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MLP : What About Discord - Movie Poster

What About Discord?

Movie posters series : [link]
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The current cast of Left 4 Pony:Friendship is Apocalypse - Bill's Return (What About Discord?)

Discord - Bill
Twilight Sparkle - Rochelle
Fluttershy - Zoey
Rainbow Dash - Nick
Rarity - Louis
Pinkie Pie - Coach
Spike - Francis
Applejack - Ellis
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cool and good specifications... :D (Big Grin) 

it's my favorite character, DiscordDiscord (yes) plz .
there is also my favorite character :
Twilight SparkelTwiFace (Wrong neighbrhood) Plz , Princess CelestiaPrincess Celestia Icon Profile , & Princess Cadance.
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Discord's my favourite too. I mostly like Twilight, except for the fact she has no sense of empathy and loves to gloat when she's right. I hated her in What About Discord? but I liked her in most episodes, and always love Celestia, especially her hair. 
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Hey, Discord my first favorite, while Twilight's my second and Celestia's my third. As for Cadance; My 7th.

So glad you mentioned my Top Three here...
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Personally expected it to look like Caddyshack. XD
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