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hoodie template v3



PLEASE ADD TO FAVORITES IF YOU USE OR DOWNLOAD THIS, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE CLICK OF THE MOUSE!! and please read all this, it has some important information, or you could just be ignorant and go ahead and not read, but i advice you, if your not good at photoshop, illustrator, etc. read below!!

well after a very long time i decided to make a 3rd version of the hoodie vector template!

this version is a complete over haul, as you can see by my flashy indicators on the preview picture haha. im hilarious!

as you can see there is a far more advanced vector technique going on here. it is also less cartoony then the last and does not feature silly outlines.

now in this zipped file you will find a .psd (there is a top layer that you can use to change the colour of the hoodie, before you get angry, it is initially set as invisible and make sure the layer style stays as "COLOUR"), .ai, .eps, .pdf and .jpeg file :D im sure that will satisfy all you format whores out there...i hope! adn the extra .ai file named v3a is for illustrator CS, the other was saved for CS3..hope this solves compatibility issues :S lol

i think it turned out pretty good! what do you guys think?

any changes that is needed please let me know! AND PLEASE PUT A COMMENT HERE WITH A LINK TO YOUR ART USING THIS TEMPLATE PLEASE! I LOVE TO SEE WHAT MY RESOURCE CAN BE USED FOR!!! and please give me some sort of credit on your work, thank you!

P.S the top of the hood is dodgy because my reference picture was chopped of at the top! damn, and i couldn't find any other better ones lol. OH and i will do the back once i can be bothered :D until then i hope this is enough!

P.S im pretty sure I've finished writing lol...
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I think this is awesome! I'm working on something that I needed a hoodie for, and I thought your templates were so on point (including the second one in your series), but I'm sad that you never posted the back-version of this one. That would've been perfect for my project :D