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Elen of the ways by PINK-ROSE14 Elen of the ways :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 6 0
Are You Listening
The lights rush by,
But I remain still.
I cannot seem to feel
Anything anymore.
My toes are numb.
My eyes unseeing.
Is this bad?
Numbness doesn’t raise
Any alarms.
After all, numbness is all
I know now.
People try to get me
To open up – just talk about
The thoughts racing through my mind
Like bullets.
I don’t see the point anymore.
In my experience,
When I finally felt comfortable
To open up to someone
They used my insecurities
Against me.
I am numb,
The remnants of what
Used to be our
Shared reality
Crashing over my head
Sometimes I want to be loved,
But I also do not think I know the difference
Between the constant numbness
And the love that you attempted
To show me
I’m sorry that I wasn’t able
To return your affections,
But you are most likely
Better off without me.
:iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 1 0
Luna by PINK-ROSE14 Luna :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 2 0 Elsa by PINK-ROSE14 Elsa :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 3 0 Silver Lining by PINK-ROSE14 Silver Lining :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 1 2 Lioness by PINK-ROSE14 Lioness :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 1 0 Catching The Light by PINK-ROSE14 Catching The Light :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 4 2 The Gold That Binds Us by PINK-ROSE14 The Gold That Binds Us :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 3 0 Spiral of My Life by PINK-ROSE14 Spiral of My Life :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 5 0
Beautiful Or Skinny
Wake up at 5:00AM. Take a shower first thing. Towel dry and then blow dry your hair. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and lipstick [in that order]. Pick out a short skirt with a frilly top to match. Put them on. Then choose your tallest high heels, grab your bag, and go to breakfast. You pick at your food and eventually manage half a toast and two bites of eggs. Mother worries about you on a daily basis, you know. She can hear the way you purge every night right after dinner. She knows that you weigh yourself daily. She knows you purposely get off two stops ahead of our house so you can walk the rest of the way. Father worries as well. Yesterday he overheard you telling your friends that your size two is too big. You want to be even skinner than you already are. You stare at yourself in the mirror for hours. Twisting this way and that, hoping that the disgusting person you see in the mirror will transform into a beautiful, skinny version of you. You have started to believe that beautiful
:iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 1 0
Death's Irony
My gay lover lay dying that evening.
Ironically, his untimely demise
Would come by the
Hand of prostate cancer.
Yes, a part of his glorious [now rail-thin] body
That gave us both immense pleasure
Would be Death rapping
Upon our bedroom door.
I clutched him tightly to my chest
And kissed his plump lips one last time
Before Death took him away.
Now forever will I
Mourn my gay lover’s
Ironic dismiss.
:iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 1 2
Freckles by PINK-ROSE14 Freckles :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 3 4
Sand Dunes
Your lips are chapped
And bitten;
Anxiety wracks havoc
On the inside of your body,
Toppling over dreams,
Waves crashing
Until finally the storm
A shaky set of knees,
Trembling with the aftershocks
Of an earthquake.
Your eyes are open,
But you cannot sea everything.
You can hear the way
The wind whispers
Gently across the shapes
Of your cheekbones.
Feather light and gentle;
A mother’s touch.
:iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 2 3
Lovely Rain
English breakfast tea,
Two sugars. No honey.
Two over-easy eggs,
With the yokes dripping forth;
Molten gold.
Hash browns marred with
A dash of ketchup.
Silver flatware is set delicately
Before you.
Your china rose teacup
Curls around your hands;
A sleepy cat.
It is raining outside today,
Dripping down windows,
Falling from a drab gray sky.
The bay window at
The back of our house
Is fogged like a shower mirror.
Rain splashes against the car windows
As you absent-mindedly think of me.
You always knew exactly
How I took my coffee,
Without me having to tell you.
Earl Gray tea,
A dash of honey
To soften the bite of caffeine.
Scrambled eggs,
Toast instead of hash browns.
The flatware has become tarnished.
I no longer sip my tea
From a china tea cup painted with roses.
Rain falls harder
So I do not hear your call.
:iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 2 18
Shadows Of Love by PINK-ROSE14 Shadows Of Love :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 6 0 Emerald Bliss by PINK-ROSE14 Emerald Bliss :iconpink-rose14:PINK-ROSE14 3 2
My name is Erin and I am very passionate about photography, poetry and art. Please respect my work by not stealing or plagiarizing, thank you!


Thank you for all the wonderful favorites in advance, because sometimes I don't have enough time in one day to reply to all of you amazing people out there. I am a very good student and also am quite the hobbyist. And on that note, I've started another hobby! I've recently started experimenting with cosplay photography. Here's a portfolio of my best works:!/pages/Erin…

2nd Tumblr: merlin221bbakerstreet.tumblr.c…
Third Tumblr:



more designs by yael360 more designs :iconyael360:yael360 55 9 blue shades mandala by yael360 blue shades mandala :iconyael360:yael360 544 52 Happy Blues by yael360 Happy Blues :iconyael360:yael360 307 25 Purple mandala by yael360 Purple mandala :iconyael360:yael360 269 25 blue vs. orange by yael360 blue vs. orange :iconyael360:yael360 72 20 Orange-brown art by yael360 Orange-brown art :iconyael360:yael360 120 14 Circle of Life and Sea mandala by yael360 Circle of Life and Sea mandala :iconyael360:yael360 275 35 Defining a rainbow by yael360 Defining a rainbow :iconyael360:yael360 183 11 Black and blue abstract totem pole by yael360 Black and blue abstract totem pole :iconyael360:yael360 124 5 Complicated doodle in greens and black by yael360 Complicated doodle in greens and black :iconyael360:yael360 317 31 Orange light flow by yael360 Orange light flow :iconyael360:yael360 111 6 Classic henna style art by yael360 Classic henna style art :iconyael360:yael360 163 3 Frozen- Elock-Sherlsa by ymymy Frozen- Elock-Sherlsa :iconymymy:ymymy 627 169 Agata No 45 by franekchrzonszcz Agata No 45 :iconfranekchrzonszcz:franekchrzonszcz 1,298 76
I've moved to a city and the change of scenery has really done me good! 
Im going to a community college ATM so that I can get my gen eds out of the way. I plan on transferring to a university within the next two years to finish my BA. School is going well. I'm taking some English classes right now.  I'm still depressed, but I am doing better. I'm saving up for a new Mac computer, but I can't decide if I want a MacBook or an iMac desktop. Help? 


Erin Rose
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
My name's Erin Rose. I'm a twenty-three year old college student. I'm an artist and a musician.

My Tumblr is:

The act of writing is the act of
discovering what you believe.
-David Hare

I've never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.
- Diego Rivera

To me the greatest pleasure of
writing is not what it's about,
but the inner music that words make.
-Truman Capote

Creativity is not the
finding of a thing, but
the making of something
out of it after it is found
-James Russell Lowell

An avalanche begins with a snow flake.
-Joseph Cometon

"This is what you get, this is who I am
take me now or leave me any way you can
sometimes I trip and fall, but I know where I stand
and if you're thinking about changing my direction
don't mess with imperfection."

--saving jane

“In a land of myth, and a time of magic…
the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.” - BBC Merlin

“I’m in shock - look, I’ve got a blanket.” - Sherlock Holmes, ‘A Study In Pink’

“No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny.” - BBC Merlin

“Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring." - Sherlock Holmes, ‘A Study In Pink’

“Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians,
others to be great kings. Me, I was born to serve you Arthur and I’m
proud of that. And I wouldn’t change a thing.” - BBC Merlin

“Don’t make people into heroes, John.
Heroes don’t exist and If they did,
I wouldn’t be one of them.”
- BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes.

“You’re threatening me with a spoon?”
- BBC Merlin


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