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The Queen and Her Sissy

It all started when she asked me to wear her panties. She said it was something that turned her on, so I accepted doing it.

Then she asked me to shave my whole body. She said panties won't go along with a hairy body. I agreed with her.
Then she started talking about chastity. She said it was something she had always fantasied about, but only now did she feel confident enough to let me know. So I locked up myself for her.
Then she made me always refer to her as my queen. I had no other choice but to do exactly as she tells me, or else she would never unlock me again.
Then she made me wear a blonde wig that looks just like her hair. She said I look like a little girl trying to copy her big sister.
Then she made me leave my job, throw away all of my masculine clothes, and turned me into her full-time sissy maid. Makeup, nail polish, high-heels. Anything less than hyper-feminine was unacceptable for her.

One year has passed since it all started, and I have to admit I never felt like fighting back.

Maybe I just love being a little sissy maid for my beautiful queen...

_What are you daydreaming about, sissy? I hope you have finally come to terms with your new life! After today there's no going back!


_Come on, sissy! Our friends have just arrived! I can't wait to show them all the progress I made on you! Now that your masculinity is completely erased, it's time for us to take the next step in your feminization!

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Made over in her image. There are a few delightful themes going on simultaneously here

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Ahhh, this is so good! I love seeing you do different things with this couple every time you "re-do" it. Lovely work!

Very pretty picture, lovely. Thank you

shadodemon123's avatar

Nice picture and really nice story for it.

Rhys1010's avatar

What a lovely queen and Maid.

Whats the next step?

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