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Yeah, it's been a really REALLY long time. I just recently put some new art here, I usually just put it on my website and don't think about dA. ^^; But I'm trying to be better at exposing myself (that sounds bad) and my work to a wider audience, so I'm trying to get back into dA. And having been away for a while and coming back, I seem to have noticed a real lack in commenting. Is that just me? Or has dA become a "favorite now never comment later" type of place? Back in the day, comments would always come and be very insightful and encouraging. Have those times passed? o_o; Regardless, having your work :+fav:ed is always an awesome feeling. :D

Anyway, since I last wrote, I've finished TWTYH (back in August) and started two new comics, Second Verse (a sequel of TWTYH) and Universe of Jewels. I also just submitted UoJ to the LINE Webtoon Challenge League Contest, so we'll find out in TWO DAYS who the winners are. Needless to say, I'm incredibly anxious and nervous. x_x But whatever happens, I'm really happy I tried and am proud of what I produced. You can check out my entry here:… All of the pages of UoJ are posted there, and Second Verse is hosted on TWTYH's site,

As always, commissions are open. :D So, if you feel like having me draw you a thing, Don't really know what else to say. I'll try to be better at posting more art here, comments are not!
Hello all! I wanted to let you all know that I've reopened commissions and would love to be able to make pretty art for you--just in time for the holidays! Whether you'd like art for yourself or to give as a gift, please check out my commissions page:…

I just moved and have to leave my job, so anything helps. ^_^ Thanks so much!
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Just wanted to let everyone know that The Way to Your Heart is updating again! Just put up page 1 of track 14. Hope you enjoy! ^_^
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Hey guys!

Comic updates will resume January 3rd, and there will be daily updates until Friday of this week! Who's excited?? I know I am!!! ^__^
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I just created a fan group for The Way to Your Heart so you can share your fan art, fiction, etc. with other fans of the comic! Please check it out and join!

I'm still playing around with things, so it may still be a bit rough. But what I really need is some fantastic fan art there. ^_~
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How does one create a group here on deviantART? I think it might be cool to create a group for my comic The Way to Your Heart.
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I never do anything with deviantART these days!! I just logged on for the first time in literally months to finally post some new art. To all who have left me such nice comments, I thank you! I'll try to be a bit more active here on DA, but no promises. So busy with comics and art and work and being a wife and all that jazz.

Oh, and I wish you all very happy holidays!!!
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Happy New Year! New Years illustration and announcement up at my site! Bring it on, 2010!!
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Hurray! The donation goal was met and therefore I've posted an extra update for Monday! Page 47 of track 9 is up, so please don't miss it!
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Page 38 of track 09 of "The Way to Your Heart" is up along with the very first Halloween fan art submission!
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"The Way to Your Heart" updates every Wednesday and Saturday! Check out page 33 of track 09 up now. :D

Halloween is just around the corner. What do YOU think the characters would dress up as? Send in your fan art to share with everyone!

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New "The Way to Your Heart" page up (page 30 of track 09) along with a sketch by me! Enjoy~!
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New "The Way to Your Heart" page up over at my website! (page 29 of track 09) There's also a new fan art submission and six pre-toned pages for those who are interested in seeing what the pages look like before any sort of editing. Enjoy~
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It's been nearly two years since I've updated my journal here on deviantART... that's just sad.

Well, I've had the thought recently to try to better connect with fans and readers of my webcomic (though I don't like to use that term, really it's an online manga) "The Way to Your Heart" and to try to gain greater exposure to a larger audience. So just moments ago I created a Facebook account (gasp!) and am reviving my deviantART activity. Find me on facebook under my married name: Emily Muto. If you've already read and enjoy my work, then that's wonderful! I'd love to connect with you and get to know you. ^_^ If you haven't seen my work before, please check it out. It's a musical romantic epic about a very bright girl and a J-rock band. Shoujo manga and visual kei fans should really enjoy it. :3

Let's see, since I last updated... I got married! That's been awesome. ^_^ Mostly I've been working, working, working. Trying really hard to improve my skills and create the best story possible. I suffer from EXTREME perfectionism, and its greatest symptom is to constantly push myself to become better.

I'm also now on Twitter! it's so fun to use!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported me and my work through the years! If you know of anyone else who might enjoy it, please share it with them!
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Hi guys!! It's great to be back on DA! I know, I'm really somewhat of a lurker when it comes to this place, but it's fun to come and explore and update my gallery every once in a while. Thanks for the watches, faves, and comments! They're much appreciated!!

Speaking of updating, I'm going to be going through my gallery and clearing it out a bit, probably putting some of my old things that I don't much care for any longer into scraps. I may delete some of the really crappy stuff. We'll see!

I have a job now and have been working since September 20th. I really enjoy it and am so happy to have a steady income once again. Plus, since I work part-time, I have enough time to be able to continue with my own projects, like with my manga and with commissions. Work on my manga has been slow the past week because I've been working on a commission, but now that that's done I can focus on it again!

I'm saving up for my future, especially for my wedding. We want to hold the reception at my home and in the backyard, so we're going to be investing to get it fixed up and beautiful! Yay!! I don't know much about details of anything, I really need to sit down and think about it. x_x But I DO know that we want to get married next July, so I better get everything figured out by then! :dance:

Tsukasa, my fiance, is well, though quite busy with his school work. He will be visiting me for Thanksgiving so we're both soooooooo excited about that!! We just have to wait it out until then. :(

Anyway, that's a quickie update on things. Ciao!
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I'm really not good at keeping up with my DA journal... heh.

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know a couple of things officially. First of all, I'm engaged! I'll be getting married next July! Here's a pic of my fiance and me when we were in Japan together last January… Woohoo!

And secondly, I'll be leaving this saturday to go and visit him again and won't be back until September 10, so I won't be submitting any new art or updating "The Way to Your Heart" until after I get back. Long distance relationships REALLY suck.

And third... I want to improve my art. x_x I see some wonderful insanely cool illustrations here on DA, and my mouth drops. I want to get to that point!! So I'll work harder and hopefully be able to whip out some pretty sweet piccies soon. I'll bring my sketchbooks and hopefully have some time to draw while I'm gone. I want to do a new layout for TWTYH homepage, and I have a pretty cute idea... kind of. ^^;

I guess that's about it. Thanks for the support and all the lovely comments!
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I'm leaving tomorrow for California! I'm going to be able to see my boyfriend Tsukasa again after three months, and on Friday we'll be going to Anime Expo together to see the SKIN concert! *_* I am so excited! I can't describe how much I miss him and how happy I am for this opportunity to be with him again, even though it's only for a week. I will be back on July 6 and back to work on manga and commissions and stuff on July 8! So everyone take care until I come home. ^_^
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I love doing commissions!! It is so much fun! :D I've done several already and it's REALLY helped raise funds to help keep my website up and running. I want to do more, though, so that I can earn even more money and be able to keep my website up indefinitely.

If you would like to commission me, please don't hesitate to do so! I'd be more than happy to do it. ^_^ Commissions request page:
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I know I don't spend much time on DA these days and that I haven't posted anything in a while, but I seriously absolutely want to do commissions for YOU! I'm almost broke and, while I've been searching for a job, haven't landed one yet. Without some sort of income, my website, and my manga "The Way to Your Heart" will be shut down within the next couple of months. I won't be able to keep it up without being able to pay the dues for owning my own domain.

So pleeeeeeeeease ask me for a commission! Or donate! Anything would help.

My commissions request page is here:

Thank you and happy commissioning!!!
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Hi all!! I'm back from Japan! It was the most amazing experience of my life. *_* I got to meet so many wonderful people, and go to so many interesting places. And the shopping was AMAZING!!! (I spent soooo much money!) Best of all, my boyfriend Tsukasa and I are closer than ever! *flutter flutter* I think we'll get engaged soon! XD But no pressure on him, of course. ^o^;;;;

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know of a couple of things. First of all, I have brought my manga "The Way to Your Heart" back from the dead! I've drawn three new pages since I've been home and have created so many new ideas for it! I hope I won't have to put it on hiatus ever again. Please go check it out!

Secondly, I'd like to announce that I'm now accepting commissions! Please read here for all the details. Never done commissioning before, so I'm excited.

It's good to be back home, but I really miss Japan and my boyfriend. He's going to school in Long Beach, California while I live in Seattle, Washington. Long distance... ;_; *sigh* Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!! :hug: