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Prawn Cat

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And this is the most well-drawn he'll ever be. XD

Also done on tegaki.
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delta7Xx's avatar
is this how the stereotypical Chinese chef sees a cat?
Katlike-Rider's avatar
that would make a sweet (savory?) pet :3.
scratched99's avatar
Holy balls DO WANT
CatholicusX's avatar
What a funny looking cat. Is he a cat and a shrimp/crawfish?
PineappleSodaCat's avatar
Half cat, half prawn.

The food we call shrimp is actually prawn. Zoologically they're different animals though.
CatholicusX's avatar
Thanks for the correction. lol!
Pokemon-no-Rakuen's avatar
look delicious...*drools*
NakkiStiltz's avatar

I wanna prawn cat. :D And not for eating.
insanelemon's avatar
:D this is awesome! I wish I could have come up with something this crazy cool.
PineappleSodaCat's avatar
Don't eat the poor guy, his life is hard enough as it is!

(Hey, it's you! I secretly admire your stuff.)
Mr-Tea-and-Crumpets's avatar
Really? You do? Why, I'm flattered! 8D
Jackdorian's avatar
He's great :) I used to draw this kind of mutated animal as regularly as I exhaled.
MichelleBurnette's avatar
This is amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams.
MyScribbles's avatar
o.O this isn't good... I love cats but I love eating prawns~! *is torn between eating it and cuddling it*
PineappleSodaCat's avatar
You probably shouldn't eat him. I've been told that he can shoot laser beams from his eyes when threatened.

Plus half of him is going to taste like cat, which supposedly tastes bad.
MyScribbles's avatar
o.O I wouldn't know~! never tasted cat before~! :XD:

o.O cats don't like too much cuddles so it's probably best I stay wel and clear away from him :XD:
E-gads's avatar
How do you manage such feats of cuteness? D:

Arsgjgsdgnskj ♥
PineappleSodaCat's avatar
I injected pokemon into my brain a few years back and I still haven't recovered.

I'm glad you like it. XD
Banana-Mana's avatar
I don't know if I should pet it or cook it :|
pineapplecat's avatar
This is so adorable! :+fav:
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