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MYO Fruit Bloom Contest Entry- Cosmo

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Name: Cosmo
Nickname(s): Sweets
Gender: Male
Race/species: Fruit Bloom- Unicorn
Fruit: Sour green apples
Age: Adult
Orientation: Bi
Single or taken: Single
Occupation: Owns a candy shop/makes homemade candies
Body build: Chubby af

Main personality traits:
⦁    Addictive
⦁    Friendly
⦁    Eccentric
⦁    Creative
⦁    Impatient

       Cosmo is a chubby Bloom that strives to create the best candy that anyone has ever had. While he loves sour candies, his favorite things are lollipops. It's a rare instance to find him without one in his mouth. He has a slightly addictive personality that lead to his weight gain as he finds himself unable to put down his candy and other sweets that he loves to snack on. His weight is no bother to him though nor does it hinder him in any way, as he believes that no one should trust a skinny chef, or candymaker in his case.
    He is extremely friendly, rather eccentric, and happy to help or assist anyone that may need it. He believes that candy makes everyone happy, which is why he's so drawn to it. That, and a natural love for sweets. It's not uncommon for him to carry his creations around with him to share with other Blooms and their bloomlings that he runs into during the day.

This is NOT an official fruit bloom. Cosmo is an entry for a MYO contest MYO Fruit Bloom Event [ONGOING]
Fruit Blooms (c) Port-metro
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He's so pretty~ :heart: