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My Music

Now 5 different colors in 1280*1024 and 5 colors in 1920x1200

Enjoy! and fav !! :)
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Any chance you could do this one with the red background in 1920x1080 and put "Trance On.  World Off." without quotes, instead of I love my music?

I would be so grateful.  Love your stuff!

Thank you

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I really love this. And i am interested doing some customized version of it and to include it in my music mobile app to illustrate tips. Can you allow us, Pleeaaaase !! 
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Use this on my mbpro love it ^^
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ahaahahha its cute :XD: :stereo:
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Featured @ You can also feature other design of yours by contacting us.
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thanks! i love the simpliciti of this wall
hi there.. nice work.. ^_^
can i use the background of this image as the background on my portfolio site?
ill give u a link when its finished..

it would be much appreciated if u let me.. thanks. cheers!
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whahah awesome :love:
Hi! Love the image!
I have this image as a wallpaper on my phone but its got a tan background. I was wondering if you had made an animated version of it as well.
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Thanks for tyour comment !
Version animated ? hmmm... maybe :)
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wow..this is waaay cute and creative! Thanks for sharing,pincel3d :D
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Hi, can I use this as a signature? Love your art!
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Hmm... where ?
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That is so insanely sweet! :]
I have d/l them - thanks so much!!
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Thanks to you !
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