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Paper Child: Bored

Another "Paper Child"
I wanted to try doing a difficult angle, it turned out ok for a first attempt, I think!
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HOW?!!! How did u do that?!
vampireintherain's avatar
very nice I am thinking of doing some myself this is the perfect inspiration. Thank you!
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how does that look okay?!? that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuu:
Xdarkstar07X's avatar
You sir....are my the hell did you do it...O_O I MUST TEACH MYSELF!
xXxMystikFirexXx's avatar
that paper child defies all logic i know

verrrry nice job
NikkiChan16's avatar
i have to keep thinking to myself "this is 2d....2d..." but i just dont pick it up!
SuperStorm393's avatar
-_- I know how you feel...
KnightOfDeneb's avatar
Wow this is really good
pozolegirl's avatar
Headphone4clock's avatar
this is a great drawing, and the angle is great
NEOmi-triX's avatar
wow! thats amazing!
Kaiyaru's avatar
awesome! :D
It really looks like she's sitting there :la:
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CerezaPoppygeist's avatar
how do you make the paper sit?
I think it's pretty darn good myself!
mddrexel's avatar
Very Nice, Is she lying flat on the table with the shadows added or is she sitting upright against the edge of the table, casting a real shadow? there aren't any folds are there?
mddrexel's avatar
Is thi lying on the table, like those sidewalk/perspective drawings with an added shadow or is actually sitting up, casting a real shadow?
dsinger's avatar
I've gotta say, this is probably one of the best paperchildren I've seen. The illusion of perspective on it is very good!
The "difficult angle" makes it much more interesting than if the camera were to be parallel to the floor.
ks-claw's avatar
Ooo that is *nice!* It turned out really well!
HmooNboo's avatar
this is great! i like the shadows it's castig, looks like she's really sitting there =]
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