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The group hasnt been active with almost anything in nearly a year to be honest.
I've personally drifted away from wrestling enough to possibly never continue to do these things again, and the rest of the admins around hold relatively busy lives so this is basically just more or less dead at this point.
I'm not going to close it - mostly cause I cant but yeah its still like the same. What I'm going to do tho, is ask if there is still enough people who would contribute into keeping the group going. And if I step down entirely from the group, do we have active enough people who would be interested in running it, possibly picking up with new challenges and contests and whatnot.
All I'm asking is that if you would like the group to remain open/alive/whatnot, let us know in the comments. ONLY if you are willing to contribute into it being active as well tho. I dont want empty promises just to keep this open for the inactivity to continue.
Here you can see all people who have been currently claimed, who are doing the challenge about them and how many icons they are making out of the subject of their pick. And you can make your own claims here as well, via commenting in this journal entry!

Quick rules for claiming;
:bulletpink: people who are already claimed, can't be claimed before the previous claimer has finished their challenge
:bulletpink: you can't claim the same person twice in a row
:bulletpink: you can have MAX 3 claims at the same time!
:bulletpink: if your claim sits here two (2) months without you not finishing it, the claim will be marked with a black bullet, so in case someone else wants to claim the now "old" claim, feel free. Claims that still havent been finished or posted as unfinished ones will be deleted from the list entirely and are all free for claiming by anyone
:bulletpink: when claiming a person, make sure you claim them as WRESTLERS (for example, The Rock and not Dwayne Johnson, etc.)
:bulletpink: you can claim either a single wrestler, a diva/knockout, a tag team or a stable
:bulletpink: try to play it clean - don't claim the members of the same tag team/stable at the same time (for example, don't claim both Michelle and Layla from LayCool at once [but it's alright to claim them as whole LayCool])
:bulletpink: if you claim a tag team or a stable, every icon you make must feature all the members of the team/stable in them!
:bulletpink: while claiming your subject, you can also pick up a certain amount of icons you are going to make - either 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 250 icons in the same batch are allowed
:bulletpink: for any questions, post a comment into this journal

Please use the format below when making your claim!
Type of claim: [single wrestler, tag team, stable, diva, etc.]
Full name(s): [the wrestler/diva's full name and or ring name]
Username: [the username that you will be posting under]
Icon count: [how many icons are you going to make]

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: SUPERSTARS :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: DIVAS/KNOCKOUTS :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
:star: Neurotic-Idealist - Velvet Sky (25) - August 26th

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: TAG TEAMS :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: STABLES :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
We are going to have a little St. Patrick's Day Contest! Will you have the luck of the Irish with you, and take the pot of gold? Let's find out!

:bulletgreen: One entry will consist of 5 icons (any size) total.
:bulletgreen: You must use the theme of St. Patrick's Day. This can be with St. Patrick's day imagery like leprechauns, four leaf clovers, rainbows and pots of gold, etc; with St. Patrick's Day colors like green and gold, or even St. Patrick's themed pictures (I believe some Divas do these, not sure though; or maybe just of Hornswaggle since he was a leprechaun for so long); or any combination of the previously listed ideas. I as an icon maker sometimes use text, so you could incorporate that as a way of using the theme as well.
:bulletgreen: Deadline will be March 24th, which will give you about 12 days. Judging will be done by me, since I won't be able to enter as I have other personal projects going. Winners will be announced on March 26th.

:star: First Place: ~ Neurotic-Idealist
:bulletgreen: Journal feature in the group; as well as my personal journal for one week
:bulletgreen: Two packs of up to 25 icons of one person each from me
:bulletgreen: Two banners of your choice, including up to three people, from me
:bulletgreen: Fifty points from me
:bulletgreen: 3 chibi drawings from BubblyPunkBitch

:star: Second Place: ~ BubblyPunkBitch St. Patricks Day Icons by BubblyPunkBitch
:bulletgreen: Journal feature on my personal journal for a week, following the first place feature
:bulletgreen: One pack of 25 icons of one or two people, from me
:bulletgreen: One banner of your choice, including up to three people, from me
:bulletgreen: 25 points from me
:bulletgreen: One pack of 5 icons from Neurotic-Idealist

It was close; they were both such beautiful sets of icons. Both ladies donated prizes, so I removed prizes they donated for the place they got. XD

Next contest will be announced in April!

I think at this point this would be a good idea.
Hence, there is only three of us and EVERYTHING in this blog is moderated and goes through us before its added up etc. Considering that right now the admin set consistence only myself, RyanTaylorGirl and JadedIceStorm and we are all more or less busy with our daily lives with family, education and work things, we are some times having hard time keeping up with everything inside the group, no matter how active we would like it to be.

So. I think we need a new co-founder/contributor into our ranks.
Please ONLY apply if you you would have enough time in your hands to keep up with the group things - this would involve updating the request and claim lists, posting update on the claim etc. reminders, possibly working up more with the needed banners in the group and also just in general come along with the rest of the group admins as we need to discuss things like contests and such to keep the group active.
Just in general, having enough time to contribute to the group what the rest of us are lacking in time, would be needed. Everything else can be pretty much divided with the rest of the admins.

Just give us a holla if you are up for the position!
Sorry it took so long gang, but we finally have the results for the 2013 Anniversary contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered, I loved all the icons that were submitted.

Winners are:

1st: :star: Neurotic-Idealist :star:

        1 traditional drawing of one favorite by :dev:RyanTaylorGirl:
        2 packs of up to 50 icons (each) featuring one favorite per pack by RyanTaylorGirl
        2 Banners/wallpapers featuring up to five favorites (each) by RyanTaylorGirl
        3 Stamps by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 Chibi by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 wallpaper by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 lineart by Neurotic-Idealist
        1 banner by Neurotic-Idealist
        1 pack of 25 icons (one subject) by MadnessHarper
        2 stamps by MadnessHarper
        1 lineart by MadnessHarper
        Feature of winning icons on main page
        Feature of any past icon packs folder (up until next challenge)
2nd :star: BubblyPunkBitch :star:

        1 traditional drawing of one favorite by RyanTaylorGirl
        1 pack of up to 30 icons featuring one favorite by RyanTaylorGirl
        1 Banner/Wallpaper featuring up to five favorites by RyanTaylorGirl
        2 stamps by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 Chibi by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 wallpaper by BubblyPunkBitch
        1 lineart by Neurotic-Idealist
        1 banner by Neurotic-Idealist
        1 pack of 15 stamps (one subject) by MadnessHarper
        1 stamp by MadnessHarper
        1 lineart by MadnessHarper
3rd  :star: MadnessHarper:star:

       1 pack of 15 icons featuring three favorites (5 each) by RyanTaylorGirl
       1 Banner featuring up to three favorites by RyanTaylorGirl
       1 stamp by BubblyPunkBitch
       1 Chibi by BubblyPunkBitch
       1 wallpaper by BubblyPunkBitch
       1 lineart by Neurotic-Idealist
       1 banner by Neurotic-Idealist
       1 pack of 10 icons (one subject) by MadnessHarper
       1 stamp by MadnessHarper

Randomly drawn winner :star: QuietFooding :star:

1 pack of 25 icons featuring one favorite by RyanTaylorGirl

Thanks to those of you who donated as well. Please contact the winners to see what they would like. I'll be doing that shortly and putting up the features for the first place winner. Also please comment here if you have any ideas for another challenge.


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