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MLP : The Mane Attraction - Movie Poster

The Mane Attraction

Movie posters series : [link]
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The current cast of Left 4 Pony:Midnight Ponies Concert - Countess of Apocalypse [From the hidden chapters of 'Dark Carnival'] (The Mane Attraction)

Applejack - Ellis
Pinkie Pie - Coach
Twilight Sparkle - Rochelle
Rainbow Dash - Nick
Rarity - Louis
Fluttershy - Zoey

Special Guests:
Countess Coloratura - CJ from 'Dead Before Dawn DC' campaign
Cutie Mark Crusaders - Spy, Scout & Sniper from TF2
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And she has already become on of my favorite ponies.
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I love rara she's the best of season 5 by far <3
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Agreed! Her manager though is a whole different story; he's worse than Spoiled Rich
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An ass he is but it's his attitude we all don't like about him but he is a hard worker abusing his power over others
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The bronies are gonna have a field day cosplaying her.
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Razzel dazzel, glits and glam
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Turn it all up it's a spectacle
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So Awesome!!! :D :D :D :D This poster is my favorite!!! 
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You're welcome!! :D :D :D
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