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A Photographer on the Citadel - Liara + Chair

A Photographer on the Citadel

In a quiet part of the Citadel Wards, in a small alley known only to the locals, lies a studio.
Here lives and works a photographer who boldly defies all contemporary holographic technologies, relying instead on ancient human devices
based on crude mechanics and chemistry to capture his motifs.

Now - be it by chance or by purpose - some of the greatest heroes of our time found their way into that studio to stand before the camera...

You can find the whole series > here <

The "Bla bla bla" part

Something calm.

Spent faaaar too much time fiddling with the smallest of details, especially the lighting. Still could spend hours with further improvements but at some point you just have to stop and move on ...

The technical stuff

All pictures of this series are based on character models and textures extracted directly from Mass Effect 3's game files and modified by me where I deemed it necessary.
Posing, lighting, rendering were done in 3dsMAX + V-Ray.
Background, composing, postprocessing in PS.

Mass Effect, Character © Bioware
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© 2012 - 2021 pineappletree
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wenzday's avatar
Love this series! Gorgeous pose for an incredible "photographer". ^.^
pineappletree's avatar
Haha, thank you!
keller88's avatar
Best liara picture ever ♥
pineappletree's avatar
Never say ever!

Or so... ;)

Glad you like it, thanks!
arkavan's avatar
Awesome series! :iconawesomefaceplz:
Numbuh88's avatar
Wonderfully done!
devduck01's avatar
Fantastic job, from pose to lighting to details on like :)
She looks so amazing lifelike in this photo I want to reach out and touch her to see if they are real... ughhh... I mean... she is real. Yeah... that...
I added this to my favorites, this picture is beautiful and detailed.
LadySerraphym's avatar
As a girl who is totally in love with Liara, let me say this is one of the most beautiful, artistic, and charming portraits of her I have ever seen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. :love:
HuggyBear742's avatar
Photo-realistic... :omg:
Alexander-Syros's avatar
joanna180179's avatar
yes, she looks so real indeed. I'm currently looking for a nice stance of her, for a tattoo, and this portret or parts of it might be just right...yeah...
AlisonGunn's avatar
that is amazing! She's so... real..
journeymanM7's avatar
lovely portrait...!
venture5's avatar
DanielGlaber's avatar
This is the best fan art of a Mass Effect character I saw in my entire life, and I saw a lot (every one of them mabye), that is no small feat, be proud and continue your excellent work :)
sunsetandcamphor's avatar
This is actually awe-inspiring. Absolutely beautiful. Oh Mass I love you so.
die-yng's avatar
Fantastic set of pictures. I love it!!
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