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As a Parisian I’m still in shock from the events of tonight.

Please pay respect to the victims of those horrible acts.

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Paris is healing, lets pray for Brussels.
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God bless France.
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Je suis français. Et également un français meurtri par ces actes impardonnable. Prions pour paris.
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My deepest sympathies to every families of the innocent victims.

This is a incredible horrible and sad disaster.
My sympathies to all the innocent French people killed or injured, and to the families of the victims.  

Enough is enough.  French people, stand up and show these cowards what happens when you massacre innocents!
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I approve this message, and for that let us Pray-for-Paris, and honor those who were involve in this tragic event
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C'est horrible, ce qui s'est passé.
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what happened? I heard about an terrorism attack?
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There were 7 simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris. At least 100 dead. It's sad and tragic.
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So that's what happened.
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I hope everyone will be safe!
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i hope they will all be safe.
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