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Queen Nehelania La Emoticon

It was suggest from the members of a Sailor Moon forum that now feature my emoticons that I include Villains as well, and so after Galaxia to go with the Animamate Senshi Queen Nehelania is next to go with the Amazon Quartet.

Now the question is.... do I bother with the Amazon Trio or, continuing in reverse order, should I go right to the Death Busters/Witches 5?
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Thank you, that hair was a real killer :dead:
Mikki-of-the-Wind's avatar
I'd imagine so. She's got buns and long hair. ^^;
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That wasn't the hard part, it was just the waviness. Pixels are square and waves are round....
Mikki-of-the-Wind's avatar
That be a truth to. But still very good. ^^