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I've notice in the past 24 hours that a lot of activity surrounding my movie posters. I'm really glad that so many people are interested.

My question to all the new viewers and watchers is :

How did you hear about my deviant art page? And more specifically how the recent viewers heard of me?

As soon as Season 5 starts again, I'll resume doing those posters. I enjoy doing them and I happy that some bronies like them.

thank you for enjoying my concepts.
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Also, out of 9 posters chosen from your Season 4 collection, the Drawponies fans really like "Bats" the most: drawponies.deviantart.com/jour…

135 fans (%28) loved "Bats"
Second place was "Twilight's Kingdom" with 82 fans (17%) in love with it.

And the "Bats" design was also my favorite!

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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I'm surprised that Bats came on top of the poll considering Pinkie Pride and Maud Pie were the most favored in the list. 
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Great work, keep it up :D 
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Thank you so much. I wish I could draw like you :). Alas, I'll keep up with concepts. 
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Yeah, like "ThatBronyWithGlasses" said, I'm pretty sure it was the poll.
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thanks for the confirmation. 
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I saw your wallpaper on EQD ;D
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EQD is a great chance for my wallpapers to be shown.
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:icondrawponies: did a poll with your work.
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Thanks and wow :)
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So many people think your work is AWESOME! :D

And I am one of them. :D

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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why yes you are :)
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