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My Bio

“I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty.” - John Waters

My talents are rusty, but my imagination is vivid and my mind's-eye is slowly reopening. Born in 1956, my world view has been shaped by many things, including Catholicism, growing up as an American kid in Europe at the height of the Cold War, at times poverty and other times privilege, violence and war, street life, drug use and abuse, PTSD, love of women and country, fatherhood and the loss of my only child, prejudice, and social injustices, My visions have been shaped by and reflect any or all of these influences.

I am using a copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro 5 to create my images. Some of the features of the program no longer work but I love it anyway. I received some formal art training in Philadelphia, primarily in composition, and the utilization of colors and light. I received a BA in Communications with a focus on Radio/TV/Film from Temple University.

I am currently retired and live in Central Florida. I share a small cottage with the memory of my daughter, who passed away in May 2021, and the eight cats we shared.

Favourite Visual Artist
Dali, Escher, DaVinci, Vargas, Giger, Magritte, Ernst, Breton, Man Ray, Picasso, Picabia, Warhol, Kubrick, Scorsese, Hitchcock, Eisenstein among others
Favourite Movies
Taxi Driver, Metropolis, Battleship Potemkin, Clockwork Orange to name a few
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dylan, Bowie, Stones, Neil Young. FKA Twigs, punk, 60s garage & psychedelia, music from Northwest Africa
Favourite Games
Football (Soccer) - British Premier League and Champions League
Dear DA friends - thank you all for your responses to my efforts!! Please be assured that I try to reply to each of you in a timely fashion; however, due to my mental feebleness and the sheer volume of correspondence I have been receiving, there's
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Tried to analyse and categorise what I was seeing and exhausted myself in the process.

Hahaha - sorry, my friend!! The very reason I stopped self-analysis years ago!! :D

Thanks and I START OVER Gave up all my art and try to be friend with her? She say no so that is the way it goes! HAPPY WEEKEND MY FRIEND. JENNYVLOVE~

Seems like a big sacrifice, Jenny!! Sorry it didn't work out, but I'm glad you're still MY friend!! Have a good weekend, too!! ;P

For you Paul

Celia 2

Hope ,you like it,Sir !

I do - very much! Sincere thanks for these lovely pieces.

DA friends - fellow member Mirimag saw one of my efforts ("I Can't Reach You") in which I state that the piece was created in memory of my daughter, who passed away on May 8 of this year. Mirimag asked if another image of mine posted in my gallery was a picture of my daughter (it wasn't) so I sent her a picture of my daughter directly and she added her individual "touch" to the image I sent her to produce the two nice variations posted above. I am truly appreciative of her, and to all of my friends here at DA that continue to inspire and support me. Thank you all very much :hug:

May 8,a beautiful daughter,leave her father in an eternal pain.God may rest her beauty soul...go to the light ,angel -it was my honor to draw you, Celia 💔RIP...

Sir, as a ceremonial, you may Post it on the Status bar. I am here, for you. Miri.