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No Violence against women

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Very well done, and a great "call to action" to stop the silence, speak out, and stand up against violence and abuse against women. I run a nonprofit focused on helping women and families, and would like to use this image for our newsletter. How would we go about this?
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wonderful image: irresistibly persuasive on purpose.
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Would you be interested in helping us?
It's a campaign to eliminate violence against women - and would be awesome to have your talent supporting the cause with your art.

some info here > [link]

CLAIM THE NIGHT webpage > [link]

Thank you in advance xx
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Hi, yes... please tell me where I can help. excuse my English
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Great professional work
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Powerful and thank you!
good idea. and nicly done. i like the way you made the eye bloodshot...

very emotive.
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lee mi journal
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Gracias por el feature !
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de nada es un trabajo muy padre y ayuda a despertar conciencias
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No había visto esto... pero es GENIAL.

Claramente :+fav:
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Muchas gracias por el fav !!!
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Veo que esto ya tiene un tiempo, pero hasta ahora no lo había visto. Y esta genial!
Ahí va un :+fav: ! :D

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Muchas gracias por el fav !!
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Cuesta tanto encontrar buenos artistas que hablen español, y sos uno de ellos. Amo tu trabajo :)
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Muchas gracias por tu comentario !
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Muy buen mensaje
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