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Derpy's Nightmare night costume

Sorry I've been away for so long. Here is a vector of Derpy as an apology.
As always: Comments and feedback appreciated!
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Best costume in the show :D Simple and original :nod: 
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She is so ready for battle!!!!  >w<                                                  Nice!!!
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eyes?please and im sorry if i hurt your feelings
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Say, do you use power stroke to adjust the width of your lines, or do you do it manually?
also Y NO .SVG?
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Fairly good vector, though watch out for differences in outline width. Her ear looks uncharacteristically large, while the rest of the lines on her face look rather small. Also, certain lines change width through their path; just look at the one along her back. And the tapers on her front left left look off. Also, her left eye looks a little weird; probably the missing highlight and accent, and the shines look a little off.

Just some things to watch out for on an otherwise fantastic vector!
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Thank you! Yeah I'm fairly new at vectoring and still learning. Thank you for this, I will look out for that next time I vector. c:
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Derpy sure did picked out a great costume! :)
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You're not the original creator of this costume design.
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Well of course I am aware of that
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