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Neeb Cruiser R04

This is an upgrade to the very popular Neeb Cruiser original.

New features

1 Main Hull theme: With a few more new nodes,hull is bit darker and sharper.
2 New set of wings: Total of eight plus top gravity feed amp array +1
3 New SubFocus Drives: Better material glow for main drive and added other external drives making FTL travel even smoother.
4 New Interior with J class seats.
Model in detail,…
Blender model, cycles render 100 passes at 2K .
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That's very nice. I like the light effects on the side of the ship.
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Thank you so much.
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Its really nice! I recently made a sort of space yacht in blender, but yours is definitely very professional :)
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Thank you, take your time, you can always make it better and better.
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Yes you are right, thank you. I am making progress on learning the tools :)
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Looks a stealthy beast!! Love the engines!
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another amasing ship! :)
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Thank you. I saw your new work ,looks waay awesome /powerful (neat variety of offensive units ) robust drives and Man I lve that bridge of yours... Bold . 
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Great lines, great glow, great material, too. :)
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Most of these ships would looks cool in a variety of patterns, NASA b&w, variious matte camo patterns or stealth charcoal, or white and red (Canadian coast gaurd) to name a few. Personally, i like this paint scheme, the brown is subtle and nicely defines the shape without breaking it up with a clashing color.
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Thank you.  
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I want one.
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I like the overall shape, especially the way the engines are incorporated into the hull shape.
And, the way you can see into the cockpit adds a lot of realism.
It's a very elegant and well balanced looking design.

I like the texture pattern, but I'm not that keen on that brown color.
But I'm not sure what would work. Maybe silver or black? Possibly flat orange? Gray and orange look god together.
I think you have a ship painted with contrasting flat black and shiny black. That's one of my favorites.
Just a few ideas for the future...

BTW, I could image a ship like this being turned into a luxury yacht. But the design would have to be scaled up almost 2X.
Most interstellar yachts I've seen have two levels: a lower level for living and entertaining, and an upper level with the command bridge.

I'm a fan of the earth tones, on the other hand.

I suppose they do create a bit of an "alien" feel:  from the Mon-Calamari through the Draconians, the Romulans, and the Cardassians earth tones seem to show up mostly on things other than human based technology.  Back before Star Wars came out you saw a LOT of different colors in spaceship art, but there seems to be less and less color variety even as the total amount of art has exploded since.  White and gunmetal gray dominate.
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You're right that there are WAY too many gray spaceships out there.
But that brown was not very eye catching.
How about a dull orange? After all brown is extremely muted orange.
Or what about copper color?
I've always been a fan of copper, which I suppose is a metallic reddish brown.  Nowadays that definition seems to be changing.  I blame the advent of zinc U.S. pennies back in 1983.

I think bronze, metallic brown, is also underutilized.

However, PINARCI's willingness to go beyond the (narrow) norm is so refreshing (yet retro) that I enjoy even some of the most unexpected color schemes.
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This is great ... It is always pretty hard to come up with main hull theme. I often go by cheap solution , now you may ask what is a cheap solution , well we all know how super car paint jobs can be , from a candy like oranges bright reds, mint greens etc.  I try not to think of a paint job for a spaceship , I try to imagine a futuristic raw material that can handle FTL travel, intense heat, intense cold etc. With a minimum filed shielding I hope I can keep these ships scratch free for a while.  That is why they often have raw matte or high polish look to them.

Gray spaceships. you guys are so right on that , so many of them , you know it is not like oh lets make the next one gray ... but I think StarWars realm has discovered a fine material for hull plating.

I think you can do any color , any tone any sort of art work on your ship , but if you cannot protect it ,you may loose it in a single jump ,like a water color under shower. So OWS yes, this ship has a good potential to be a Luxury Yacht ( X2) I will keep that in mind (You know landing fees goes X2 also :)  )

Sequtio Equitis , Copper is nice indeed. It is like beautiful autumn day. I would like to study it bit further ...
I just had an idea 101 meters long yacht , ALL covered with MAKI- E ... Okay I am done .

Oh one last thing Romulans ... That green oh that green :)   
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Enfes!Blender ve Cycles ile harikasın Mehmet!Tekrar tebrikler :-)
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Kemal Tesekkurederim, saol.
dreamdesigner442's avatar
rica ederim, benim için de görsel bir şölen senin çalışmaların :-) tekrar tebrikler :-)
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