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Raquel Welch RIP by wolverine103197

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Mature Content

Nippy Exposure v.2 by Von Trapp Photography 2015. by VTphoto

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Blue act by JREKAS
Guardian Of The Forest by Rocketknight56
Rina by psyco75

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Princess and the Panther - Frank Frazetta study by cuauhtliart

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AT: Warm and freshy shower by gaby-sunflower
Science Fiction
Star Trek - Uhura - Zoe Saldana by wolverine103197

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Do You want to scan me more closely? by artaikitty
Venus with a blaster by NinjaInArt
Evangelion Asuka Langley Colors by Almayer
Classic Style
This Portrait Is A Bust by Rocketknight56
Girl in Sea by Yneddt
Portrait of a Lady by deckart85
Tutorial-of-colourising-FrenchMaid by Bikerbloke

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Mature Content

Marina by psyco75

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The joy of life by JREKAS

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Nelly's comeback 06 by AkibaStudio
Paul Landers - Mein Herz Brennt by Jemppu

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Symphony of the Night by toppa23
Swordsgirl by aiLayla
Witch by VictoriaRusso
Asian or Anime Style
Crazy Like A Vixen by Rocketknight56
A Cat For A Hat by Rocketknight56
101 Deviations by Rocketknight56
Needs More Cat Belle by Rocketknight56

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Comm. Pin-Up Girls: Courtney by Elinor-the-Witch
Kim Possible as Black Widow by sjeditheartist
Older Pacifica Northwest in her undies by SketchMcDoodlez

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Candace in the shower by SketchMcDoodlez
Fan Art
Makima by Inxi2000
Robot Girl by deum1

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Nagatoro by IllustrAndy
Zatanna: It's Magic! by Leck-Zilla
Comic Style
A Sexy Pin-Up Of Tracey In A Form-Fitting Dress by CharmingCurmudgeon
Starfire In Flight by sjeditheartist
A Selfie Of Tracey Being A Silly Chickey-Poo by CharmingCurmudgeon
(Try-Out) Hurray, A Digital Color Pin-Up Of Tracey by CharmingCurmudgeon
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blue swimsuit by VictoriaRusso
3D and Animation

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Megan - 04 by Retvizans

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Era by psyco75
Anthro and Furries

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HOT PIZZA DELIVERY - Back by IGoldenSpirit
Fetish Art

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Taya - Get Comfortable by reaperdaddy71
Sweety fairy by CreepyPumpkin

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This will explain fairly easily what is and is not accepted in PUC, as well as where your submissions should go! Please make certain you read this!

What is a Pin Up here at PUC?

1) A pin-up should show at least the head and upper torso of a figure.

2) Consider this the 1/3 rule. At least a third of the model ought to be showing to be considered a pin-up.

3) If your image contains multiple characters, each character should be able to clearly stand alone. This means if we cut the characters out of the picture, each could clearly be able to sustain a self-contained image. In other words - two characters in contact, for example, doesn't constitute a pin-up.

4) Any images involving a woman's legs spread to display her vagina, or her being bent over to show her anus and vagina will be subject to scrutiny before acceptance, and will NOT be accepted outside of the "Fetish" folder. Please be aware of this!

Folder Descriptions for PUC:

Fantasy -- The fantasy folder is meant explicitly for things which DO NOT occur in real life. Among these sorts of things are Vampires, Witches, Dragons, Superheroes, Mermaids, Mythological Figures, etc.

Modern -- The modern folder is meant to exhibit images of tattooed, exceptionally pierced, hair-dyed pin-ups, or pin-ups with surreal influences. If the character 'naturally' has pink or blue hair, chances are they're more appropriate to set into the Anime / Comic / Cartoon folders.

Classic -- Here is the place to exhibit your typical pin-up models. They should appear somewhat natural to the eye, and at least somewhat realistic.

Gothic -- If you're not sure what the word itself means, your art probably doesn't go here. This is meant for the dark, the dreary, the melancholy, the medieval-architecture inspired, or for images that are a display of Gothic fashion. As defined by Wikipedia: Gothic fashion is stereotyped as a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion and style of dress. Typical gothic fashion includes dyed black hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black period-styled clothing; goths may or may not have piercings. Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethan, Victorian or medieval period and often express pagan, occult or other religious imagery such as pentacles or medieval crosses.

Asian / Anime -- If it looks as though it's been influenced by anime, manga, or traditional styled oriental images. We may consider accepting models or characters who are meant to be oriental to this folder, as well, if you feel that it's the most appropriate place for them.

Comic Style -- As opposed to Asian / Anime, OR Cartoon, the Comic Style folder is our little place to exhibit images with strong western comicing influences. If they seem as though they've been influenced by Marvel, DC, Fawcett, or Charlton, your picture probably belongs here. Alternatively, images inspired by the works of your local Newspaper Funnies probably could go here, too.

Fan Art -- This is the place for any and all fanart. Drawing a celebrity? Goes here! A character from a cartoon? Comic? Movie? TV show? Video game? Novel? This is the place!

Cartoon -- Powerpuff Girls, KimPossible, Danny Phantom... these are some examples of the kind of style you can anticipate submitting here. Caricatures also would fit into this folder. This is for more simplistic styled images, often with very clean lines.

3D and Animation -- No, in this case Animation does NOT mean it's based on an animated character. This folder is meant for images in which the figures have mainly been rendered by the use of programs such as DaZ, Maya, Python, or anything of that ilk, or animated images / gifs (aka - things that move).

Sci-Fi -- This is meant for anything that is set either clearly in a space or exceptionally technologically advanced variety, or for cyborgs / machine-human hybrids that are being displayed. Yes, your Mass Effect, Star Trek and Star Wars fanart COULD go here as an option.

Macabre -- Submissions here should have a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Macabre works emphasize the details and symbols of death. So yes, Zombies or anything else related to death? Probably goes here.

Photographs and Manips -- For those of you who have graciously taken pictures and are (legally) willing and able to put them on DA, Please put your pin up style pictures here!

Fetish Art -- This is the folder for those who believe that leather, vinyl, gags, ropes, or any other deviant fetishes are a way of life. These include costumes, inflated breasts, or ANY images that directly display vagina as a main feature of the image.

Rules for Pin Up City:

1: Please enjoy the group, and meeting other artists and seeing other styles in the pin up world. No fighting, arguing, or insulting on the main page. While a well thought out and honest critique of art is healthy, slandering a piece of art merely because you don't like their style is not helpful to the art, or the artist. So please keep it helpful, and friendly. In other words just remember: Silence is Golden, but Duct tape is Silver.

2: Gore: There is now a macabre folder in the group. There is a genre out there for this art, so I believe it should be allowed in the group. Please keep an open mind for this kind of art. Don't click the folder if you don't believe that it is your style.

3: Anthro's and Furries: Again, there is now a folder within the group for this kind of art. It is out there, and some people enjoy it, so I believe it should be allowed. Don't click on the folder if you don't think that you will like the style. It is that simple.

4: Fetish Art: Here is where I believe the line blurs. I believe that Fetish Art has a place. I am now creating a folder for that place to be here. Again, Don't look if you aren't interested. there are several really good BDSM and Leather, Vinyl and just wonderful art pin ups here.


"What is Mature Content?

While deviantART does provide a Mature Content filtering system the Terms of Service forbids the submission of any pornographic or explicit sexual content.

Mature content is considered to be anything which contains nudity, excessive violence, blood, gore, or any other potentially upsetting or offensive material. Controversial pieces revolving around religion, political opinions and other similar sensitive subject matters should also be considered candidates to be tagged as mature content.

If you submit a work which should be tagged as mature content but neglect to tag it as such the deviantART administration reserves the right to mark the work appropriately.

When we mention 'pornographic content' in our policies we are specifically referring to specific subjects which we will clarify below.

We apologize if the descriptions below are slightly graphic.

The following contents are considered unacceptable for submission in either visual art or literature form and will be subjected to immediate removal without notice.

• Masturbation
Hands should not come into contact with genitalia in a manner which is clearly a display of fondling or masturbation.

• Sexual Intercourse.
Subjects should not be depicted in a clear display of sexual intercourse. This includes depictions of sexual penetration, oral to genital contact, genital to anal contact, and oral to anal contact without exception. Some depictions of same sex genital to genital contact and some depictions of oral to breast contact might qualify under this guideline as adjudicated by staff but not all will be considered an automatic violation of policy.

• Vaginal, Penile or Anal Penetration
This includes depictions of any object being inserted into the vagina, penis or anus.

• Sexual body fluids (actual or simulated).
There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants.

• Erections.
There should be no use of imagery depicting a male erection, however there may be exceptions granted to illustrations created for legitimate medical or educational purposes.

• Vaginal or Anal Spreading
Female subjects should not be depicted with their labia spread or parted in any manner by hand or manipulated open or parted by any other artificial means or object. Neither sex should show the anus manually opened in a similar fashion.

• Adult oriented (sexual) toys.
"Adult toys" consisting of dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, etc. are not allowed.

Submissions which are judged to be in violation of these guidelines will be removed without prior warning. Users found submitting such content may have their account banned or suspended without warning. Also be aware that we prohibit providing any outside link to another website which provides access to the material described above."

Personally, I believe that nude art is beautiful, but there is a fine line between tasteful nudity, and pornography. While the luscious nether lips of a female can be pleasing to look at during "Sexy time fun time" I don't believe that it is proper for a pin up site to showcase that. If you post this, or any violations to the DA Guidelines listed above, not only will I not accept it in the site, I will also report it to DA authorities, which will most likely get you banned from the site. WHICH IS NO FUN! So please respect this guideline.

5: FOLDERS: Here is the newest and biggest change that I will be implementing. We are no longer just accepting deviations into the Featured Folder. We will be using the featured folder as a showcase. I will soon be starting a PUC Pin Up Artist of the Week. I am thinking that it will be updated every Sunday, so that our more popular, and most frequent art submitters will have a reward for being so wonderful! If you don't believe that the folder I move your art to is correct, please Note Me and I will respond accordingly. If you have submitted your art to the Featured folder, I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT! Please put it in a sub categorized folder where it belongs.

As far as art that fits into more than one category, I believe you should place your art in the folder that you feel it is the most fitting. Example: If you have a female that is in a warrior's armor and is drawn in an anime style, someone would ask what folder to put it in: Asian Anime or Fantasy? ITS UP TO YOUR DISCRETION. If you feel that your art is more modern, with tattoos and modern hair styles, then put it in the modern folder etc. etc. etc. I would like to see our male pin up folder flushed out, if at all possible, so if you have some male art, please put it there, even if he is asian styled, or even an anime character.


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