Tales of the Fox's Den : The First Pawprint

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Published: July 28, 2018

     It felt like he was in there for hours. That's what it felt like to the tabby sitting near he entrance of the medicine den at least. The kitten was restless. He looked inside once more, amber eyes beaming with curiosity. "Excuse me?" He called in, spotting a lanky she-cat and another kit. The she-cat looked up and gave a gentle smile. "Leafkit..!"She would mew before giving a small chuckle. "I only saw you about a few moments ago..!" The medicine cat would gently hum, putting some sort of herbal remedy over the kit's jaw. "Now.. it'll only sting a moment.." And that it must have! The kitten would grumble inaudibly, as well as jump only a little. Leafkit's heart sank to the ground. "Nightbelly... He's been here all day! Is his jaw going to be fixed?" A frown then started to mark at the she-cat's own maw as she listened. However, only silence would make a sound.

     "No." She eventually mewed. "Whitekit's jaw doesn't look like moving. Not at all... I've done the best I could do here." Nightbelly mewed, amber eyes sorrowed. "You are speaking about me like I'm dead!" Whitekit grumbled, furrowing his brows. "I am very alive mind you!" Leafkit's mood then lightened. Well, at least he is still himself, a fighting cat. Leafkit cannot remember back then but he knew that Nightbelly and Tawnyclaw saved Whitekit and him from the stream that raged through the territory. Somewhere upon that stream the pale kit's face must have slammed into a stone and messed up his jaw. It was some stupid luck, Leafkit could only guess. Since then, Nightbelly has been doing frequent checks on Whitekit to see if there was a way to fix his broken jaw and that day was the last of those checks. Leafkit hoped it wouldn't hurt his friend too much... he was the closest thing to a sibling Leafkit had.

     Nightbelly's tail swished over her paws as she sat up. "Now Whitekit.. don't be reckless with it! I would hate for it to get worse.. A-and!" The pale kit grunted, long-furred tail swishing at the medicine cat. "Don't worry about it." Whitekit mewed, whiskers twitching. "You've helped enough." Nightbelly seemed to be happy enough with that and started to organise her herbs. "Just be careful.." She would echo before the two kits would trot outside of the den.

     Before Leafkit knew it, he slammed into ginger tabby fur. Looking up, he noted Tawnyclaw. She would simply huff before moving past him. Whitekit's pelt bristled only but a little. "She better learn some manners!" He growled. Leafkit would only chuckle at his best friend. He knew very well that he didn't mean it. Whitekit never meant it. In fact, to cheer him up just enough, Leafkit pounced on the tom, activating some sort of play flight between them. Whitekit, using his size's advantage against the dark brown tabby, rolled over and brought his friend to the ground. Leafkit was easily pinned by Whitekit. "You only won because you're bigger than me!" The tabby would laugh.

     "In battle you must use everything you have going for you." A ginger tabby warrior mewed, stepping out of the medicine den with Nightbelly at her side. Whitekit moved himself off of Leafkit. The two then stood straight up to meet the gaze of the medicine cat and warrior. "And you two are very close to training I hear. You shouldn't be playing like kits." She added, small ears twitching. "Tawnyclaw..!" Nightbelly mewed in a hushed tone. "You shouldn't be so harsh... how about you teach them a trick or two...! Y-you know.. b-but I should be fine by myself..!" The warrior gave Nightbelly a narrowed annoyed look. Leafkit felt excitement in his chest. A fighting lesson? Before his ceremony? Tawnyclaw sighed. "You kits should still be sleeping.. it's only dawn. But.. I guess." Leafkit could assume Tawnyclaw was about to so herb searching with Nightbelly, only to be distracted by the kits now before her. The medicine cat then padded off to search for more supplies, no spring in her step as she was more gentle with the ground beneath her.

     Tawnyclaw got into a crouch that was a little different than the hunter's crouch, force seeming to build in her hind legs. "The first attack is one of the most important." She mewed, looking to the two. "You want to make sure you can attack with a great force so you can make it count... hm." She then stood, looking around. "..Brighttail! Brighttail get over here." With that, came a white tom with a reddish tail. Leafkit watched with utmost interest while Whitekit paid attention, but not as much enthusiasm. The tom came with a goofy smile on his face. "Yes Tawnyclaw?" He asked, blinking his excited blue eyes at her. Tawnyclaw, without warning, used her crouch before quickly leaping him with a strong force in her hind legs to spring at him. The unsuspecting tom fell quickly under her paws, pinned to the ground. Leafkit gave a chuckle at the scare Brighttail must have felt, while Whitekit blinked at the two quietly. At first, Brighttail was frozen in place out of shock, before giving a laugh. "Oh! I didn't know we were training right now!" The ginger tabby blinked at the tom for a moment, taking in his optimistic response before getting off and licking her paw. "Force and surprise is what makes your enemy fall quicker." The warrior mewed coolly. Leafkit was happy to learn so much! Whitekit looked to Brighttail as he tilted his head a little in thought.

     The warrior seemed to turn around and head towards the fresh kill pile. "Fighting is something I have done for many moons." Tawnyclaw mewed after he had left. Leafkit's ears perked. "Really?!" He mewed in admiration. "Have you ever fought a badger?" Whitekit huffed at Leafkit's excitement but Tawnyclaw was one to grumpily answer. "Yes.. I have fought one before. Badgers are really hard to defeat tho-"

     That was when a flash of white drove into Tawnyclaw's side. It even took Whitekit by surprise to see a retaliation. Tawnyclaw was shoved to the ground with amazing speed. The ginger tabby she-cat glared upwards to the smiling red face of Brighttail. "Now! As you kits could see, speed is also very important in battle! Size and strength could be against you but a couple of fast ants could take down a beetle!" He explained in a chipper attitude. Tawnyclaw was in awe for a second, but eventually got up. Leafkit could swear he saw a faint smile on her maw for a few seconds.

     The two warriors seemed to know what they were doing in terms of warrior duties.. it also seemed the both of them were ready to mentor apprentices. Leafkit wondered if they will be given to him and Whitekit as mentors. They both, like the clan, were very new to this lifestyle. Tawnyclaw seemed like a cat who as fought many things before.. she was like Nightbelly's counterpart. Where she would fight, Nightbelly would heal. Brighttail seemed like a cat more accustomed to hunting.. but could fight as well in a unique style around speed. They were both so cool..! Leafkit couldn't wait! Whitekit on the other hand... well. Whitekit was a bit on the unamused side. Any of it seemed to interest him. That was when it happened.

     She would stand atop her stump like a royal goddess, her eyes on the clan below her as she called the cats below for a meeting. Her bushy tail wrapped around her paws as she patiently sat and awaited. Leafkit excitedly bounced over with Whitekit tailing behind. Brighttail and Tawnyclaw followed the two starting a what was meant to be short lived conversation, Crowface would come to the cluster after enjoying a mouse, where Nightbelly would join in as well with herbs still in her jaws from just coming back to camp. Snowkit, Ashkit, and Berrykit would waddle out of the nursery to also join in, leaving Cherrykit and Rainkit inside where they would choose to remain. Snuh, a newer addition to the clan, would curiously follow the words of a meeting. Leafkit and Whitekit were both aware of the day and the time.

     "Today marks a very important day in FoxClan history..!" The leader would call, her voice over the tiny clan. "We are small, but we grow very slowly and today will be proof of that. I, Foxstar, am proud to announce that today marks the apprentice ceremony for Leafkit and Whitekit, the first ceremonies for the entirety of our clan! Leafkit, please step forth." Leafkit could feel eyes dig into his tabby pelt as he stood in front of the stump. He had hoped he was doing this right. He could feel the soft breeze ruffling through his short pelt. "You are a tom of great energy. I believe this will aid you greatly.. to match this, I think I have chosen the best mentor I can for you..! Rabbitfur step forth." The white tom padded forth, somewhat bewildered with his own amusement. Leafkit could hear the soft grumblings of Tawnyclaw to Nightbelly and Brighttail but Leafkit never thought bad of the deputy. "From this moment you shall be known as Leafpaw. Rabbitfur will teach you the ways of using speed and agility to aid your training."

     As the newly announced Leafpaw's name was echoed as he and Rabbitfur ere dismissed into the crowd, the leader began again. "Whitekit, please step forth." The silver tabby was much calmer and somewhat gloomier than Leafpaw was. Foxstar's gaze on him was somewhat gentle. "You are a tom that has faced many struggles in the clan since you were found. Tell me, does your jaw hurt?" The kit snorted. "Tch. No. It's fine just where it's at.. like a scar or torn ear. It doesn't bother you when you get used to it." The tortoiseshell seemed to be proud of his strentgh. "You are a young warrior of strength and bravery, Whitekit. Tawnyclaw. Step forth." Tawnyclaw's small ears perked as she padded forth in front of Whitekit. The ginger tabby couldn't seem to believe that this was happening.. "From this moment forth, your name will be Whitepaw. Your mentor shall be Tawnyclaw.. she will teach you the ways of battle and tactic. I'm sure she will build onto your skills."

     "That is all. Meeting dismissed." Foxstar would call after the echoes of Whitepaw's new name. And with that, the cluster of cats dispatched. The newly made apprentices went with their mentors to adventure into the territory as the clan continued with new business.

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© 2018 - 2019 Piney-licious
A ministory on FoxClan's first apprentices - the first submitted story of the the clan! Thank you for reading!! ;; v ;;

Leafkit and Whitekit +9 levels in writing (fighting, cunning, intelligence, speed).
Nightbelly gained +3 levels in writing (healing, nurture, hunting).
Foxstar gained 2 levels in writing (leading, cunning, nurture).
Tawnyclaw gained 6 levels in writing (fighting, nurture, cunning).
Brighttail gained 3 levels (cunning, speed, fighting).
Crowface, Ashkit, Rainkit, Berrykit, Cherrykit, Snowkit, and Snuh was mentioned only at one scene.
Rabbitfur was in the story, giving an extra level to Leafkit, giving him 10 levels instead.

In the first picture, Leafkit, Nightbelly, and Whitekit gain 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading).
Leafkit gains cunning, intelligence(?).
Whitekit gains cunning, health(?), and intelligence(?).
Nightbelly gains healing, nurturing, and cunning.

In the second picture, Leafkit, Nightbelly, Whitekit, Tawnyclaw, Brighttail, and Snuh gain 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading). Rabbitfur, being in the picture, grants an extra level, in which goes to Nightbelly.. making her gain 6 levels!
Leafkit gains cunning, intelligence(?).
Whitekit gains cunning, and intelligence(?).
Nightbelly gains nurturing and cunning.
Tawnyclaw gains fighting and cunning.
Snuh gains hunting(?) and health(?).
Brighttail gains cunning.

In the third picture, Leafkit, Crowface, Whitekit, Tawnyclaw, Brighttail, and Snuh gain 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading). Rabbitfur, being in the picture, grants an extra level, in which goes to Leafkit.. making him gain 6 levels!
Leafkit gains intelligence(?) and fighting(?).
Whitekit gains fighting, and intelligence(?).
Tawnyclaw gains fighting.
Snuh gains hunting(?) and health(?).
Brighttail gains speed and fighting.
Crowface... is kind of sitting there in the back doing nothing? Maybe fighting from watching.

In the fourth picture, Leafkit, Crowface, Whitekit, Tawnyclaw, Berrykit, Snowkit, and Ashkit gain 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading). Rabbitfur, being in the picture, grants an extra level, in which goes to Leafkit.. making him gain 6 levels! Not sure about Foxstar on that rock, however.
Leafkit gains speed.
Whitekit gains speed.
Tawnyclaw gains cunning.
Berrykit, Snowkit, and Ashkit gain speed and agility.
Crowface gains cunning.
If Foxstar does gain levels like everyone else, it shall be in leading.

In the fifth picture, Leafkit gains 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading). Rabbitfur, being in the picture, grants an extra level, in which goes to Leafkit.. making him gain 6 levels! 
Leafkit gains cunning.

In the sixth picture, Whitekit and Tawnyclaw gain 5 levels (Background, Lineart, Fullbody, Colour, Shading).
Whitekit gains cunning.
Tawnyclaw gains cunning and nurture.

Total Levels | Ending
Leafkit becomes Leafpaw, gaining 5+6+6+6+6+9= 38 levels. His mentor is Rabbitfur.
Whitekit becomes Whitepaw, gaining 5+5+5+5+5+9= 34 levels. His mentor is Tawnyclaw.
Nightbelly gains 5+5+3= 13 levels.
Tawnyclaw gains 5+5+5+5+6= 26 levels.
Brighttail gains 5+5+3= 13 levels.
Foxstar gains 2+(maybe 5?)= 2 (maybe 7?) levels.
Snuh gains 5+5= 10 levels.
Crowface gains 5+5= 10 levels.
Berrykit gains 5 levels.
Snowkit gains 5 levels.
Ashkit gains 5 levels.
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