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Just Mari and Jared. They’re kinda close, Mari considders Jared his best friend who knows pretty much every nice or dirty secret. They didn’t grow up together but known each for what makes up for a lifetime. Mari’s, always going through something, always something going on, always some sort of drama, or his depression making him the way he is, amongst others he can turn to Jared at all times. Use him as a pillow if needed. He doesn’t need to talk, just remain frozen.
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ha kinda like meh and my guy friend :) (Smile) 
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What kinda doll is Mari? He's so god damn cute! >.<
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Migidoll Jina ^^
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Wait their both guys aren't they? I Thor one of them was a girl T3T so awesome tho like REALLY awesome
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Yep all guys mostly ^^;
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I just luv that hair color against that eye color ^ ^ and with the her beautiful clothing it's too awesome!!! Hehe the guy is cute :3 for a doll haha aw man I feel awkward :D
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So uniquely beautiful.
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And the plea in Mari's eyes! He does look like he's sad (or possibly yearning for something).
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I read that he has a personality disorder, so that's why. Now it makes sense.
But that's great that he has someone like Jared. =) And...they're just friends? (lol, so obvious what I'm hinting for)
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HAha yeah just friends..
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Ah, okay. I can accept that. =)
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Awwwwww ma feels! :D
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amagaaad!! it looks so lifelike!!!!
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Mari!!I've fallen in love for you!!! @.@
Stunning Photo!
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@_@ *dies from touched heart*
That's adorable.
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what are these figures called and where can they be bought? how much are they?
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