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Once Removed: Page 1

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Bourgy suggested I upload these to DA so HEY WHY NOT. I feel a bit whorish though.

I'm making an attempt at "Nanomango", the comic alternative to NaNoWriMo. Mainly using it as an excuse to jump start this thing which I've been meaning to do for a while actually. Something fun to do on the side of other projects! If it's still going after the month's over I'll probably continue. I was thinking I'd upload it when it was all done but I'm gonna be annoying about it!

Anyway, Mario fancomic durrhurr. I wasn't sure if this should go in scraps enough but it's polished enough I think.

EDIT: Thanks :iconluisarafidi: for sprucing this up for me! Now it's not so dark and pencily XD

page 2 [link]
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love this faving all
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superambarmansionHobbyist Artist
i like i like mario and luigi
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StarDimension1601Hobbyist Artist
I LOVE this! :D You did a wonderful job putting your art mixed with nintendo style! I wish I could do but,I cant. BUT, I still have the future to learn!!
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MitchellFartedHobbyist Digital Artist
(back from reading all of chapter 1) Kamek still looks old even here XD
AllHailWeegee's avatar
AllHailWeegeeProfessional Digital Artist
XD Seems like Bowser was a bit of an annoying child, wasn't he? :D
Pimmy's avatar
i bet he was a total brat, lol
AllHailWeegee's avatar
AllHailWeegeeProfessional Digital Artist
Hate to have to take care of him, because I can only imagine what an annoying child he would be, plus the fact he has fire breathing on his side!
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Da-4thStudent Artist
Cool. Looks like its going to be a great comic. :)
RyoKasami's avatar
Definitely collecting this! *yoink*

awesomesauce, with a light hint of omgawdness.
digiangel234's avatar

SO AWESOME! *glomps uber dramatic awesome page*
Pimmy's avatar
its only page 1!
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LavoakahStudent Filmographer
Oh, wow! This is uber awesome. :D
Baby Bowser is so cute! XD
Uukato's avatar
That's kickass! The style is really suited to the mario theme.
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XterminationHobbyist Digital Artist
awww bowser looks somewhat adorable in this
Pimmy's avatar
Baby Boswer is totally cute!
Xtermination's avatar
XterminationHobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: and hugable
Josephtheone8990's avatar
I like kamek and I like this comic!
Pimmy's avatar
thank you!
theamishpiscodemon's avatar
Lass, this comic is absolutely wonderful! You have a brilliant drawing style and your writing is beautiful. Keep up the great work.;)
Pimmy's avatar
oh wow, thanks! I really wont claim my writing is any good though XD
theamishpiscodemon's avatar
It flows with the story and that is what a good comic deserves. I won't have you putting such lovely wording down.=P
Pimmy's avatar
ahh thanks I guess!
LeleStar's avatar
Wow, awesome! *_* Great job on this! X3
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