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Hello Mates,

Direrain here. For the past couple years I've been heading up the Admin side of PMG Armoury here on DA, every once in a while one of our old friends has stopped by to approve a few shots, but mostly I've been dealing with the submissions from those of you who are the PMG Faithful and continue to make excellent pieces, or those who are still just now discovering PMG.

Unfortunately though, I'm bringing my Admin days here to an end. I've picked up quite a few responsibilities in that annoying world outside my home office windows, and my interests as far as art goes have changed since my glory days as one of the PMG artists.

As such, I'm looking for one or two of our members who are still actively submitting excellent PMG work to this group to take over in an Administration role. The responsibilities entail approving new submissions, writing posts such as this, setting up contests, and other such and sundry jobs.

I wont lie, it is quite the job you would be undertaking. Unfortunately, the group has been going downhill since before I joined the admin team, with the PMG Armoury being supported mostly from its twin group on Flickr. But I figured there might be those who could still breathe a little life back into the group, especially for the newer designers who join up periodically.

For those of you who are interested, Let me know in the comments. My decisions on who to approve will be based on your own portfolio of PMG pieces that you've built.

So give a holler if you fancy being a fancyman.
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Gallery Folders

B45Q Tactical Animation by RustyKerman
Tycho LMG Animation by RustyKerman
Tower Dynamics Peace Keeper SMG Animation by RustyKerman
Small Arms of Eugene Stoner by graphicamechanica
Contest Entries
AP-F-03 'Sacred Fire' by Sakaryu
SV67-Cobra by shadowcpt93
Now, in Spearmint Flavor by Gunnut51
Melee Weapons
Bioblaster by Gunnut51
Dagger of Am'toph upon its wall by Hiroki-00
Redeemer by SoftairMarshmallow
Veistajas by ThantosEdge
H.C.H.G. by GaZzVoy
RWBY Weapons -- Aurora and Dawn by SpectraTaika
Saltworks Saint And Sinner by Rose-Eclipse
Gunblade by SanTEXNeeK
Pistols and Machine Pistols
Snake Sweeper by Hiroki-00
Acheta-pattern Astartes melta pistol by Hiroki-00
Kalia by SoftairMarshmallow
DesCom Six-O by andyshadow26
Submachine Guns
PDW Colt Prototype by GaZzVoy
AK74U|Contractor Series| by GaZzVoy
Quicksilver Industries: 'Narwal' SMG by Shockwave9001
Blue Arms Oasis smg Mk1 by andyshadow26
Rat carbine (feat 5.56 assault clips) by Hiroki-00
D.I.I. PMR-338 Mk.II 'Kryptos' HCR by Lord-DracoDraconis
D.I.I. UAW-03R 'Whirlwind' CAR (ASWCAR-P) by Lord-DracoDraconis
Deus Interfectorem by Gunnut51
Emu Destroyer 12 by Hiroki-00
D.I.I. SG055-XR 'Blackout' ArkTek Combat Shotgun by Lord-DracoDraconis
Norden-Faenories pattern Astartes assault shotgun by Hiroki-00
XM12E3 Heavy Assault Shotgun by DarrolLayman2015
Heavy Weapons
Aurumtech HMG 15/20 Mk.II by milomike
LPT-28 by Hiroki-00
Gunter's sturmkanon by Hiroki-00
Experimental SCAR-MG by DarrolLayman2015
Mounted Weaponry
DII GAU-9E2 Tornado Exosuit mounted Gatling gun by Lord-DracoDraconis
D.I.I./D.T.  D.U.A.R. DRX-290 'Black-Lightning' by Lord-DracoDraconis
Manticore 20mm by Chorniymedved
M65 howitzer by Maverick1313
Stationary Weapons
Quad M134 mount by Northern-Dash
FV-4095 Champion Mk II by milomike
Blue Arms GLHE 27mm by andyshadow26
People Mechs and Robots
Thor heavy mech by Northern-Dash
Group or Compilations
Hephaestus PE-5 line by Hiroki-00
Lee Enfield MK3 by Maverick1313
'Shot-Put' Universal Launcer by DarrolLayman2015
Works in Progress
Helicopter (WIP) by Maverick1313
Klentz Holo by GaZzVoy
Reference Pics
Arisaka Type 99 by GeneralTate
Photoshop or other digitally enhanced images
L-RAK 21 by SoftairMarshmallow

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We are dedicated to Dr. Noob's Pimp My Gun in every aspect be it weapons or spaceships. We prefer concept and design but recreations are allowed so long as the gun is not a preset (Obviously cars or anything else won't have a preset) so we will be fairly strict on submissions, no taking a preset M4 and swapping the pistol grip! Unless you made your own pistol grip that is. We will have a parts gallery open for use if you're new to making parts from scratch and you're tired of the same old default parts. We aren't elite, but we aren't without skill either. Just remember, we want creativity over anything else.
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Hey i cant seem to find the pimp my gun site, can you send me a link?
P.S i can only find the beta version i can't seem to find the one you and other people use.
vt5 Featured By Owner May 30, 2019
Pimp my gun is down ?  T___T nooooo !!
vt5 Featured By Owner May 27, 2019
Hello, my level of written English is practically nil, but I have used the web translator to understand you and I really like PMG. I send you a warm greeting from Madrid, Spain.
alastor201297 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019  Student Artist
thank you for letting me join your group i love your weapons *licks my lips*me like your guns are beautiful and i am kinda of a gun freak so i love it i am in amino community chats and i use pimp my guns for my arsenal there beautiful and they put my enemy's down really quickly and i put element bullets in them look if you guys need anything or any good projects i will test them for you y'all here is my email address i am a weapon tester. anyways you guys have a good day~ 
milomike Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey guys! I might be late to the party and someone might have asked this already but only now I've gotten back into making stuff on PMG.
The issue is the following: Large assemblies make PMG run extremely slow to the point of being nigh-unusable, I've tried using most of the popular browsers and to an extent Chrome worked better than FF for the matter, however, the newest versions of most popular browsers can't seem to properly support PMG.

Does anyone know how to download the game itself or at least of a browser that runs it smoothly?
Direrain Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
sadly, development on the game stopped several years ago, without any option for download, at least none that I am aware of. And as far as I know, the original devs never released it to the community for upkeep, so any chance of it improving is probably nought. The slowness of large assemblies with multiple parts was a thing I remember just having to work around. I dont know of any browsers that support the game significantly better than others. Sorry for the bad news, mate.
milomike Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018  Student General Artist
Bummer, might as well bite the bullet and work past the issue, thanks for the reply!
f191 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 22, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Oops, Im sorry! I just uploaded my Rifle to 'Featured' and not 'Rifles'! Im correcting it now!
RustyKerman Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018
If I may ask, How do you get new parts in PMG?
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