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June Ap by Pimsri

The sign above the building reads;


"So, you wish to rank up your birds. I can do that."
June said, and look up at your bird. He smiled,
"They'll be safe and comfortable during their time with me"

- $$
- points
- Slots*
- Geno**
- Activities roll

Now, the best thing in my work is that i can get them done really fast.
My most recent 100AP sheet are done in 6 hours, and none of them longer than a week, average time is 3 days.

"I offer 2 AP option, see which one suit you better;

50AP = $35
100AP =  $70

Ofcourse, a fast work have a price, but more, the quality, and all AP images can be any activities rolls of your choice;

and here's example of my previous AP sheet;

Galaxy Baby by Pimsri
Galyx boy go hunting by Pimsri
Floof Chickens by PimsriAP sheet calibur by Pimsri

"Do tell me when you have decided"
He's looking at you and is smiling brightly now

"or... you're looking for tributes set maybe? I can also do that"

"A price for one set is $50, and like AP sheet, can be done within a week or twos. If you're in a rush, however, just tell me, and i'll make it priority.
If the bird is a wild birds, they will be paired with one of my bird.
If you want more than 2 bird participate, we can make up a deal"

Dawn is just a Heartbeats Away by PimsriAuroras, mists, and echoes dance by PimsriNightmares Come when Shadows Roam by Pimsri

Daius: Teal Sea by PimsriNokt : Racers by PimsriGalyx : Sand Serpent by Pimsri

"These are the works which i offer. I hope to see you and your bird again soon"


I'm mainly looking for;
- Gryph only, may look at harpia if good enough!
- feather mut (male frilled gryph or silken/royal of any gender)
- color mod (olive and canary are my fav)
- UR; Galyx, aurora, nokt

- Gryph only
- either plain nox/snow or genobomb/nuke
- any base coat is welcome, but i'm short on nox, and hoarding a lot of snow <3
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Submitted on
December 8, 2017