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Trying to work on titles. :I I'm bad at them. I'm going with picking random crayon colors. Mac & Cheese is my next one. Totes.
Made this for a site I'm a staff member on for a layout I'm making. Layout's almost done, so I'll probably edit this with an update or something when it is. Full picture on site is smaller, and wider, but this is pretty much what it is. Idk. Wooo I painted a tail. ;A; ... kinda. Fur is hard. As always, advice and tutorials welcome. Not super good at manip things.

EDIT: Layout. Pretty happy with how it looks.


Background: Here
Wolf: Here
Brushes: Here
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-whisper- his pupils are still blue -whisper-
It looks awesome, especially on the site!
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I knooow. I changed it, but then I remembered I never saved the PSD when I did, which is why they weren't. |D;; And I'm too lazy now to go back and re-add it.
... technically I guess it just doesn't have pupils now. lol.
<333 I'm pretty happy with how this skin turned out.
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Titles are my nemesis!

This is beautiful work!
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I know right? xD Naming stuff from characters to just pictures is way more difficult than it should be.

<333 Thank you so much!