i survived NYE

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i had the craziest night of my life. didn't die in the woods and safe in LA. didnt take many pics but basically there were like 16 of us out in the woods with a projector, rock band, giant speakers, case of champagne and a picnic table full of booze.

the two nights we were there included:

super loud techno on NYE
a viewing of family guy star wars, with stadium seating on a hillside
a camp chair being thrown in a fire
all the fruity vodka getting broken (mostly by accident)
a dude getting kicked in the balls
a couple of fistfights, resulting in people rolling down the hill
a fight with a tree (the tree won)
an upsidedown picnic table
gloomy bear paws, cat hats, and a longcat scarf
a dude in a tux in 20 degree weather
a corona bottle thrown at a girl's face (accidently)
someone waking up next to their car cuz their face got stepped on by a drunk girl
some secret hot springs and meeting the designer who created them
making a sandcastle on a mountain top
attempts at learning poi (with glowing balls, not fire),
making 16 breakfast burritos at a campfire, tri-tip steak, carne asada tacos
a christmas tree covered in glow bracelets
sleeping in a tauntaun and freezing cuz theyre not very warm
everyone had 2 bottles of champagne duct taped to their gloves
a campfire being extinguished with spraying champagne bottles at it.

Happy New Years!

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Sounds completely insane... glad you survived it, and I hope you had a blast! ;p
pinguino's avatar
soooooo much fun
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That sounds like one crazy night :lol:

Tauntaun's aren't warm? :noes: The basis for my entire universe has just crashed around me.
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don't worry, they still smell worse on the inside
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Your lucky to have survived NYC, especially Time Square. Were you there?
pinguino's avatar
no, i was in the woods, in the mountains in the Sequoia National Forest (California)
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sounds like fun! :D

back to reality now! hah
pinguino's avatar
haha yeah. back home, cleaning my apartment and playing video games and having a doctor who marathon
Thiefoworld's avatar
lol well it still sounds like fun.. maybe but for the cleaning part :lol:
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Sounds like a party XD
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haha yeah, crazy adventure. most of us dont really go outside much so hanging out in the mountains in tents and cars was really different.
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Sounds like a good time was had by all except maybe whoever got stepped on by a drunk girl and perhapsthe one that lost to the tree

Happy New Year
pinguino's avatar
that and the corona bottle to the face and the freezing cold :P but yeah, epic party
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