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Time to start a new PinholePhotographers group by pearwood, journal

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February 10, 2024

I have been nursing along the Pinhole-Camera group for several years without full administrative rights. I can't even bludgeon it into posting a new journal.

It is time to close down this group and start an new one.

Pinhole-Camera is hereby declared defunct as of the end of 2023. Look for announcement of a new Pinhole-Photography group withing the next few days.

I am looking for someone to share admin duties.

Steve / pearwood
Many thanks...for accepting me
Most appreciated

Just posted my first two DIY pinholes hope on some feedback. Maybe some advise?
In interesting that the last journal here was for a Kickstarter project.
Dear fellow deviants. I have a Kickstarter project that is ending in about a week.…
At this point it is only 30% funded. PLEASE take a look and consider supporting me, AND please share the link with at least one other person. (If that person is incredibly wealthy, that would be even better!) It will be good for your art karma . .
Thank you.
(Group admins, feel free to mention this in your group journal or announcements. . . THANKS!)
Thank you also in November ... :bow:
You may be interested to learn that the new issue of POINT OF SIMPLICITY magazine is devoted to pinhole photography ;)