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Sage Speedpaint #2
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Something to get back in the habit of digital painting. ~2.5 hours, photoshop.

Somewhat of a redraw of this speedpaint from 8 months ago.

(character belongs to me, & yes she only has one eye i'm not lazy lmao)
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Oddity time, but a while back I ran across a Lithuanian webcomic that was based on an old Lithuanian tale about a selfish young woman who was struck by lightning and traded the life of her daughter-to-be to a goddess is exchange for her own life. The woman later married and in time had a daughter who was born with only one eye - no trace of the other - to remind her of her promise to the goddess.

Turns out that in Lithuanian folklore, lightning always strikes you first if you're barefoot. Good thing I'm not Lithuanian or I would have been dead years ago!
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