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Another fan art I was commissioned for months ago but as you can guess, it asked me a loooot of time with all these details, especially with all my regular works going on.
It was still pretty fun anyway and I think those two characters match pretty well (even if I don't know them enought).
As usual I had some toys in exchange for that work. So it was even more fun :).
entierly done with brushpen and alcohol markers.
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hah Rin-tin-can
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I think they would be the best of friends
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High octane confrontation! :)
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rintindumb !!
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My girlfriend showed me this ages ago and always wondered who did it. :XD: This is awesome, I love the perspective and that you gave Deadpool his scooter :love:
pin-up-corner-shop's avatar
I must do my watermarks more visible ! :D
I don't know Deadpool all that well but the one time I saw him on scooter, I thought it was the vehicule of choice.
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Maybe you can do what I did and make a logo you can copyright and slap on your art so it will be visible but not block the main image. :)

He usually picks odd vehicles when he is in a chase or doing something that requires traveling. He seems to love Scooters. Also one time when he was in a fight with Bullseye he chose to use a monster truck to attack him at one point :XD:
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Absolutely amazing!
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good sense of humour bud..
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my life is now complete
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cool what great pic of the combat of lobo snd deadpool is awesome and interesant is one great work congraluations friend:D
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This just...makes me so.... happy
GnaeusEsclavus's avatar
So friggin' true! :)
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If EVER DC and Marvel wanted to do another crossover between two individuals. THIS would have to by the will of the gods have to be those individuals. The two characters that give absolutely ZERO fucks
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Well, it's Deadpool or the Ghost Rider.
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I don't know what's funnier; Lobo WTF expression or Deadpool riding a Moped.
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They both have healing factors, so this could take a while.
I could totally see this happening. Especially the part where Deadpool is riding a moped.
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Holy shit. So badass! This is as epic as this battle can get!
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Boomstick: Next time on Death Battle!
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