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Thorntail : Tawnyflower Sibling Try-Out! CLOSED! by Piney-licious Thorntail : Tawnyflower Sibling Try-Out! CLOSED! by Piney-licious
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Try-outs will end 
26rd of March at 12:00 PM EST

The winner is comet-me-bro! Congrats!

Interested in Thorntail, the lad with the spiky tail? Good! Well, he is a warrior of AdderClan in LostColony with his sister, Tawnyflower!
It is neccessarily to look at the group rules before thinking about adopting him, as, if you are not part of the group already, you will be joining with him and he will be staying there! New members can join with Thorntail!
Now since that has been said, let's get started on this!

Before making his complete personality, please take a look at Tawnyflower's Backstory as it might assist with keeping him in character throughout both his and Tawnyflower's story.
Here are some significant things to keep in mind:

  • He had a twin brother named Brambletail. When coming to the new territories (very recently) by ship, Brambletail, Thorntail, and Tawnyflower was in a box together. In that box, Brambletail died of infected wounds from the battle with FoxClan (now known as StormClan) beforehand. The three were very close and the two siblings both comforted him as he died. This could have possibly effected Thorntail if you so choose. 
  • His mother died after she shooed off their father for "not being in his right mind." After this, their father fled and the three kits would stick together and learn to keep doing this.
  • Tawnykit was born ill.
  • The password is stabby. Please put it in your try-out somewhere.
  • Longwhisker was their uncle and acted as a fatherly figure. He died in the floods of AdderClan's old camp.
  • He was trained by "an experienced warrior" with his twin. Take this as you will.
  • Tawnypaw really sucked as an apprentice and Wheatmoon would refuse to rank her up until she passed her final assessment. Bramblepaw and Thornpaw would wait so they could have their warrior ceremony together at fourteen moons.
  • Thorntail and Brambletail both supported hunting on FoxClan grounds during the time where their territory was flooded, as well as facing them in battle.

To try-out, fill in the following!
Current Member Status | Current member status in LostColony (Member, Non-member, Admin)
Rank | In case you wanted to make him a subrank; otherwise put warrior
Personality | Put a summary (or not summary I don't mind) here!
HistoryPut a summary (or not summary I don't mind) here!
Reason | Put why you wanted him here!
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adderfvngs Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018
Original art adopt: +45 feathers
Piney-licious Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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fingerguns my way out the door bc i didn't ever have a chance against jack n splair
Piney-licious Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You could if you tried ;; m ;;
Piney-licious Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats pal!! ;; v ;;
You have until the 2nd of April to get that application finished!! I hope you like role-playing with him!! <3
cosmo--cosma Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Current Member Status | Co-owner

 | Warrior, may consider a subrank in the future.

 | Thorntail is a kind-hearted, hard-working tom who will do anything for those he loves. He fears vulnerability and carries a rough-and-tough exterior generally, he will refuse to smile in public without a true reason. He is ambitious, longing to become a well-respected warrior within Adderclan, but he would not be able to handle the responsibilities of a leader or deputy. Herbs interest him, and being so curious, he will often find himself in "accidental" scrapes and some really bad thorns in his paw because he is fascinated by how herbs work.. but he would never consider becoming a healer himself. He is oblivious, especially when it comes to himself and will get flustered in response to some romantic advances, love is not something he has much experience with. He is secretive, but will confide in his remaining sibling, Tawnyflower, with anything, no matter how good or bad it is.

 | Thornkit was born to Whiteface and Brindleclaw alongside one brother and a sister, his sister was always sickly, but he'd roughhouse her in hopes to get her to grow stronger, this often ended in scolding so he began to grow more considerate and gentle. Bramblekit was his best friend, Tawnykit, too, he would do anything for his siblings, and when other kits tried to pick fights he would defend them with tiny teeth and tiny claws. One day, Whiteface no longer visited the nursery, Thornkit could sense tension but could never bring himself to ask his mother. She was found dead one morning after eating a poisoned mouse, Thornkit, oblivious as always, believed it was an unfortunate piece of crowfood. Nevertheless, he was still upset that his mother was gone, and found comfort in defending his siblings. Silverfur fostered them, and he grew to like her quite a lot, almost forgetting the comforts of his own mother. He would never tell, but Silverfur was his favourite. 

Thornkit was named Thornpaw alongside his siblings, and was apprenticed to an experienced warrior. He received none other than Lioneyes, a tom named for his fierceness. During his studentship, Thornpaw would often stick to his siblings' side. He loved fighting, and his mentor was good at it. He could see Tawnypaw's struggles during her training, but Thornpaw decided not to interrupt, after-all he didn't know any better. He would've received his warrior name early, as soon as he turned 12 moons, Thornpaw was exceptional and "the best, most hard-working student" Lioneyes had ever had. But Wheatmoon refused to grant his sister a name due to her pacifistic nature. He was angry, and his mentor understood, supporting his and his brother's decision to take a stance against Wheatmoon's decision- which would refuse him new warriors until Tawnpaw was granted a name alongside them. At the age of fourteen moons, Tawnypaw finally passed her assessments, during the waiting time, Thornpaw had decided to perfect his fighting skills with Lioneyes. He loved this cat dearly, he was like a father to him.

When Thornpaw spoke for his honour speech, he spoke of the cats who had the most impact and positive influences on his life, these cats included; Tawnypaw, Bramblepaw, Longwhisker, Silverfur and Lioneyes.. who were like mother and father to him. He didn't spend much time with his siblings or uncle after earning his warrior name, Thorntail, in fact he spent as much time with his old mentor and foster mother as he could. At one point, he introduced them to each other, and they became good friends, bonding over their shared love for the young tom they had both taken care of. He was always there for Brambletail and Tawnyspots whenever they asked for him, though.

All was well until camp flooded, Thorntail had only known the very basics of swimming, but he fought to keep his sister alive regardless. The tom nearly drowned himself trying to get her to safety, but he was just fine after a cat tended to him, helping him empty his body of unwanted water. When they found themselves to safety, the trio realised that Longwhsker was missing. They looked for a long time, but couldn't find the beloved tom. Thorntail was not quite as affected as his siblings, as he didn't know the tom as well as they had, but he was still dampened by the news- he must've drowned. Wheatmoon ordered hunting patrols on Foxclan land. Thorntail obliged. He was not the best hunter, but believed he could handle a cat or two if they ran into them during. 

War broke out between Foxclan and Adderclan, but Thorntail was more than ready for it. Naturally, he would fight beside his beloved mentor, they were such a great team when they fought together. He did not suffer many wounds from the fight, intimidation was a tactic he relied on. Himself and Lioneyes would use their combined glares and bulk to scare any cat away with flashes of fangs and swipes of their claws. Nobody wanted to mess with them, and so nobody did. Foxclan retreated, Thorntail had believed they had won, but one look at the bloody battlefield proved otherwise.. his brother, Brambletail was injured badly and suffering, Thorntail couldn't believe it, and tried to get him to the healer, though he was interrupted in his path.

One second he was on the floor, the next hovering above the ground, shoved into a cage with his siblings. Thorntail thought that they would be okay, that nothing could hurt them in this box, but the Lost had already decided his brother's fate. He knew he was going to die. He didn't cry, but his heart ached. After comforting his dying brother until his last breath and ensuring Tawnyflower would be okay, Thorntail pretended to sleep, though he could never bring himself to drift off. To cope with the loss of his brother, he reminded himself of the good things in his life.

As soon as they were released from the cage by their clanmates, Thorntail and Tawnyflower ran. Their brother's body balanced between the two, though Thorntail refused to continue allowing Tawnyflower to carry him after they had began to lose their breath. He trudged on, and Tawnyflower would follow, simply ensuring that Brambletail's body would not drag on the floor below. When they reached camp, a vigil was held for their brother, and the other cats that had been lost.. he was thankful that Brambletail's body had been retrieved. 
Thorntail grew a liking to the new territory, and was also ecstatic that Silverfur and Lioneyes had survived the journey. He grew a liking to this new territory, and was thankful that he had only lost a single asset to his incredible life. He decided that he would be kinder to others in need, on behalf of his brother, who was the most sentimental cat he knew.

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