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Youkai Soup :9

By pineapplebes
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This is my kiriban for nillia-sama :worship::worship: Hope she likes ><! Her gallery is absolutely AMAZING so go and shower her with love, nyo :D~ *shove*

Ehh..I thought with all the demon-slaying going on, this COULD happen xD. It's kinda bizzare and with Inuyasha being 1/2 demon and all, this would be like...cannibalism oO?

Imma chibi-maniac xD. EEE!

Lucky Miroku gets the head >: D.
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Run guys Inuyasha's a bad cook!!
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Ichigo123716Hobbyist General Artist
This is Amazing!! I love Inuyasha!!
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RandomFoxFanHobbyist Artist
so cute XD he cooked them right!? don't look like it.
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This reminds me of that episode where Kagome gets a cold and Inuyasha cures it with home made liver medicine that his Mom showed him how to make.
Mmm... I've got OC who's also a demon and makes this kind of soup.
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i luv miroku's expression XD
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How cute! ROFL
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P-z-p-ZHobbyist Writer
Cute, this wouldn't be cannibalism, it would be if they were eating a dog demon.
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NiennaElvoliaHobbyist General Artist
It does happen at one point, he makes a stew to make them all feel better when they lost a large amount of blood. They see whats in it, and its really gross. He doesn't drink it though, just them.
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SchneeAmselProfessional Digital Artist
looool xD

that's awesome!!!!
i love the story behind xD
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theghostdragon93Student General Artist
aw poor inuyasha didn't get that humans cant appreciate his yummy soup. only a demon can truly appreciate it
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mikoneko-otakuHobbyist General Artist
:ohnoes: oh noes Inu cannibbble! 0_o
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kmuddy5Student Traditional Artist
Aw thats adorable they all look so cute!
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Inuyasha- Mmm, semi-cannablism.... XD
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NebulaWordsHobbyist General Artist
I love Inu's face,it's like he's so happy to cook...Even if they are not "happy" people behind >> (xD)
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starrydesuStudent Artist
ehehe adorable, I love Inuyasha's content expression
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applesandbannas747Hobbyist General Artist
I love inuyashas face! LOL!
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chichi1995Student Artist
ha ha ha ha ha ooo that's so funny
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clampfan101Hobbyist General Artist
lol cute ^^
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linxchan91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! That's nice! :XD:
I love the Miroku's expression!

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Animaker131Student Digital Artist
Augh! That's too cute and hilarious! Great job. XD
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gaar-chanHobbyist General Artist
cute! :D
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Bender form Futurama and InuYasha from...InuYasha have one thing in perfect common:
They CAN'T cook!
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