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Broken Heart

Not personal :)

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Haven't seen any of your work that I don't like. This one just happens to hit a nerve today (in a good way). Great art always inspires emotion. Very cool. Keep being awesome =)
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Esto es impresionante. Eres muy talentoso.
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This is amazing! Could I please please please use this for the preview of my short story!!!!????
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Thanks. Yes, no problem.
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This has been featured in my journal!

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I just :love: this drawing, it actually makes me think of a broken heart!

/Just a heads up, I used your drawing as a background of a poem I made, I will credit you though, and ask my viewers to :+fav: your drawing ok?
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Ok :) thanks for the fav !
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you're welcome! *bows to your awesomeness* ;p
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Creo que voy a ponerlo como mi wallpaper si no te molesta, lo adoré. Las texturas y el diseño en sí se ven geniales.
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No hay problema. Gracias por tu comentario :)
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Can you explain me how you did that work ?
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haha not personal. nice expression! did you use paint?
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i really love this
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hahha i love the way you reply to a comment.i should use it some time > :)
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no speak in english. sorry :(
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So GOOD !!

nice work dev ...
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