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CM - Aisuruu by Enharmonia CM - Aisuruu :iconenharmonia:Enharmonia 82 18
Tears of Past
How do you forget someone you loved with all your heart?
Sometimes I wonder if he misses me as much as I do, the scarlet haired woman thought. She lied on her bed, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to overcome her. Unfortunately, she could never find rest.
It was a normal, unhealthy routine in which she grew well accustomed to. Ever since the day she had last seen him, Kori Anders was not able to sleep peacefully. Her emerald eyes appeared lifeless and dull in the shining moonlight that spilled through her bedroom window. This was her true form, her true face. No one had ever seen this depressing face on the lovely girl's complexion. She was always seen with a smile, positive attitude, and energetic. No one would ever suspect such a happy girl with a miserable past.
With her long, slender fingers, she raked her red fringes towards the crown of her head. She felt the shorter hairs slap back to her forehead while the longer ones remained in
:iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 23 47
Forever Young - Chapter 2
She flipped over and over her partner and the rods held by rope. She twirled and she spun in all different directions and ways. He held his hands out to her and lovingly gazed into her light eyes. They had so much trust between them both. They loved eachother, very much too! Just then the loving couples world came crumbling down. The rope they were twisting and turning upon became loose, they couldnt save themselves. Their bodies dropped through the air, hit the ground. Blood. Mangled...Dead.
Robin awoke with a start, panting and sweating. Bruce looked over at him, "Are you alright?" He asked, smoothly.
"Huh. Yeah, just need some air..." He sighed, rolling down the window, causing him to feel moreso naucious.
He ran a hand through his spikey, jet black hair. "Eurgh, are we nearly there?" Robin sighed.
Bruce suddenly stopped the car and turned the engiene off.
"Why did you stop?" Robin asked,
Bruce nodded towards Robins' window.
Robin glanced at the giant buildings. There were clearly m
:iconnightglider124:nightglider124 8 13
TT: Miscommunication- Chapter 1 A Shocking Return
She sat on the roof, taking in the beautiful sunrise. The cool air brushed past her, swaying her long ruby locks to the side. The Earth was strange to her, being a foreign and all, but it was breath taking. She loved sunrise and sunsets, it was as if she was looking at a beautiful mural. It was around 7:10am when she heard footsteps approaching her.
"Hey, good morning, Star," he said softly, as if he was afraid to destroy this lovely moment.
She looked up cheerfully and smiled at him, "Good morning, Robin! Is it not another glorious day?"
"Yeah, it is," Robin replied warmly to his best friend. Robin sat next to Starfire. Affectionate as she is, Starfire snuggled closer to Robin and leaned on his shoulder. Even though he knew that she was very affectionate, Robin still couldn't get used to the fact that she was leaning on him. His face warmed up slightly and his neck felt hot. He could smell her peachy-lavender scent from her long hair. Moments like these put a smile on Robin's face. Un
:iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 23 20
TT: A.S.B.E.A.- It Couldn't Get Any Worse Cover by XxScarletxRosexX TT: A.S.B.E.A.- It Couldn't Get Any Worse Cover :iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 33 35
TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 4
October 6, 2:00 EST

"Got everything?" Robin asked once he had finished explaining his plan. The girl reconsidered the idea, but she still felt uncomfortable about it. "Don't worry, I won't let them take you away even if they had a chance," Robin promised when he sensed the girl's stiff body.
"It sounds very risky…" she commented.
"It is, but it'll work, Starfire," Robin assured. The boy wonder pulled his left arm in front of him and activated his holographic computer. "According to your estimated distance from here to Tamaran and your speed, it would take you approximately three hours to get home, which means, we have only four to seven hours to fix this before the deadline."
"Uh, Robin, do you not mean ten hours before the deadline?" Starfire corrected.
"That's right, but given the situation that you have to travel, you may reach your planet by the time it's too late," Robin explained.
Starfire nodded, seeing his point.
"Batman always said it was better to be t
:iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 62 81
Sneak peak
The red-furred werewolf ran through the woods, her black companion only a leap behind. They traveled faster than any normal wolf, covering a mile in less than a minute. They followed the smell of death towards their quarry, a vampire. He was ahead, but only just.
"Just a little farther." Amber said, "We've almost got him."
The vampire came into view just then, Running from them, running for his life. He was fast, so fast in fact that they could no longer gain ground on him.But the werewolves were fast too. So fast that vampire was unable to lose them. Amber put on a burst of speed, feet touching the ground so infrequently that it looked as if she was flying. It seemed inpossible that any living creature could move so fast.  She nipped at the heels of the vampire, trying to bring him down. The vampire turned suddenly, and Amber followed, expecting the movement. She kept gaining ground, trying to grab hold and bring the vampire to the ground, where she and Tyrone could finish h
:iconbrambleclaw33:brambleclaw33 4 6
TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 3
October 5, 23:00 EST

"What's the problem, Batman?" Robin asked.
"I need to speak with you, privately," Batman said.
Robin exchanged a small smile with Starfire before she headed out. The door clicked shut before Batman continued.
"The Gordanians have spoken to us about an ultimatum," the Dark Knight said, "either we turn her in or they'll destroy this city with one blast. I suggest you turn the girl in."
"She didn't do anything!" the boy wonder exploded.
"You haven't heard the whole truth," Batman glared, "she's a dangerous warrior who'll destroy our planet, Robin. She's a princess from her home planet who so happens to be the next in line to rule. Her parents are gone. She has Tamaran under her fingertips. It so happens that she came from Okaara for a mission: to destroy the Earth. Turn her in now. I'll meet you at headquarters." The holographic image of Batman faded.
Robin was in shock. Starfire couldn't do that… It can't be. But Batman said she is evil.<
:iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 83 41
TT: A.S.B.E.A.- Fated To Meet Pt 2
October 5, 8:15 EST

The two teens headed towards the storage room where the team's vehicles were parked. They exited through a pair of doors and found themselves greeted by an ocean view.
"Robin?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah, Star?" Robin replied.
"Do you like to fly?"
"It's every kid's dream to achieve in life," he grinned.
Starfire flew a couple feet in the air and turned back to offer her hand towards him. Robin was hesitant, he knew he'd be in a lot of trouble later, but his selfishness pushed him to go against Superman's orders. But at least I'm still with her, so I'm not in that much trouble.
"What is wrong, Robin?" Starfire asked. She had a feeling that he was having the second thoughts.
"I'm kind of worried. Won't the Gordanians--"
"Do not worry, my people have ways into camouflaging oneself with the natural scenery," Starfire assured. "It was one of the first steps that I have learned at Okaara before being brought here."
"Are you sure?" the boy gr
:iconxxscarletxrosexx:XxScarletxRosexX 47 91
Starfire by CrimsonArtz Starfire :iconcrimsonartz:CrimsonArtz 1,313 69
The Champions Of Seraha
After the War Times were over, our heroes, known to many as The Champions of Seraha, disappeared, as well as the creatures they had fought beside.
Some say that they will return when the the Dark Elves rise again.
Others question whether they existed at all.
The Champions consist of five Humans and their Five companions. Each is perfectly suited for the other. The Five are named Jackal, Tyrone, Abraham, Ciara, and Alexandria.
Jackal was the youngest of the Champions. He had been the son of a then-famous Knight, and was trained in the art of combat by his father. He was vain and Reckless, never watching out for his own neck. He was feircely loyal to the others, however.
His companion was one of the rare creatures in Seraha, found now-a-days only in legends and storybooks. It was a graceful flying creature, with its earthly equivalent being a swan. It had large wings and prominent, brightly colored tail feathers. They say that sighting one of these creatures will bring good luck and a pe
:iconbrambleclaw33:brambleclaw33 1 6
the mockingjay by blackmustang13 the mockingjay :iconblackmustang13:blackmustang13 99 83
Ticking Away the Moments
Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. Watch it count down to the end of the day. The clock ticks life away. It's so unreal.
Torrential downpours had put out the flames of the torches. Torches of the dozens of men grouped together to form a mob. An angry mob after the same thing. Justice. They sought out the culprit, one who'd committed unspeakable acts of evil. A boy.
The boy, Chronos, was being chased, hunted down like a wild animal for treachery. He'd stolen from various families…and killed. He'd gotten away with it in the neighboring towns, being vigilant and quite sneaky…but he finally got caught. The townspeople, both frightened and furious, banded together against the boy. Though he wasn't a boy at all, but some unsavory monster. And his crime was one of the illest. The unthinkable, cannibalism in a way. They weren't sure what to make of it at first.
The only thing certain was that he was not normal and he was a dangerous thief, l
:iconmazukaghoul:MazukaGhoul 4 2



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