesting to post about.


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