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Here is a mid size ( 24 meters length ) Gunship .
Model in detail ,…
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This definitely looks like something from the private sector, it doesn't seem to have that military 'time to die' attitude.  This piece is classy, sinister, and foreboding, possibly a corporate hit squad.  Smooth!Youcantifyoudont 
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Righton awesome observation skillzzz :) thankyou
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Looking back on this looks like something adventurers would use...small...sturdy...and fast.
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Yes, she is a good company. 
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Have you done anything with like a crew compartment/quarters? Something like a Star Trek Runabout for instance?
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Yes, back in 2000 - 2007. I used to model with Maya all the details (no textures) of all my interiors. I published all my work for free in TurboSquid, cause I did not have Commertial rights it was a studend version.
Now these days I do nice large size cockpits just like in Runabout ( by the way beautiful ship ) but I stop right at the first section door.
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Positively badass - not to mention beautifully menacing!
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Thank you somuch.
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A very nice design! 
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Thank you kindly .. awesome avatar you got  I may add :)
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You're perfectly welcome.  And thank you for the compliment on my avatar. :)
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I'm really liking this one!
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Ooooh! Daddy, we want!
Later, Ms. Rena....
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WOW!!! What a great shot!!

Hope you do more shots of your work like this - this makes it look stunning!!

Love the glowy bits!
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I love the engine lighting on this. Sweet job :D
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Really cool design! Excellent render too!
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Thank you somuch . Hey I really like your spiderman shirt . You should silkscreen it and sell . 
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Thanks! I thought about it, but I'm not sure how much recognizable it hasn't to be to avoid copyrights. Besides, I'm a procastinator :P
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Well it is always golden when there is ,one ,one of a kind .
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Haha, true it is :)
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Nice, I got a bit of an old TTA art vibe off this one. Which just makes it cooler.
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Great model and lights!
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