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Faster You Sack Of Meat!

By pindurski
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Not a good day to be a horse...
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Wow! This is fucking epic! You are a masterful artist!

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Knight: Faster you sack of meat!

Horse: HEY it wasn't MY idea to go poking the dragon nest with a sharp stick! Stupid human.

"Faster You Sack Of Meat!" Is the knight saying that to his noble steed(if so that's not very knightly of him) or is the dragon saying that wanting more of a challenge from the both of them?

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I'd say it's not a good day to be anything other than a dragon, actually.  Also, wearing metal armor while fighting a dragon = super bad idea.
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Great scene! Love it😄
BarryD-Alive's avatar
RIGHT?? "You promised fame! You promised fodder!!"
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Haha, love the title. =P (Razz) Also love the details, especially in the subjects closer to the viewer. Well done! Keep up the great work! 
LarsRune's avatar
Epic and powerfull. Love the burning horse. Nice fire effect.
ragnar-thorson's avatar
SHIIIITTT! SHIT SHIT SHIT THIS WAS A REALLY BAD IDEA!!!- last thoughts of all those knights
Hello, I run a very small indie dev company and we are looking for people to help create our newest RPG fantasy game we need artists for concept art for our game if you are interested please email me at

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thanks for the invitation, but at the moment i am not accepting any new work. i wish your project the best!
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Lunch time! Or is it supper time? Really good attention to detail here. Excellent sense of action and chaos!
NastyDoodles's avatar
I love this..reminds me of skyrim :3 ....
I love skyrim ;w;
Arrog-Ent-Alien's avatar
You can't escape a dragon once it's seen you. Might as well face them head-on, warriors. Turn and fight the beasts!
zigzag you idiot, zigzag!!!
great picture!
(also not a good day to be a knight!)
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Looks like that horse will be a sack of *barbecued* meat here in a minute, along with the one in the background. :-P
Great sense of motion throughout this piece.
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okay but like.... how is this so good???
cradleframe's avatar
that is the best title for a piece I've ever seen, and the piece itself is absolutely stunning; reminds me of the witcher, encountering my first "nope, not today, ain't ready for this crap"
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*Looks at picture "wow that looks amazing"
*loks at description "that is the best sentence i have seen to day"
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not a good day to by a knight's horse xD

awesome work!
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